Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss – Mystic Mauve

Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss – Mystic Mauve

Complete your look with the rich, glossy color of Colour Riche Le Gloss from L’Oreal.


INR 550

I have reviewed the really rose and the blushing berry shade already.I think these have a nice appeal for college girls and these are not those thick liquidy colored glosses nor do they have shimmer to them, but they are glossy, sweet, moistrusing and have the right color to them without looking over the top.I personally like them on top of the matte lipstick because they can look streaky if not applied right.

Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Mystic Mauve

The shade is called mystic mauve but is is not really a mauve, it is a red brown shade which does not come out as pigmented on the lips as it shows in the tube, the color is reduced to half on the lips. You need to layer it on and then it might look really unnatural, so you have to settle with half the color as shown in the swatch.

Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Mystic Mauve (8)

The glosses have an appeal to them, I think teenagers will love the whole tube thing happening here. The tube is a nice and simple one and the applicator of course is a slanted plastic tip one. Hence if you like the the sponge applicators to your glosses, then you will have think twice.

Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Mystic Mauve (7)

The smell is very toffee,it is like the Lacto candy if you have tried it :p but it is very faint, nothing that will bother any one.The best part is that it tastes very sweet. You can lick and taste it and even after you remove it, your lips taste very candy sweet.

Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Mystic Mauve (6)

If you like just a hint of color, this one has a red tint to it, and tons of water shine gloss to your lips, then you might like these,if you like more color to your gloss, then skip this.I like them on lipsticks as they stay longer and the color shows better.

Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Mystic Mauve (5)


Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss Mystic Mauve Swatch


This one turned out streaky actually  something like really rose, the blushing berry is the most pigmeted out of the three, nevertheless the color is nice and the shade looks natural enough.This could have been more pigmented and less streaky. But I would not spend INR 550 for just some color and loads of transparent gloss to it.If you want color to it, then you layer on loads and then it bleeds, so I will not recommend this one,you can pick up blushing berry if you please. 🙂 Infact all the three shades I have reviewed might look very similar, so why not get the one with better pigmentation?

glossy lips


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13 thoughts on “Loreal Color Riche Le Gloss – Mystic Mauve

  1. will definateli chk out blushing berry Neha 🙂 ..thanks for the recco 🙂 .. nice review and lip swaaatch is my faaaavvvvee 🙂 very pretty 🙂

  2. nice one…. i like that its not so pigmented i could wear it as a everyday gloss….. it really makes your lips look luscious, amazing lip swatch neha!!!!! but personally i think blushing berry was the best!!!

  3. neha, I’d def chekc the one your recommended. I agree this looks sheer. i would have loved if the tube shade would have transferred on the lips as well. That would have made a real pretty shade. 🙂 Loved your lip swatch as usual. 🙂

  4. wow..i’ll definitely get it once finishing previous ones!! its really a surprise to see sheer stain unlike such pretty pigmented swatch on hands naa..
    Never mind ur lotd is wonderful and ultimate neha!! 🙂

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