Marc Jacobs Beauty Kiss Pop Lipstick Wham 604, Pop Arazzi 606 Review, Swatch, FOTD


Claims : A highly-pigmented lipstick that provides a burst of long-wearing, kissable color from an ultra-covetable, chrome package.
Price : USD 28


Marc Jacobs Beauty Kiss Pop Lipstick Wham 604, Pop Arazzi 606

I picked up these two cute little lipsticks from Marc Jacobs Beauty called Kiss Pop. I mean how absolutely adorable is the packaging. They look like little colorful crayons. I remember as kids we used to have pilot pens packaged like this.
The two shades I picked up are:
Wham 604 is a gorrrrgeous neonish coral. I am literally obsessed with this lip shade.
Pop Arazzi 606 is a beautiful cool toned electric pink.
I personally love both the shades. I think Marc Beauty took the idea of lip crayon quite literally because these pretty much have a crayon like texture- waxy and a bit drying. They are very pigmented and one swipe gives a bang on color. These are retractable lip crayons so you don’t have to worry about sharpening them. Plus the packaging is so lightweight and compact that they are so easy to carry around. I don’t find them transferring much and both the lip crayons pretty much stay on my lips looking decent for around 5+ hours and leave a lovely bright stain behind.The stain pretty much stays until I remove it with a makeup remover. It is that long lasting. These is no taste or fragrance to these.

But here is a con. These settle in fine lines after a few hours. If you have a full meal with these on, they look so crumbly and weird on lips. And if you have dry lips, these would make your lips look horrible. So you have to use these only when you have exfoliated and moisturised your lips. I also find that applying lip balm on top of these helps.
Another con I find with these is that you just cannot do touch up with these lipsticks if you already have lipstick from your previous application on.I mostly have to wipe the previous layer and reapply a fresh layer. Or else they start looking cakey and settle in fine lines even more. Looks even worse.

As much as I looooove both the colors and enjoy to wear them, these lipsticks are definitley high maintenance. I am pretty used to of using matte lipsticks and all the maintenance they come with but these lip crayons only look good with a fresh application for a few hours. A cup of water or a coffee is enough to make them look patchy. Honestly, with these it is a personal preference. As much as I have mentioned the cons I am so reaching out for them for their long lasting power and the colors…OMG! the colors are so insanely pretty. But once I see them going weird, I remove all of it with a tissue and apply a fresh coat. So be your judge with these ones. 🙂 I neither would highly recommend them not would totally be against recommending them.
Rating : 3.5/5

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop wham review

Wham 604
Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop wham

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop wham, pop-arrazi

Pop Arazzi 606
Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Pop-arrazi review

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Pop-arrazi
Swatches : l-r Wham, Pop Arazzi
Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop swatch
left : Pop Arazzi 606, right : Wham
marc jacobs kiss pop

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11 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Beauty Kiss Pop Lipstick Wham 604, Pop Arazzi 606 Review, Swatch, FOTD

  1. I was waiting for the review of these gorgeous lip colors. The color is so fresh & summery. You rock every shade so nicely. Nice FOTD…. 🙂

  2. Cute pics, I cannot get my eyes off your buns and I did try them out recently. Coming to the lip colour wham looks damn good on you. Prettylicious and cutielicious??lovely FOTD.

  3. These ARE really pretty shades and the packaging is to die for. But they do seem too high maintenance! I don’t like that. Like SRK sez, “Har team mein ek hi gunda go sakta hai… Aur iss team ka gunda mein hoon”… In my vanity, only one thing can be high maintenance – n currently, that’s me! ???

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