Liquid liner – How to + tips and tricks

This is a part of makeup I have never had problems with. I got the hang of it after 1 or 2 tries and have been using liquid liner since 7th grade. What is an Indian girl without her black liquid liner? I thought that this was an easy task but after talking to my friends I know that there are lots of people who needed a LOT of practice before getting the hang of it, and still make mistakes.

How to apply liquid liner

First things first-there is no strict rule when it comes to lining. Apply the way you feel most comfortable with.

  • There is no need to begin from the inner corner of your eyes, instead begin from the middle, work your way out then draw in the inner part.
  • You don’t have to apply a line in a single stroke. Draw thin short strokes to form a neat line. This helps you to make fewer mistakes.


  • First of all make a thin line, and then you can go back and build it up gradually. Always remember to keep the line thin at the inner corners and thicken it towards the middle [or the end] according to your eye shape.
  • Another thing you can do is you can apply small dots from the outer part of the eye into the inner part, getting smaller as they go. Then you can join them together then you can apply a single stroke over it, and you will have a perfect line!
How to apply liquid liner- Dots
How to apply liquid liner- Dots
  • If you are really not good at it, you can first use a pencil liner to draw on a line, and then apply liquid liner on top of it.
  • When drawing, it would look better if you keep your eyelids open while drawing and keep the line following you eyelids natural curve. For this you can take a small mirror and look down into it so that your entire eyelid is visible to you.
  • When lining our eyes rest your elbow on the table and rest your pinkie on your cheek for more control.
  • Liquid liner pen [like Lakme Eye artist pen] are more comfortable for first time liquid liner users. But make sure you don’t use it like a color pencil, hold it by the end for more control.
How to apply liquid liner
How to apply liquid liner

Some tips:

  • Never try using liquid liner for the first time when you are going to a function. If you do make a mistake you will have dark shadows.
  • If you make small mistakes i.e. smudge or spill on your face ,use a cotton bud[Q tip] dipped in makeup remover and press it on the mistake and twist to clean the mistake without messing up rest of your makeup.
  • If you are making a wing, always wing it upwards. Downward wings can make your eyes look sleepy.
  • Be aware of your age, the function, and the place you are going to. If you are 35+and you apply a line as thick as a finger, or line your eyes heavily to work, you will end up looking graceless.
  • If you are really fair opt for a coffee brown liner for everyday usage and midnight black for parties.

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44 thoughts on “Liquid liner – How to + tips and tricks

  1. Lovely article molu….just wat i need to learn….its more than a coincidence that all gang has beautiful eyes. First, it was Rati, Mrun, Ki, and now Fathima. Fathima dear….you are going to be a pretty woman worth fighting for. :-)) Thanks for this article…..I just wanna learn to draw the perfect like Rati, Ki, and you now. 🙂

    1. danksechi…its really easy..i have been doing it since i was…..ummmm…..11??? I think…U just need practice and patience…

  2. I did not know about the dots technique. WIth this I guess I would be able to make even crappiest of my liners work. Thank you. 🙂

    Jomol, you would do just fine. Try the dots technique shown by Fathima. I am gonna do that myself. 🙂

    1. Hehhehe….I came across it last day while net surfing and i HAD to try it out and i saw that it really works ….so i posted it tooo :victory: :victory: :victory:

  3. when friends ask me how i apply liquid liner so effortlessly, i only tell them two things.

    1. tilt your head back a little so that you can see your whole lid (or as you said, look down into a small hand-held mirror)
    2. start drawing your line, making short strokes in a downward and outward direction (this way you’ll always get a clean, thin line which can be built up to be thicker). as you reach the outer corner, flick the brush upwards, again using short strokes.

    ta da! it has always worked for my friends.

  4. Super helpful article, Fathima! 🙂 This is totally going to help me get better lines 🙂

    Oh, and v.excited about the sale! Yay! 😀

  5. Oh and that last pic?? that was a look came up with for a bridal/prom video for my youtube channel..would you guys like a photo tutorial for it??lemme know in comments…. :cute: :cute: :cute:

  6. how could i forget to let you know how excited i am about the sale, rati? i am! don’t know whether i’ll buy anything, but i’m excited nonetheless!

    1. loll!! I am excited too, just a little apprehensive also because I love ALL makeup. But since I am not using a lot of stuff, it would be better that at least someone else does. Also since I am a little bacteria freak as far as makeup is concerned, people would be able to benefit from it. 😀

  7. Wow..

    Looks like we have a budding eye makeup expert in our midst..Way to go Fathima molu 😀
    I like the first designer winged eyes..and the last pic too..whose beautiful green eyes are pretty.

    Btw, to add to your makeup sale, Rati..I have a brand new Bourjois lippie..jus swatched once..Its a matte, light pink, more suited for a cool toned person. If anyone interested, do let me know.

    1. Heheh thanks …poornima chechi…the last ones is my eyes itself ….green contacts……I am gonna think bout trying out different design eyeliners for my next article…

  8. Beautiful eyes you have Fatima..!!
    I can do my eye makeup really nice but im crappy at putting liquid eyeliner… i make so many mistakes and then i have to correct it.. i hate it..!!
    Will try the dot technique sounds helpful..!!

    Rati..The sale.. wow…waiting :suspense: !!im gald its makeup rather than skincare..hahah i can splurge on makeup but when it comes to skincare.. im so clueless that i dont want to spend much..hahah.. though im trying to be more skincare concious nowadays.. “thanks to you” that’s my skin talking to you…!!!! :giggle:

    1. actually priyanks i read in my last post that you said that you were bad at liquid liners.that is why i wrote this article :laugh: :laugh:

  9. Rati, I know how tough it is to let go of stuff… But you gotta do it…

    Waiting for Inglot stuff… I can foresee a lot of maara-maari for the stuff already… :rotfl: :rotfl:

  10. great tips. i bought my first liquid liner last month and am thinking of practicing. im gonna try holding a mirror underneath and looking down-thing.
    thnks! :beauty:

  11. You are soo lucky, you learnt it in 1-2 tries, i’ve been trying to perfect it for years, never succeeded.
    Is it true that if you put eye liner on the upper eye, it makes your eyes look smaller? And if you put your eyes on the lower lash, it makes your eyes look bigger? So if you have small eyes, put liner on lower lash n vice versa? I read this somewhere, but couldn’t totally figure it out.. any comments?

    1. Hi smita 🙂
      i have tried using the eyeliner on the top and it does make my eyes look smaller.
      I have big eyes, so when i apply it below – it makes my eyes look even bigger.
      So yes , i guess you may be right 😀

      I do not use eyeliner- I use kajal under my eyes .
      Because i have no patience to apply that thing :weep: :weep: haha
      .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Whats in my PURSE-BAG =-.

  12. in the last pic with the finished eyeliner, were you wearing circle leses? If so, what brand? i really like that color 🙂

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