Lips: How to Make Lip Balm at Home

My Simple Lip Balm
My Simple Lip Balm

How to Make Beeswax Lip Balm

Loss of moisture in lips can make it dehydrated & chapped.The condition is so worse, especially during winters that nothing works. Winter is coming. Lips are most Delicate & Vulnerable part & the coldness hits lips first and then skin.

Benefits & Uses of Lip balm :-
1) Can be used under lipstick to avoid direct contact of cosmetic on skin.
2) Helps restore Pink, natural color of the lips.
3) Provides with moisture, and  doesn’t need touch or reapplying.
4) Helps protects lips from external exposure.
5) Some people use petroleum jelly in place of lip balm but it has no staying power.
6) Zero chemicals used…Its organic & doesn’t harms your body if eaten up..You won’t eat it. (Remember, Remember)


Almond Oil/Olive oil (or both in equal quantities)
You can play with your needs and imagination here….Go  for availability or choice; Coconut oil,Sesame oil,Safflower oil,Castor oil,Baby oil.
Vit E oil capsule. (I used Evion)

Double boil small amount of Wax and let it melt…Add  oil minimum 3 tbs.
Remember the staying power of the balm depends on the thickness of the balm. If you add more will be oilier and will bleed.
Remove from double boiler.
Add oil/oils  & vit E capsule. let it cool a bit and pour into your balm tub or fill it in old tube.

Remember :- Don’t pour when its too hot..because  the plastic might react with the heat and there is possibility of emission of chemicals.
Let it cool a bit and then pour.
Set it & Voila!
You own homemade Balm is ready to use.

Make it Dramatic

Want Tint? Scrap old Eyeshadow or lipstick.
The shimmer in eyeshadow will create gloss effect…Do add few drops of Castor oil to the balm for that Glossy extrashine.

Plumping: Add few drops of Cinnamon oil…Few drops= 1-2..Don’t exceed it. It really plumps the lips..And bring blood to your lips.It might tingle a bit.But Plumping effect lasts long.

Miss your Flavoured balm? Add Peppermint oil,which is easily available( Blossom kocchar,Urjita jain) won’t cost you more than 70 bucks. Using flavours like Rose,Orange,Grapeseed,etc

Chocolate lover…Smear your chocolate on lips…Save your bite from your Fav bar of choclate Melt and pour with the above procedure..& Don’t lick Your lips. Go Honeylicious – Add some drops of honey..Honey is good humectant..It will seal the moisture in,with shine ofcourse!

Pure unreacted beeswax
Pure unreacted beeswax

Go organic: With some pure organic Aloe gel…not the processed one.Cut leaf and use the watery gel.For excess chapped lips.

Want SPF? Add  2 Drops of Avocado oil, I don’t know how big hole it would make in my small pocket..But I would get it,its next on my list Its provides SPF…protects lips from Damaging Sun rays.

Natural tint: Beetroot,The juice won’t help.Dry the beetroot flakes and powder them.It gives beautiful rosy color.Or you can get it in some Ayurvedic stores.I did it at home & used it up.

Where to get Beewax: I got it from my Granny,In its purest form. To get yours, rush to your nearest Ayurvedic Shop.
They call it as “moam”. You’ll get it in pure form ie unbleached & unreacted.

Avoid buying it from Drug store,That is usually used for Beeswax Candles.

Benefits of Using oils

Olive oil –- Its helps lighten Skin on lips, Moisturises.
Almond oil –- It soothes lips ,Moisturises and lightens pigmentation,imparting Rosy glow.
Sesame oil –- It has great moisturizing, soothing and emollient qualities.
Coconut Oil –- Most common oil in Indian homes..It’s fatty acid rich.
Baby Oil — Mineral oil based..Smoothens and  provides shine.

my lip gloss
my lip gloss

Bored  of using your lip balm continuously, Mix melt n pour!

Sounds Good? Go Ahead and give it a try.

I made this as Lip Gloss by adding more Castor oil, And pea sized Maybelline smooth stick in cherry. The Plus point “IT Doesn’t BLEED”

P.S. Try it The Aloe or Honey version, Apply generously at night and  scrub it with wash cloth Next morning after brushing your teeth (So that the Fluoride & menthol in tooth paste won’t harm your Delicate baby Lips). Smooth, dead cell free lips in a jiff.


18 thoughts on “Lips: How to Make Lip Balm at Home

  1. Thanks a lot Pranali….and more thanks for actually telling where to get the beeswax from. I never did get the answer for that from anyone else – I don’t know if its such common knowledge that nobody bothered to answer whenever I have asked. If I get beeswax, I will surely surely try this at home 🙂 🙂

    Anupam: Double boiling – you take water in a larger vessel. Put the wax in a smaller vessel, and heat/melt the wax by placing the smaller vessel in the water boiling in the larger vessel. This way, the wax gets heated through heat from the boiling water and not by direct heat from the actual heat source like the gas flame.

  2. I agree with Rads! That’s the most important thing( getting the beeswax!). I wasn’t sure what has to be told to the Ayurvedic shop keeper! :highfive:

  3. thats awesum…
    1 question…u said ‘moam’…bt dats wat dey wud give u..d beeswax of candles…d white colored 1 use to make candles…is it d same as used for lipbalm ??

    1. Bhumika
      Get your beeswax from ayurvedic shop,They’ll give you the one which is used for Cosmetics.
      If you ask in Drug store,They’ll give the beewax which is used for making candle.
      Get it from ayurvedic shop.

    1. Janhavi
      Umm..A one rupee coin sized beewax & 4 tbs of carrier oil.
      If u grate the wax,measure it in tbs….ratio should be 1:4.
      That would make its medium consistency.
      Hope this would help you.

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