How to Lose Weight on Rati Beauty Diet and Keep it Off Forever

Make no mistake, “Rati Beauty diet” is one of the best diet programs for you to lose weight, in a healthy, balanced and nutritious way. It is a whole new journey of food and nutrition that you and your family would love to embark upon. No matter how big your weight loss goal is, you’ll achieve it by following Rati Beauty diet and lifestyle.

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And yet, a huge percentage of you on Rati Beauty diet would find it difficult to stay on track and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. You’d struggle to leave your old eating habits behind. And most of all, you’d find it hard to resist eating unhealthy, processed food that looks so yummy. If you’re thinking I’m here to blame you or give you a pep talk, you are wrong on both counts. It is not your fault at all if you find the sudden change too much to handle, and you certainly don’t need a pep talk to push yourself and lose weight on Rati Beauty diet. You are perfectly fine. And today I’m going to tell you how to lose weight on Rati Beauty diet, no matter how tough leaving your old eating habits seems to you right now.

Weight loss is one of the most prominent New Year resolutions. 12% of a gym membership in a year occur in January. However, 4% of those who join in January quit by the end of January, 14% quit by the end of February, and 80% of them quit within 5 months. I’m sure you are not surprised by these statistics. Maybe you have done this too in the past; I surely have! I still have a six-month gym membership and have barely gone there once in the past two months, and I am not alone! I know many of my friends who have done the same.

If I ask you to deduce the reasons for the above statistics, I would probably hear these from you – lack of motivation, weak will power or self-control, not wanting it strong enough, etcetera. A survey from the University of Chicago found that 75 percent of Americans said that a lack of will power was a barrier to weight loss. That is a really sad belief. People are ready to believe anything bad about themselves.

The concept that different persons have different ‘amount’ of willpower is a pure myth. We assume that people with ‘more’ will power have better self-control and they can push themselves to go to gym or control themselves from eating tasty junk food in front of them. Scientific studies have debunked the myth of will power being a factor in successful weight loss. In fact, it is now known that people who are good at self control are not those who have strong will power to resist temptations but people who have less temptations altogether. A 2011 study published in the “Journal of Personality” and “Social Psychology” tracked 205 people for one week in Germany, and a recent study tracked 159 students at McGill University in Canada. Both discovered the same thing –  people who tried hard to exert more self-control to resist temptation were not more successful in accomplishing their goals. It were the people who experienced fewer temptations overall who were more successful.

What the above studies are saying inherently, and what we have always known inside us, is that if you are trying hard to resist temptation of that tasty fast food in front of you, you have less chance of being successful than a person who does not feel the temptation at all. Makes sense right? So if you join a diet program, even as good as the Rati Beauty diet, and you try too hard to push yourself away from all the food  that you love and suddenly try to adopt to a complete change in eating regimen, you are more likely to fail and end up in that 80% bracket who quit. You are more likely to succeed at your healthy lifestyle only if you love the recipes and food stuff in Rati Beauty diet and lose temptation for unhealthy processed food altogether. Then you would have also permanently made it your lifestyle to keep the weight off forever and not gain it back again. But how do you achieve that?

People cannot change overnight no matter how much they exercise their willpower. In fact, it is scary to think of a person who can reverse his behaviour overnight. Would you like to wake up to a partner who can ‘unlove’ you overnight with will power? Sudden changes would be so disturbing. Nothing happens in this world suddenly, not even an :overnight success,” and the same applies for people. People have their lives fixed for most part of their day. From their waking up routine, breakfast, kids, jobs, commuting, office, colleagues, family, phone calls, relatives, outing, shopping, surfing, to their eating patterns. Everything is set. And in order to change something, it has to seep in slowly. The changes have to be gradual. First as something very minuscule to be noticeable, and then slowly grow from there till the change becomes the new reality of life.

A lot of the changes are so gradual that they don’t even qualify as new, or even as interesting: they’re so mundane that we just take them for granted. But history shows that it’s the mundane changes that are more important than the dramatic ‘newsworthy’ events. – Robert D. Kaplan

Here are the things you should do so that you achieve your goal weight on Rati Beauty diet for sure and NEVER gain weight ever again.

