L’oreal Paris India x IMBB Color Riche My Color Obsession – #MyPinkObsession

loreal color riche lipsticks pinks

Hi Everyone, 🙂
So yesterday was all about the red obsession, today it is all about the pink obsession. From the lightest shades of pinks to the brightest hot pinks. I think as I am trying more and more of these lipsticks, the moisture matte range is definitely becoming my personal favourite. Not only I love the texture but the comfort and feel of the range is just gorgeous.

For the pink range, I wanted to keep my makeup very fresh – almost the kinds that you wake up to after a lovely beauty sleep. I am always lacking behind on that so always have to take a bit of help from makeup. 😀

I have 9 shades from the pink family. The lip swatches would help you pick your favourites and all the colors that are reviewed on IMBB are linked to their original posts for your convenience. Hope you enjoy my pink obsession for the day! 🙂

l-r (glossy) N*de Ballet 601, Rose Melody 101, Gullmet Fuchsia 112loreal-pinks1
l-r Fuchsia Orchestra 106, Rose Perle 265 , Intense Fuchsia 288loreal-pinks2 l-r Crazy Fuchsia 370, Raspberry Syrup R517 (moist matte), Magnolia Irreverent 132loreal-pinks3 Rose Melody : It is a beautiful n*dish pink color gloss. I like how it is a light color gloss but still stands out on the lips. For me this is like a perfect morning fresh face gloss. Great for day time wear but can totally rock in the evening with statement eyes.

loreal color riche lipstick rose melody

Magnolia Irreverent : It is a gorgeous cream finish bright fuchsia pink. This color I feel can add brightness to the skin even on your tired-looking days. For me this is a special shade for all the upcoming Indian festivals. Can go well with all your yellow, blue, green, pink , creams, gold and orange outfits. It’s hard to go wrong with this lip color.
loreal color riche lipstick magnolia Irreverent

Raspberry Syrup : My favourite lipstick in the pink family. It has that lovely reddish tone to it and the matte texture… dreamy. It is a very unique shade of pink to add in your collection. If you are a fan of matte lips, this color is worth considering! loreal lipstick raspberry syrup

From this range, I also love Rose Perle color a lot. It is a beautiful rose brown shade with golden sheen to it. It is a bit frosty but the color looks really beautiful on warm Indian skin tones. A very good day time shade. Also liked Crazy Fuchsia shade for how soft a pink it is. For those who are not too comfortable wearing brighter shades of pinks, it is a great shade.  I somehow didn’t like N*de Ballet from the range. It was too milky n*de for my liking, plus it settled in fine lines a lot.
Tell me about your favourite pinks from the L’oreal Color Riche range! :))
See you tomorrow with another color obsession! :))


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46 thoughts on “L’oreal Paris India x IMBB Color Riche My Color Obsession – #MyPinkObsession

  1. aww u r making me fall in love with loreal again n again now 🙂 😀 total love I loved raspberry syrup too.. so wintery festive shade.. grogeous looks!!

    1. i know.. it would look stunning on your neetu. totally obsessed. Loreal lipsticks are new for me but i am so very impressed. guess they’d always have a place in my kit from now on. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous lip colors – you look STUNNING Rati :* :* My favorites – Magnolia Irreverent – Raspberry Syrup – worth the money totally 🙂

  3. Rati u look mast in al d pics… I hav raspberry syrup from pinks n lincoln rose from d reds…. N i lov both des colors…

  4. Intense Fuschia and Raspberry melody are sooo pretty!!
    I simply love the way you pair your wardrobe colors with makeup! Could’nt have been prettier this olive green 😀

  5. Rati mam, even I have never tried L’Oréal lipsticks. But the way they are looking on you, I am tempted. You look drop dead gorgeous, rather that fresh and natural diva.

  6. I loved intense fuchsia and raspberry syrup out of the gorgeous lot.. but yes you could literally call pink as my obsession.. hence I loved all of these 🙂 and you look as stunning as always… you totally nail it when it comes to make-up.. gorgeous eye make-up along with pinky lips.. super.. and that last picture is damn cuteeeeeee 🙂

  7. wow…. these are the prettiest pink shade … I love Ruspberry syrup and crazy fuchsia… You have explained every shade with lots of amazing detail .. These tips are really boon for the beginner like me … And you are looking stunning, striking and gorgeous .. Muuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhaaaaaa <3 <3

  8. I am gonna go bankrupt by the end of this week Rati. With each post, I am adding more lipsticks to my makeup bucket list. 😛 I love your pictures, I mean I could make your pictures my wallpaper, but you might find it creepy. 😀 You have such an elegance yet playfulness, something that makes you different from each and every blogger in the country. Looooooove your lip swatches a lot here. Raspberry Syrup is gonna be mine in few days now. Love how your last pic is always the cutest. :-*

      1. awwww shikhs!! than you sooo much! haha! Infact some of these lipsticks are going to be a permanent fixture in my collection too. 😀 I am sure you’d rock raspberry syrup. pinks look fab on you. mwwaahh!!

        thank you sheetal! :))

  9. Beyond gorgeous you are looking here.. I have Raspberry serup and it makes your face glow like anything. Which foundation and blush you are using here Rati?

      1. Hehehe…. But trust me rati di the shade does Luks awsm but u nailed it…I don’t know how n when I will be able to apply a flaaawlesss makeup like u…u make me crazy each n every time wid ur tutes n make up skills

  10. I would love if you could share what’s on your face for this dewy look or a tutorial. I was really hoping to read the same towards the end of the article.

    1. for face i used gucci foundation and blush. Mary Loumanizer for highlight and the balm mama bahama bronzer for contouring. Everything is reviewed on IMBB. You may check them out! 🙂

  11. Hello,

    Pink is my favourite, all fuchsia shades look good, I already have rose perle, planning to buy raspberry syrup and magnolia irreverent. As usual nice pics, good swatches and you look great!????????

    1. i loved the rose perle. it’s such a different shade. didnt expect it to look so good considering it looks frosty in the tube. :)) thank you . :))

  12. Lovely series Rati… I am so enjoying it… The series is making it so easy for all of us to decide which shades we want… I definitely get all confused at the store, with all the shades and artificial lighting. My favs so far have been Lincoln Rose, Rose Melody and Raspberry syrup. Looking forward to the rest of the series… Thank u so much

  13. how much i love that first pout of urs… u just look hypnotically beautiful… Raspberry syrup looks yummy & i need to get one.

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