MAC Opulash vs MAC X Mascara Review, Test

MAC Opulash vs. MAC X Mascara – Review and Test

Opulash vs X
Opulash vs X

Can you guess what your lashes have in common with your fingerprints? You’ll never be able to find another identical pair. So all the mascara tutorials and reviews out there can only be considered as a general guideline. What’s your holy grail when it comes to mascara might turn out to be a complete mascara mayhem for your best friend. That’s why you can find so many different opinions out there in the world wide web. Which does leave one question: How do I know if a particular mascara is right for me?

So to give you a better idea of my review criteria I actually tested both mascaras on several people. Of course the final outcome won’t be individually tailored to all readers, but you might get a better idea which mascara might be your best bet.

So here are the facts:

  • Both mascaras were tested on 18 different beauties aged 17 to 56
  • Problem lashes that were recorded included short lashes, thin lashes, sparse lashes, droopy lashes etc
  • To be able to compare more of the individual formula of the mascaras, I used not only the wands both mascaras are provided with, but applied the mascara with a MAC 204 brush on 6 of the participating beauties

I really recommend the MAC 204, especially if you are not only using your mascaras on your own lashes. Another plus, the brush is easily cleaned and you don’t have to work with an old and lumpy mascara wand.

Opulash vs X
Opulash vs X


This mascara promises you true volume, well this is definitely true for the brush so far. I first thought that I reviewed a waterproof version of Opulash, but having a closer look at the formula I figured out it is not waterproof, but quick-drying. So you have to work really fast. Opulash does create beautiful, dense lashes if you have normal thick/curved lashes. But if you try to enhance some , problem“ lashes, opulash doesn’t really do the trick.

The wand as well as the texture of Opulash remind me of Dior’s Diorshow mascara. In my opinion, Opulash should be used by beauties who don’t really have any problems or concerns with their lashes., maybe some of you have already tried and liked the Diorshow mascara, then go ahead and try Opulash. Combined with a lash curler, Opulash also delivers, the only thing I noticed was that it tends to dry down a bit fast, but nevertheless it does not leave a brittle finish. The huge size of the wand might need some getting used to. So if you like to work with smaller sized wands, Opulash will definitely be not the mascara of your choice.
If you like to apply more than one coat or if you are using a heated eyelash curler, Opulash will not do the job. Starting with the second layer, you get a somewhat rough finish, ending in lumpy spider legs. Same effect with the thermo curl, I guess this is caused by the fast drying formula or general texture of the mascara. So this is a definite downside for all of you who have hard-to-work-with lashes.

Opulash vs X
Opulash vs X

MAC X Mascara

  • A classic among mascaras. Not only promises, but delivers
  • An allround talent out of the book, I definitely can’t be without it anymore.

The texture of X is quite the opposite of Opulash’s. Especially when you are using a thermo lash curler, X will separate and define your lashes marvellously, even better than MAC’s Zoomlash in fact. So if you weren’t born with a set of perfectly easy to handle lashes, X mascara will be your new best friend (you can trust me on this one, I myself have tried about hundreds of different mascaras from different brands by now). Not only does X work well with lash curlers, but it is also perfect for layering your mascara. It glides on beautifully and even after several coats you do get a nice and smooth finish, which will not look brittle or lumpy at all. Talking about layering, if you have shorter or thin lashes, you probably won’t get a, false lash“ result with X, but by applying several layers you will be able to create beautiful definition and curve to your lashes, this will even work for the really thin lashes on your inner eye corner. If you are not a “pro“ when it comes to applying mascara you will love how easily X applies and how simple it is to handle.

When you are applying mascara over false lashes, X will do the trick as well by evenly coating over the tiniest gaps, which will give you an absolutely flawless look. Opulash mascara does have some problems with that, again I guess that is due to the formula and the big wand.

Opulash vs X
Opulash vs X

Final Results

I personally think X mascara is more versatile than Opulash mascara. Talking about lashes that are not naturally picture perfect, X will be the solution for almost all of your problems. X mascara will not only shape but also define your lashes.

If you have hassle free lashes and you are looking for more dramatic effects, go ahead and try out Opulash. Opulash will, just like Dior’s Diorshow, provide you with that just-off-the-runway look. But you have to work very fast, the formula dries down quickly. Big plus for Opulash though: Opulash has definitely better quality ingredients than Diorshow.


