MAC Eyeshadow – Beauty Marked

MAC Eyeshadow – Beauty Marked

This post is a long overdue, but I had been extremely busy with my best friend’s wedding and so this post went on getting shelved. Well anyways, last weekend I purchased my first MAC product. But let me give you guys a background first.
MAC Eyeshadow – Beauty Marked
I had initially gone to the MAC counter to buy myself a MAC paint pot in either Painterly or Soft Ochre. But they were out of stock on both, so I enquired about the MAC Limited Edition Lady Gaga Lipstick. Well, that was out of stock too and so I ended up checking out the eye shadows. I was longing for a black shadow in matte and so I asked the SA to gimme the shade called CARBON BLACK. Well, he showed me three shades- Carbon Black, Beauty Marked and Black Tied. Well, I was stubborn on Carbon Black, but he kept on pestering me to try Beauty Marked. But you see Beauty Marked looked like a shimmery Purple shade and so I kept refusing. But he was so adamant that I try Beauty Marked, that I had to give in and swatched it. Dude!!!! It was Black with some Purple shimmer. It was like magic! I fell in love with it and I bought it 🙂

This is how Beauty Marked looks in the container and how it looks swatched with and without base:

MAC Eyeshadow Beauty Marked Swatch

As is evident from the above image, it is an extremely pigmented shade and even though it isn’t really black, it is awesome for a smokey effect.

It cost me a whopping Rs.900/- but then I really wanted something from MAC 😉

I have used it only once till now and that was to obviously create a smokey effect with a Purple shadow. It really gave an awesome effect and I am already in love with it. The shade is so unique!!!

But you see the product itself isn’t so awesome 🙁 It doesnt really last for long and creases horribly even with a proper eye shadow base 🙁 Well, you see I went for a reception last night for which I did a blue smokey look. To achieve that look I used L’Oreal and ELF shadows and the eye make-up was intact throughout the 5 hours that I was there at the reception. But the purple smokey look that I tried with this MAC shadow started creasing within ½ an hour 🙁

Also, this shadow wasn’t very easy to blend. Maybe because it had all those glitters in it. Maybe a matte shade would be easier to blend! I’ll need to purchase another MAC shadow in matte this time to actually find that out for myself! 😛

I dunno if MAC shadows require MAC paint pots as bases only cause today I used my NYX eye shadow base and the MAC shadow is already creasing big time 🙁

Let me list out the PROs and CONs of MAC Eyeshadow – Beauty Marked now.

PROs of MAC Eyeshadow – Beauty Marked

• Unique shade
• Highly pigmented
• The purple looking shadow turns black on applying on the lid. It’s like MAGIC!!
• Negligible fallout

CONs of MAC Eyeshadow – Beauty Marked

• Not easily blendable
• Creases a lot
• Doesn’t stay for long
• Expensive! Rs.900/- for 1.5 gms.

Would I try another MAC shadow?
Errrr… Yes! Maybe something from the Villaneous range as well as the Tartan Tale range 😛

MAC Eyeshadow Beauty Marked Eye Makeup

The Eye Make-up that I did with my MAC eye shadow (Beauty Marked) is as follows:

MAC Eyeshadow Beauty Marked Eye Makeup Look


62 thoughts on “MAC Eyeshadow – Beauty Marked

  1. Hi suma,

    lovely colour,ur eyes are looking great!plz send full photo of urs,we can view ur overall make up too,anyways its looking good on u. :heart:

  2. You know it is a close dupe of some NARS eyeshadow. It is a very pretty shade.I wonder why it creased. :(( May be because of the base only..I loved your eye makeup Suma. the shad eis really looking pretty on your eyes. :))

    1. dunno bout the NARS shadow but I know there is a NYX dupe for the MAC shadow called NYX- Sensual 😛

      And thank u Rati… am glad u liked my eye make-up 🙂

        1. cause i first didnt know about the NYX dupe 🙁 found out on the net when i was searching for ideas on creating a smokey look using the MAC shadow… 😛

          so anyways, i went back to the NYX store and they don’t have it!!! phew!!! i felt so much better 😛 :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

  3. This shade is sooooo pretttty SUMA …. try putting face powder underneath the eye shadow, like after your base, put powder, let it set n then try the shadow, it might crease a bit less :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

  4. Hi Suma…it’s a lovely shade, but what a pity that it creases. As Janhavi said, try applying a pressed powder on top of your NYX eyeshadow base. Do let us know if that works.