How to Certainly Lose Weight on Rati Beauty Diet and Lose it Forever

Start With a ‘Healthy Habits’ Mindset

Do you know the similarity between big lottery winners and dieters who lose weight fast on a diet? Both end up worse than before. Studies show that 70% of all big lottery winners end up bankrupt and poorer than before. Tracking dieters show that 80% of people who successfully lost at least 10% of their body weight gradually regain it to end up as large or even larger than they were before they went on a diet. This is not surprising. Sudden financial windfall in lottery or a steep weight loss in a short period of time do not give a person time to build those healthy habits that will keep him rich or slim for ever. And habits are everything for you to lose weight and maintain it. When you are starting with your Rati Beauty diet program start with an intention to learn healthy eating. We are teaching you how to fish. Don’t just come to take the fish and go.

Take Baby Steps First

I have a sweet tooth plus I drink a lot of tea daily. All my life, I have been taking sugar in my tea which, in total, made a lot of sugar during the day. Last year, since we started changing our lifestyle, I started having Stevia in my tea. However, finding Stevia without any alcohol additives also became a challenge in India. I soon realized that the only good option was to quit having sugar or sweetener in my tea altogether, but this was a childhood habit that was very hard for me to quit. It was not easy for me to change this.

A few weeks ago, I was standing in my balcony at night and I thought “how about I drink only one cup of tea without sugar during the day?” One cup couldn’t be so bad, so I made a cup of tea without sugar there and then only and had it. It wasn’t so great, but it wasn’t bad either. The next day, I had another cup without sugar. And so on. Without changing my lifestyle drastically, I was slowly introducing the healthy change. Today, most of my tea during the day is without sugar. Out of 10-12 cups during the day only one or two are with sugar, and even those ones too have very less sugar than what I used to have earlier.

Rati Beauty diet is all about healthy food – fruits vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, lean protein, gut-friendly fermented foods etc. Though there is no shortage of food in our plans, and we do not believe in starving or being hungry, the sudden change to eating healthy food may be too intimidating for many who join us. Making a positive lifestyle change and quitting bad habits is challenging, especially when you try to do too many things at once. Those who find making changes to their food habits tough need to take a path that only diverges very little from the original, slowly but surely bending away until the lifestyle change has become the new constant.

Here are some tips to do that:

  • Instead of trying to force yourself to follow our diet plans, ease yourself into them by following one or two meals from our diet plans every week. Take baby steps. Make the least commitment that wouldn’t require effort.
  • Replace one item every week with its healthier version as suggested in our diet plans.
  • Start having healthy snacks, drinks, etc from our diet plans whenever possible.
  • Switch one of your coffee or tea everyday with green tea or healthy smoothies from the app.
  • Meal prep the previous night so that you have already committed to the meal plan for the next day.
  • Stock your fridge with grocery required for your diet plans. That’ll force you to finish it.
  • Clear away your cupboard and fridge from unhealthy food and snacks slowly and slowly.
  • Make cooking fun and enjoyable. Experiment with your new food.
  • Involve your family also in your diet plans. Let them participate and give suggestions.

In short, start with just one thing at a time. Build the habit so that it stays forever.

Get Support

Stay connected to your fellow dieters on the Rati Beauty app, and to us. Every time you think of quitting, seek help and support from those who are in the same boat or those who have done it already. Or just message us on Instagram. You’ll be surprised to know that what you are going through is not unique. And sharing experiences will give you courage to keep going on. One more day. One more week. One more month.

Involve a buddy with you in your weight loss journey if possible. Maybe your partner, a friend, a colleague. or a fellow gym-goer. Sharing your daily food struggles with someone would really make your weight loss journey easier.

Be Kind to Yourself

You’d end up binging occasionally with that yummy cake or dining out with friends. Don’t feel guilty that you have sabotaged your weight loss efforts. No one is perfect. You will always have occasional lapses. Just forgive yourself and get back on track the next day.

Remember, Rati Beauty Diet is not an event. It’s a lifestyle.

Rati Beauty Diet: The Right Way to Lose Weight

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Rati Beauty diet plans for weight loss are available on the ‘Rati Beauty’ app for our paid subscribers. Please download the app from playstore/appstore and subscribe.



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