Mac Lipsticks-Barcelona Red & Plum Dandy + Mac Plushglass-Bountiful – Swatches And Photos.


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Hello again, all the beautiful ladies cum make-up lovers, especially to all the lipstick dollies and gloss dollies!!  I was thinking of doing a MAC lipstick review for some days now, but couldn’t decide on which shade/s to choose.  I was suddenly inspired into deciding on one of the shades to review, after seeing Jomol’s beautiful Kanjeevaram saree in her post on Saturday.  While looking at the photo of the saree, I was thinking to myself, “I’ve seen that exact colour somewhere” and I even left a comment on her post, that I must look through my packets for a shade that looks like her lovely pinkish-peachish-coral colour Kanjeevaram saree.  Sure enough, I found what I was looking for, and it is :


MAC Barcelona Red Lipstick is a frosted intense coral lipstick.  It’s not a typical red, but it’s more on the peachish-coral side, and it looks lovely.  A thin layer looks peachish, and applied a bit darker, it looks coral, but in photos it comes across as an intense coral.  I love it!

Here it is :
MAC Barcelona Red

Here it is on my hand :

MAC Barcelona Red
And here’s a closer look :

MAC Barcelona Red

Here it is on my lips (without flash) :
MAC Barcelona Red

Here it is (with flash) :
MAC Barcelona Red


I included this lipstick in this post, because it is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks.  It is described in MAC’s website as “Plum Dandy- Show off plum frosted with bronze (Frost)”.  This is a sort of ‘universal’ colour, in the sense that I think it will suit anyone’s complexion, and it also goes with any colour of clothes.  When I’m sometimes in a hurry and don’t have time to rack my brains as to match my lipstick with my clothes, I always pick up MAC Plum Dandy lipstick .  I don’t know, but sometimes I think to myself that it kind of reflects a colour of its own with any colour of clothes I am wearing, and it’s not too light, nor too dark.  It also looks lovely with lip gloss over it.

Here it is, without flash (it was looking totally different with flash, so I omitted that pic) :

MAC Plum Dandy

Here’s the swatch :

MAC Plum Dandy
Here it is on my lips :
MAC Plum Dandy

And here it is on my lips in daylight :

MAC Plum Dandy

And here it is with MAC Bountiful Plush Glass applied over it :

MAC Plum Dandy And here it is in daylight with the same MAC Bountiful Plush Glass over it :

MAC Plum Dandy


MAC says : “MAC PlushGlass Bountiful is Sheer lip color with a pearlised high-shine gloss finish.  Comfortable to wear: lush, multi-dimensional, gives a cool-warm vanilla buzz to the lips.  Moisturises, soothes and visibly plumps the lips to make them look luxuriously healthy and well-conditioned.  Contains vitamin E for added environmental protection.”

Here again, I would say MAC PlushGlass Bountiful is my favourite lip glass, a little goes a long way, and it looks great on top of any lipstick from the ‘pink’ family.

Here it is :
MAC Push Glass bountiful

Here’s the swatch on my hand :
MAC Plush Glass Bountiful

And here are all 3 products together :

MAC Lipsticks

All these products have the MAC signature vanilla fragrance.

Full five star ratings from my side for these.

Bye for now, beautiful ladies.


20 thoughts on “Mac Lipsticks-Barcelona Red & Plum Dandy + Mac Plushglass-Bountiful – Swatches And Photos.

  1. Hey Sabrina,

    I loved the plum Dandy color. And so many variations in the same color. For the other one I certainly felt like eating it. Too tempting (Sound crazy I know). Good picks in your collection

  2. my my…. Plum Dandy is looking awesome yaar…
    Sabi your lips are super sexy yaar… :-* :Smooch:
    and last pic is very cute.. the monkey is very cute..
    very nice photu… :yes:

    1. Thanks a ton on the compliments, Ami. Cute huggable monkey. It’s a love monkey – its arms go around your neck and it hugs you tight. :-))

  3. Hey Sabrina, 😀 ….luscious lips……. :-* :-* :-* 😛 😛 😛 😛 ….both the shades look so beautiful on you….I am so mesmerised……..and yes the shade matches exactly with my kanjeevaram……

    1. Aww thanks on the compliments, Jomol. I am equally mesmerised with the colour of your Kanjeevaram saree, oh, it looks so rich and luscious!!

  4. I loved the plushglass shade. I have never used plush glass. Just have two lip glasses and I am quite liking them. They are a little sticky initially but that stickiness goes away after a while and the lip glass stays on lips for good 2- hours or depending on how often and what you are eating.

    Will check out the lipstick and plush glass shades on my next trip to the MAC store. 🙂

    you have beautiful lips. 🙂

    1. Thank you for complimenting my lips, Rati. They have come out really well in the pics, if I may say so myself! Enjoyed myself doing this review.

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