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Ankita Asks
I’ll be going to the MAC outlet in Inorbit Mall, Mumbai in few days for a makeup ‘lesson’. When I had gone a few days back to buy a foundation, the MUA told me about a package where they will teach you how to do your makeup and along with this you need to purchase MAC cosmetics worth Rs 5000. They also have another option of a ‘makeover’ for which you need to make a purchase of Rs 3500. I have decided to go for a lesson.

Could you recommend me some MAC must haves that I can buy for Rs 5000. I already have MAC studio fix liquid foundation in NC 40 and MAC sheer pressed powder in NC 40. I have oily skin and some visible pores on my inner cheeks.

I was thinking of the following things

  • MAC Prep+prime or Brightening serum (which you have mentioned in the Anushka Manchanda golden smokey eye makeup by Vimi Joshi)
  • One face/cheek brush and 1 eye brush
  • Paint pot (although I have BeYu primer which gives me good results)
  • Concealer ( I have BeYu concealer but I am not very satisfied with it)
  • MAC pigment ( Could you recommend a color ? I was thinking something dark bronzy/coppery)
  • MAC beauty powder ( I have peachy rose and just earth from colorbar-thanks to IMBB, and maybelline, do I need a beauty powder? )

If I am buying just 1 face brush and I eye brush which one should I buy? From reviews, I had decided on MAC 131 and MAC 217.

I’ll be really grateful if you could recommend which of the above products are MAC must-haves and any other products which I have not mentioned above.


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  1. EVERYBODY NEEDS a beauty powder.. Get a MAC primer and eye makeup primer.. And studio finish concealer and mineralize skin finish.. And eyeshadows!!!! Carbon, soft brown, woodwinked and goldmine!!!! Besht haul ever!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

    How long is the lesson, btw??

      1. I wish i had bought soft brown when I was there.. I regret it like anything now.. Well, there is always a next time!!! :(( :((

    1. Thanks Mrunmayee! The lesson goes like this- the MUA would do my complete makeup on one half of my face and then I’ll do my other half and she’ll guide me along the way.

      I have studio fix liquid foundation and sheer pressed powder, do I need mineralize skin finish? I’ll definitely check out the eyeshadows you’ve mentioned. Woodwinked seems a big favorite, I’ve seen it mentioned in a lot of blogs.

      1. That’s awesome!!!! :yes: :yes:

        I have never tried Sheer pressed powder, but try using MSF there.. :))

        I am positively craving for the four shadows i have mentioned… :((

          1. hehehe i m feellling verrrrrrrryyyyyyyy haaaaapppyyy now…Yipee!!! I got the sheer pressed powder!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :joker: :joker: :joker: :joker: :joker: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2: :jiggy2:

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  2. My Brush suggestion would MAC 187 and MAC 217. You can apply both blush and foundation.

    Skip paint pot of you already have an eye primer. Pick Prep + Prime and concealer. You may choose between select cover up concealer or studio finish depending on the type of coverage you are looking for.
    Pick up a mac lipstick for sure.

    MAC copper Sparkle and Melon pigments are nice shades.

    You don’t NEED a beauty powder. But beauty powders are limited edition products and they come with collections only. They give a beautiful dewy finish to cheeks.Check if you like but you may easily skip if you have blushes.

    MAC eye kohls are good picks.

    Have a good time at MAC and do share your experience. 🙂

      1. Thank you Rati! I’ll skip the beauty powder in that case. I’m happy with my blushes at present. Definitely want to pick up one pigment- seen a lot of YouTube beauties raving about it in their tutorials.

        Any recommendations for lipstick? I’m new to lipsticks and like creamy ones. I have Revlon Colorburst and Chambor truly lasting. They are super moisturizing, wonderfully pigmented and fade so evenly when they do . Havent touched my Maybelline Colorsensational(my first) one since I bought these. I am surprized that you didnt like Chambor lipsticks. Do give it another try- I’ll do a review of the one I have. They have lots of beautiful pinks also!

  3. Oh wowww…that’s a nice deal I think..I won’t mind spending Rs. 5000 on products if they throw in a makeup course along with it…wonder if they have similar offers in Bangalore too.

