Love Peppermint? Make Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm Your Best Buddy!

Love Peppermint? Make Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm Your Best Buddy!

I miss writing articles on a daily basis, but academic life has taken a toll on me. To add more fuel to the fire of misery, this cold weather has definitely not been friendly. Dehydrated lips are surely becoming the norm. A good lip balm has become a bare necessity, more than a luxury. Trust me ladies, I have gone through so many different lip balms and butters this past few months, and hang on, I have another one to add to the list.

Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm

Product Description:

Elemis Time to Spa minty moisture Lip Balm flavoured with peppermint oil. Keep lips feeling very soft and super-smooth with this nourishing beeswax lip balm, with vitamin E. 4 g. Perfect size for pockets and handbags.  Tamper-proof seal.



My Experience with Love Peppermint? Make Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm Your Best Buddy!:

Comes in a simple clean packaging, looks like white is a favourite colour for this brand. The packaging is super traditional for a lip balm, reminds me of the coca cola chap-sticks from lip smackers (oh! childhood). All you need to do is screw the bottom to release more of the lip balm, it comes in an extremely friendly size, ideal for popping in your handbags.

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Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm

The texture of this lip balm is extremely thick and applies on greasy on your lips, kudos to the beeswax in the formula. The greasiness is perfect for the really cold weathers as it leaves your lips feeling absolutely nourished and hydrated, and relieves you from the dry spells on your pretty lips. And let’s not forget the dry flakes habituating your lips. The great thing about its formula is that the greasiness does not feel heavy or uncomfortable on your lips and gets absorbed by your lips really quickly.  It also leaves your lips with a thin layer of protection. Oh and it smells absolutely lovely, the minty smell lingers on for a really long time and you almost feel like licking your lips. As for the taste, it has none. How great is that? It has a fantastic smell, but no taste, therefore no awkward times for our tongue and taste buds. Wait one more thing, it can be applied underneath your lipstick with ease, a little product and your lips will feel moisturised and plump for hours.  Oh yes! the duration power of this little tube, is absolutely fantastic, it stays on for long periods of time without the urge to reapply it ever so often.

Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm

Overall, like all other Elemis products, this one too is a keeper. Dry chapped lips are long forgotten after this magic balm. So, if you love experimenting with lip balms as much as I do, give this beauty a go to.  It surely will change your perception of lip balms.

Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm

Pros of Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm:

  • Extremely nourishing and moisturizing.
  • Leaves lips feeling hydrated and reduces appearance of dryness and flakiness.
  • Can be used underneath a lipstick.
  • Leaves a moisturising protective layer on the lips.
  • The peppermint fragrance is worth licking (don’t lick your lips though! It will just dry them out further).
  • Perfect for cold spells here in London.
  • Has no odd taste – yippee!

Cons of Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm:

  • A wee bit pricey.

Would I Repurchase Elemis Minty Moisture Lip Balm?


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