31 thoughts on “MAC Opulash vs MAC X Mascara Review, Test

    1. Thak you, Insia :-))
      I don´t like huge wands, even the X wand is almost too big. For me Zoomlash has the best wand, very easy to work with. But X has the better texture/formula, indeed. 16 of the 18 persons considered the X as best mascara they ever had. :meeting:
      Never had such a result at any mascara testing… very suprising :lashes:

  1. Great Review Tanya :-* :-* :-* :-* …

    I have very normal lashes i would say, that i do not like curling at all cause they get too long with just a coat of mascara and end up like a glamorous drag which is fine but not everyday 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    The problem are my eyes i guess, they star watering and i itch it all off and then it gets swollen for up to a week…one of my friends said i got allergy to mascara ingredients but not sure which this has happened with brands from Avon to Clinique :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((

    1. Thank you Deb :-))

      Did you ever tried a natural cosmetic mascara?
      Availability of german natural brands depends on where you live but they have really hard certification criteria (BDIH and, even more hard: Ecocert, since they certificate only 100% vegan), means: Very good INCI. I guess the most popular natural brand mascaras here are from Dr. Hauschka. A friend couldn´t even apply any of Hauschka mascara without eye irritation and swollen or red eyes. She is very, very happy with the ALVA mascara ( a german natural cosmetics brand, Ecocert certificated; definitely available in Japan and South Korea, I am quite not sure about Singapoore). The ALVA mascara delivers a really natural finish, you won´t get a runway look with but I never heard the product caused any irritation.

      There are a lot of beauties from eastern Asia I would not recom. a regular curler because the product conception is not fitting their eye shape. Much better are thermo lash curlers, they give you full control over definition, seperation and shape of the lashes. I use the Panasonic thermo curler, not only a very good curler… they have silver, a light blue and… a PINK one :laugh: Guess which one I bought 😀

      1. Wow thank you so much for the info :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

        I never tried natural mascaras and will sure check your tips, i am currently in India so i will check if i can manage getting this from here, i am not Asian, but south american myself but still i find that Asian products fit my skin type and needs very well be it skin care or makeup.

        I have deep-set eyes what is a little inconvenient while curling or putting mascara as the eye lashes tend to almost touch my brow bone :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

        About your choice of curler i will say PINK :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :kissblow:

        1. You looked asian to mee on the avatar photo :chic:
          Maybe because of the deep-set eyes 🙂 My eye shape is the opposite of deep-set and I discovered the thermo curlers being best for all kinds of eyeshapes. Because you really can control every single lash with.

          Suggestion: What about doing an ALVA mascara review? It would be very interesting for me, especially because of your described mascara problems. Just checked my kit, I have two backups of that mascara here. So no big deal to send one… but I have no idea about the duty and tax (free allowance) in India. :silly:

          1. I think its great looking like some North asian beauties 😀 but here is how i look most of the time 😉 😉 😉 😉


            It would be wonderful if you could grab a friend and do a review for our benefit on ALVA mascara as i do not know the fees or how to manage to get ALVA here anyways…please do not go through more trouble and try to send it for me as if get lost on the way it would break my heart :brokenheart: :-(( :-(( :-(( …keep it safe with ya a million thanks, :-* :-* but i do insist on the review 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

            1. Seriously I would like you and Rati to do it.
              Because of the following reasons:

              Your lashes ar not my lashes 😉
              Nobody around will have your lashes, they may have similar lashes but I would have to see you “vis-a-vis” to get an idea. So it´s easier for the mascara to “travel” actually 😀
              Last but not least you have different clime there – very important criteria when it comes to texture, durability and so on.

              I will ring Indian embassy/consulate tomorrow and will email Rati what they say about the fees, especially when it´s a gift.

  2. Oh wow! Just checked at the MAC store, they do have X mascara and I am definitely getting it soon. I like mascaras that could be layered. For some reason just one coat of mascara doesn’t make me happy. 😛

    Btw are you a makeup artist? “17-56 ” makes me think like that.

    Excellent pictures and great review. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Rati :-))

      Layering is a very important criteria for a lot of beauties who do not have thick and well shaped natural lashes (like most indian beauties have, as they have beautiful hair, too). Zoomlash is not a bad mascara, it fits the needs and expectations of many people but it is not a very popular mascara here or in the US. I mean, according to the regular MAC hype 😀 You see kits full of MAC stuff with no MAC mascara in. When it comes to mascara you rarely hear similar oppinions, in the article intro I mentioned why. So I consider imperative testing products like mascara on several people 🙂

      No MUA here, I work as a Consultant.
      But I did MUA jobs for several years during my college time – needed the money, huh 😀

      1. I agree. I wasn’t too impressed with the Chanel mascara I tried recently. I met someone who had used the same mascara. She was going on and on about how magical that mascara is and how much it lives up to its name “exceptionnel”. I felt so awkward after hearing her reviews that I didn’t even tell her that I have used that mascara. :rotfl: She would have killed me had I told her that it was not the best thing I have ever used. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

        1. Eceptiowhatever and even more the Inimitable are …. worst mascaras I ever had (not only on texture, the INCI are quite bad/cheap).
          And I really know a lot of beauties declaring the Inimitable for holy grail :silly:
          So you can see how different lashes are. Better not discuss about :rotfl:

            1. Have to confess I am not such a big Chanel fan.
              They have nice things but most of their stuff is available from other brands in better quality – and less expensive. Not comparable with MAC, MUFE, Bobbi Brown, NARS and so un, all of these have better products… in my oppinion. :laugh:

  3. Called Indian Consulate in Frankfurt/Main, they say it is no problem to send cosmetics worth less th. 25 € declared as a gift, there will be no fees on. :-))

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