    MAC 187 – buy only if you intend to stipple stipple your foundation. If you are more comfortable swiping it on, I don’t know I feel feel feel cheaper brushes would work just as well…but then again, I am not very experience in this. It works so cute with a blush though 😀

    1. Thanks Radhika! Any recommendations for brushes from other brands? I’d rather buy lipsticks or eye shadows if I can find a cheaper alternative to brushes.

      1. Noooo…I am hopeless for any makeup-related or otherwise also queries 😀 I don’t know how I told cos usually with MAC posts I keep verrrry quiet…am waiting to hear how the makeup lesson experience goes for you..have fun 🙂 Oh and I hope I don’t get rotten tomatoes thrown at me..but I think TBS foundation brush is good and many people prefer just using their fingers.. :tremble: :tremble: :tremble:

      2. I have to agree with Radhika … 188 is great for blush but I dont think its the best foundation brush unless you are stippling … I find it put the foundation on a lil thicker than I like … but thats a personal preference so …… give it a try at the store … you will be surprised how little one can get for 5k at MAC … maybe 5 products if you are extremely wise otherwise its not more than 3 or four :((

        1. hahah thats exactly what i was thinking when i read this!:P
          Ankita , its an awesome deal.. alll i can say is have loads of fun! get and msf.. get the concealer.. and see if you can get both brushes.. but if the 187 costs around Rs2500.. i dont think you’d be able to get 2 brushes.. 🙁

            1. @ik & janhavi: The brushes are indeed expensive! Does using a brush for foundation give better results than using fingers? If its not much of a difference I’d just go for a blush/powder brush. Probably not going to pick up any lipsticks and eyekohls if I’m going for the brushes.

              1. I feel you can apply foundation (cream/liquid ones I am talkign about) with your fingers really well – with a sponge too..I remember Janhavi saying she uses a sponge and they do that at the counters too and the finish looks good… really I don’t think a foundation brush is that essential but yes a good cheaper-than-MAC foundation brush would be good I suppose, no idea not used….if you like to stipple your foundation on to your face…then tho you obviously will need to use a brush…

                Again, this is just what I feel…practical experience in this field – ZERO 😀 😀 😀

                  1. Never tried stippling before but from what I gather it gives a very flawless and airbrushed look and hides flaws very well. I have slight acne scarring but normal application of foundation(by fingers) covers that too.
                    Maybe not for foundation but I definitely want a brush for contouring and blush application. 187 would work for that also right?

  4. Hi Ankita,

    Are you by any chance sensitive to silicone? Then you might want to skip the Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage, it’s a small black bottle. I was using that and it caused cystic acne for me. I stopped it and my combination skin got better.

    If you want to get pigments, try to get a colour that suits you very well – like something you can use often. Some people get Vanilla or Naked to use as an all over lid wash. That way you will use it often and it will be very worth your money. To use pigments and reduce fall out, it’s good to have a sticky/creamy base on your eyelid. Something like a Greasepaint Stick/Shadestick/Paint pot will be very useful. The bits of pigment is less likely to fall everywhere this way. The best brush to work with pigments (and eyeshadow as well) is the 239. At first glance this brush doesn’t look special, but as you use it, you’ll see that it packs the colour very well if you pat it on your lid.

    I’m not sure you if you like to fill in your brows – but that’s one way to play with MAC eyeshadow. Get a colour that is close to your eyebrow colour and then use it to fill it in. Some women love the shade Concrete for this. Another thing you can get is a good crease colour eyeshadow – my favourite is Folie – I use it with almost everything to define my crease.

    Mrunmayee is right about Carbon – you will get good use of this colour because you can use it to set your black eyeliner.

    Good luck! 🙂

        1. It’s this makeup bug that has bitten me about a year ago and I’ve been reading up and playing around with MAC stuff mostly. I go to the MAC store here at least once a week (there are two branches here and I alternate because I don’t want to seem like a stalker) to play around with the stuff they have. They’ve come to recognize me enough to leave me alone and only when I approach them they will talk to me 🙂 It’s quite fun, but the downside is that makeup is not exactly expensive but if you buy many items at 145 NOK (Norwegian Kroners) each, they tend to add up. The end of the month “grand bill” is painful 🙂 So I’m trying to resist a bit these days.

    1. @Fieran: Thanks for the info! I don’t know if I am sensitive to silicones but now I am a little apprehensive about picking up PREP+PRIME.

