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My hubby is gonna be in China after their new yr in Feb and I want him to pick some good stuff. Any idea what brands are available there that are not insanely expensive in India. I am craving the Nars Orgasm blush and Bobbi Brown gel liner (thanks to Rati) I also wanted eco tools brush kit. Will he get these in China? What else can be looked at?


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  1. China(Hongkong) is the best place for shopping, be it makeup, or anything else!!!my bro went last year…wish i could go once!!

  2. Hi i’m not from india so i dont know how much these brands cost in india, but from what i know, these international brands cost more in mainland china than singapore and malaysia. Unless your husband is heading to Hong Kong, then it will likely be cheaper. i bought an ecotools brush kit quite cheaply online in china but you will need to know chinese to navigate that.

  3. Agree with best to pick up these brands from the duty-free sections of airports…just look up the specific airport websites to see what brands are available – I think Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder have outlets at the airport..NARS and Bobbi Brown..not sure. Shanghai being quite a fashion hotspot, you would easily find many high-end luxury brands available in the city, but stick to the posh boutique kind of shops and do a lot of reasearch/asking around to avoid buying fakes. Also, if it’s terribly’s probably just what I feel. As for the cost, I have not bought makeup in China..but just regular creams, skincare items, like Nivea..the prices seemed higher than what it would be in India.

  4. If there is a stopover at Bangkok or Singapore airports, best to pick up makeup from there…I think Rati picked up NARS from Bangkok airport ?:) ?:)

  5. if your husband goes to hongkong, tell him to buy the natural aqua gel from cure….ITS THE BEST FACE EXFOLIATOR EVER :woot: :bravo: !! u can get it any sasa store. 🙂

  6. Hi Anks,
    First time commenting on IMBB..although i silently follow each n every topic n reviews.
    This time I cud not keep quiet coz my aunt works in beijing and she brings me a lot of skin care,makeup n clothes.
    Dont forget to ask for face masks(collagen & saffron) from China. They r the best(atleast for me). I have got some good Shiseido cosmetics too. I wud also reccomend to buy things from Duty free shops at the Airport so that u wont end up buying fake products from China. U get good quality fashionable clothes and accessories very cheap thr.

    Oooooohh..I feel so happy after commenting on this spaceeeee :yahoo: :joker: Hope this will be useful for u.. :suspense: :))

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