How To Maintain Weight once you have Reached Goal Weight?

A lot of us after reaching our goal weight often let go of all diet and exercise routines and often tend to gain back all the weight that we have lost. Most people tend to find it difficult to hold on to our ideal weight after months and years of hard work, sweat and sacrifice. So, in our tireless pursuit of being relevant and informative, today we have decided to address concerns about “how to maintain weight once you have reached goal weight.?” So, without any further ado, let us straight get into the details:

How To Maintain Weight Once You have Reached Goal Weight

How much Food can I Add Back to my Diet?
One of the principal concerns coming from those who have succeeded in achieving their weight goal is to know exactly how much of their previous diet they can resort back to. It is a very pressing query indeed, especially when you bear in mind the fact that these are the people who have worked hard, for months on end, sticking religiously to their exercise and workout routine and absolutely counting calories, and have sacrificed their old ways, sedentary and unhealthy habits eliminated, which means these are dedicated and sincere people and their concern is pretty genuine. As such, it is most prudent of them to be careful of what they can add back to their diet without jeopardizing all their sacrifice and hard work. Well, leading diet experts have concurred that you may add back up to 100 calories per meal per day once you have reached your goal weight. However, you must be careful so as not to overdo on the indulgence, and be wary of the calories you put in, on a daily basis. The best advice is to stick to your exercise/weight loss regime as far as possible, do a few extra crunches, push-ups, and do an extra round round of running/joggers course – maybe do a little extra cardio and yoga, on those days that you feel that you may have put in more than your permissible quota of calorie intake per day. In other words, sweat out the extra carbs that you intake and all will be well.

This is an essential point worthy of discussion at some length. For all those who have lost weight or have achieved goal weight through physical exercise, being true to your exercise regime is always recommended. It is prudent to consider that you achieved your dream body through sheer diligence and unwavering commitment to your daily work-out routine. One can introduce cheat days once a week and then sweat it out a day later. Exercises like squats, lunges, planks, jumping jacks, pranayam, yoga can help burn extra calories and help you maintain your goal weight.  For those who may have lost weight by dieting, post achievement of goal weight, you must incorporate some regular exercise into your routine to stay healthy and maintain your goal weight. Brisk walking for an hour per day sounds reasonable enough for people who have relied just on dieting to lose weight.

Think it and achieve it; think wrong and you lose it all: This may sound kind of filmy, but I assure you that it is not over the top. Studies after studies have come forth with tons of data that one’s psychological state of well being is directly related to weight gain or loss. Stress can be a major factor for weight gain because it causes hormonal imbalances in the body. Keep stress in your day-to-day life away by keeping your mind occupied in a hobby and devoting a few minutes in a day for meditation and yoga.

Put a timer on your screens: We intentionally spend a lot of time before “screen” like television, computers, tablets, smart phones and laptops. Spending a lot of time before the screen can prevent you from leading an active lifestyle. Also, never eat your meals sitting before a screen because you would not be able to measure the amount of food that goes into your mouth from the plate. Relish each bite and keep a check on the amount of food that you are consuming instead.

Include a lot of fiber in your diet: This one word is crucial in the diet plans of all those who take the issue of maintaining their goal weights seriously. Eat your vegetables, keep the fiber content up. Incorporate fibre-rich food items into your daily diet and everything will be just hunky dory.

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Make amends for your cheats and occasional indulgences: One cannot always abstain from calorie-rich food. Besides most people would argue about the point of making so many sacrifices and putting in so many hours at the gym, sweating it out and practicing restraint if one cannot occasionally indulge in taking a day off or having a bowl of ice cream or gorging on high-calorie delicacies, especially when one is on vacation or is spending the holidays at some resort, participating in festivities or attending a party/ceremony. Well you may, most assuredly you can – and furthermore – you deserve a break from your strict diet and exercise routine – after you have achieved your goal weight – you have earned it. Just bear a simple thing in mind – do not feel guilty if you jump a grade on the scales and be ready to make amends on your cheats and breaks once you are done vacationing or after the party.

Well dear readers, we hope that all of you find this article useful and informative.


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