      Can I use the 239 for blending as well?

      I love dark browns. Will definitely check out Folie and Carbon.

      1. Hm, you can blend with 239 but the area is quite small. It can be made to work if that’s the only brush you have, but the 217 might be better for blending. The 217 is a multitasking brush but it’s a more wide and might not fit into the pigment jar very well. It might also lift too much pigment because it’s more “fluffy”. The 239 bristles are dense. Do try it though when you’re at the MAC store. The MUA normally have sample brushes and stuff that you can ask them to demonstrate.

        1. 239 is not for blending .. honestly it blends like crap… but it applies shadow so well with minimum wastage and fallout … get a good blending brush – ive never used the 217 but im guessing that should work 😀

    1. Thanks Tanushka! I am using Maybelline gel liner right now and it doesn’t give me the blackest black I like. Fluidline in blacktrack would be much better I think.

  5. ok you have got to pick up the 116 blush brush – seriously best blush brush ever …
    Also I would suggest the 239 eye shadow brush, it applies like a dream and the 219 pencil brush its great for shadows and even smudging eyeliner and stuff…

    out of the products, I would suggest carbon and also if you get carbon to pick up MAC Smolder … and of course MAC fluidline blacktrack

    Also of course pick up the products that the MUA uses on your face for the lesson…. let the MUA suggest the lipsticks and then take your pick since these are very subjective …. same with other eyestuff …

    Base wise I think you are good to go with studio fix and the sheer pressed powder … I wouldnt bother with concealer unless you have very bad dark circles or blemishes … also none of the MAC concealers are waterproof so they arent the best thing in Mumbai humidity as the water and sweat will make them move around a bit so skip them unless super necessary …

    Oh also Black track is not the blackest black …its ok ok black .. you need to get smolder for that blackest blac type look …

    1. Jaanuuu :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :heart: :inlove: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:

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  7. I think you also need to check out the eyeshadow expensive pink and amber light. I love expensive pink all over the lid and espresso on the crease with just black eyeliner. If you have fair skin then check out satin taupe eyeshadow.

    I also have my eye on the fluidline called macroviolvet :toothygrin: .

  8. Hi everyone, I had a wonderful experience at MAC(Inorbit Mall, Malad). I requested a smokey eye from the MUA Namrita , in a color like cranberry red or purple perhaps and she suggested purple as red might have been too bold for the daytime. She paired that with peachy-pink blush and bronzer on the cheeks and pink lipstick (cosmo) and topped it with cremesheen lipgloss in ‘delight’. Unfortunately I do not have good pictures of the entire look but she did give me a face chart with details of my full makeup.

    I picked up a Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage, MAC 188 brush and a 5-pigment set from the Tartan Tale collection. I was in dilemma which eyeshadows/smolder (I was very keen on amberlights) to pick after going for the primer and brush but this pigment set had such amazing shades that I decided on this. It cost me Rs 2400 but it has 5 gorgeous pigments in containers smaller than the normal MAC pigment container size but still the quantity is plenty in my opinion.
    You can check out the swatches in the following links I picked up from a quick google search

    The photographs don’t to justice to the pigments. Each one of them is a beautiful color but the one I find most interesting in ‘Blue brown’. Its a duo chrome pigment with reddish brown base and lovely teal shimmer.

    There are 2 more pigment sets in the Tartan Tale collection- ‘cool’ and ‘warm’. The one I’ve picked up is ‘smokey’.

    Overall had a great experience at MAC. It was really worth the effort and the money!

  9. Hey Ladies….
    I am visiting Mac in India for the second time this month. Now the first time i had MUA do my face in Mumbai I found it sitting very heavy and wasnt light at all.
    So never went back ,but I read such great reviews and now I am going back to MAC bangalore to see whether i can strike gold.
    So I have a combo skin, very sensitive. So i need to know what essentials I need to go in for, I have never been into makeup and now want to start.
    i want the natural look, i want the makeup to last a few hrs atleast 2 to 3 hrs. I want it to feel light on my face. I do have acne marks from the past and very rarely get a pimple. So i am looking at full coverage. So would certainly appreciate the advise you guys can dish out. Any other qts let me know.

  10. I want to learn makeup… Want to join makeup course of mac…. Please revert me with a price and duration of course

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