  5. Beauty marked is one of my first MAC eyeshadows bought years ago and it is absolutely my favorite. Some things to know about this particular e/s:

    1. It works best as a crease colour and don’t expect the shimmers to show up if used.
    2. It blends and looks best with MAC e/s Star Violet. The hot pink colour helps bring out the full effect of Beauty Marked.
    3. If you want to try to get the exact colour to stay, try it wet with Fix+!
    4. Also, it works amazing on lower lashline. I use it with a wet angled brush and it looks gorgeous! I sometimes just substitute it for my eye pencil!

    This is an awesome shadow girl, enjoy!

    1. wow!!! now that was informative 🙂 thanks so much Tanushka… i guess i still need to explore possibilities with Beauty Marked 😀 but seriously thanks for the tricks and tips 🙂

      1. thank u Gia.. and if u find out which is the cheapest MAC product then plz do let me know 😛 even i have financial constraints where MAC products are concerned 😉

        1. I am so glad there’s someone with me here 😀
          When you don’t earn and are in college it gets tough to get such pricey products :((
          I want MAC’S foundation maybe?:D
          but it’s super costlyyyyyyyyy

          HOPE WE FIND SOME CHEAP PRODUCTS :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

          1. hey Gia i earn dear 🙂

            but im investing heavily on paying back my loan 😀 so im waiting waiting to end that and jump to few high end products ..

            but yaah make up cant wait na … i so much wanna buy something or the other …. you wont believe me but IMBB has made me MAD … now every girl i look at during the day i deciede the PRO’s and CONS of her MAKE UP :woot: :woot: :woot: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

            1. 😆 :lol2: :lol2: PROS AND CONS OF MAKEUP HAHAHAHAH!
              hahaha i get it, seeing reviews now and them makes you GO SUPER MAD :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:
              one day i am going to rob rati’s HOUSE :yahoo: :yahoo:

  6. suma it’s strange that the eyeshadow creased even with a base because mine last one me even without one! try to change your base, or best, wear this without any base at all. you’ll find out your problem.

  7. Suma,honestly i love chinki eyes 😀
    they look super cute with makeup
    I have big eyes ,but people say i look chinki 😐
    I have no clue why they say that, weird! 🙂
    I love your eyes 😀 ahahha!

  8. the shade looks gorgeous on u Suma… and abt ur eyes: we all liked them since long if u remember 🙂
    eyeshadows do have tendancy to crease even i try doing a lot of stuff wid bases to keep them good for a few hrs…
    lets hope we succeed. heehheeh

  9. it is a pretty colour re.. i dint like it so much before seeing the swatch.. was BEAUTIFUL on you!like it looked amazing!lovee itnow! 😀 ican suddenly smell a mac store!:P

      1. yes yes i know what you mean!! but what i am saying is that it looks better on you thanthe swatch also! ahem! woman!:P 😀 bootifulness! 😀

  10. Hey Suma, The colour is absolutely gorgeous and a colour you can and will cary really well.. :yes: :yes: :)) :)) :-* :-*

    About the creasing: E/s with such chunky shimmer do tend to crease. So it’s absolutely must to use a good base. if it’s creasing with base too, try to dust off some of the chunky shimmer with loose powder. Once the shadow is set properly, dab a little of the shadow on middle of the lid, to replace the shimmer. i hope I am making sense.

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