17 Best Low Calorie Fruits for Weight Loss

If a fitness expert or weight loss guru asks you to abstain from “all fruits” in order to shed weight and get leaner, then it’s time to find yourself another expert! Fruits come naturally loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that can accelerate the whole weight loss process and giving up fruits just because they have natural sugar should be completely avoided. Also, most fruits also come packed with fiber, which is extremely essential to shed weight. Therefore, having two to five servings of fruit everyday is a great idea to keep your metabolism high, burn fat, and supply your body with essential vitamins and nutrients. However, certain fruits do have a higher glycemic index than the rest, and therefore quickly get digested and raise blood sugar sharply, and the subsequent rise and response of the hormone insulin to bring down blood sugar, will cause hunger to return too quickly. Also, when there’s a lot of blood glucose in circulation, insulin also facilitates the storage of fat and suppresses its breakdown. Ultimately, insulin makes it easier for the body to store fat. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, it becomes important identify fruits with low glycemic index as well as those which are low in calories, so that you remain in calorie deficit and continue to lose weight. In this post, we list down 17 Best Low Calorie Fruits for Weight Loss.

Best Low Calorie Fruits for Weight Loss

1. Green Apple: 95 calories (one medium sized apple).
2. Avocados: They have healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and also fiber and half an avocado adds up only 160 calories.
3. Raspberries: 53 calories per 100 gm.
4. Strawberries: Only 33 calories per 100 gm.
5. Mangoes: 60 calories per 100 gm.
6. Watermelon: 30 calories per 100 gm.
7. Cherries: 50 calories per 100 gm.
8. Kiwi: 61 calories/100 gm.
9. Blueberries: 57 calories/100 gm.
10. Honeydew Melon: 36 calories/100 gm.
11. Papaya: 112 calories (approximately 275 gm).
12. Peaches: 50 calories (one medium-sized peach).
13. Grapefruit: 42 calories/100 gm.
14. Orange: 47 calories/100 gm.
15. Passion Fruit: 97 calories/100 gm.
16. Plum: It is categorized as a stone fruit, along with cherries, and it has 30 calories per medium-sized plum.
17. Banana: So you thought banana has no place in a weight loss diet? Wrong! Here are “6 Clever Ways To Eat Bananas in a Weight Loss Diet.”

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