Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Crème Rei of Light Lip Creme Review, Swatches

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This review will be on the second lipstick from my Marc Jacobs Le Creme lipstick collection. I have previously reviewed the shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which you can check out if you wish.
marc jacobs beauty le creme rei of light (2)

A rich, velvety, ultra-hydrating lipstick that delivers a dramatic punch of vivid pigment and endless hours of luxurious wear.

What it does:
Indulge your lips with Marc’s new revolutionary 10-hour lipstick that saturates your lips in luxe and creamy, vibrant pigment with just one swipe. Experience unprecedented color payoff from concentrated color-boost pigments that are triple-milled and enriched with hydrating ingredients—leaving lips with ultimate long-lasting color and moisture. Instantly, lips feel plumped and nourished from powerful peptides, antioxidant-rich seaberry, and natural humectants, including meranti and cocoa butter.

What else you need to know:
The 20 irresistible color-drenched hues were named after iconic women that have inspired Marc throughout his life.

marc jacobs beauty le creme rei of light (2)

Price : $30

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My Experience with Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Crème Rei of Light Lip Creme :

So far, I am loving these New Marc Jacobs lipsticks which are released as part of his Spring 2015 beauty collection. They come in an array of 20 shades and I happen to own 5 of them.


Sleek glossy black casing which does shut securely. There is silver accent button which gives it a beautiful appearance. The tube does attract fingerprints.
marc jacobs beauty le creme rei of light (5)


The shade “Rei of Light” is described as a toasted brick. On my skin, though it looks very like a true deep red. It has slight bit of orange undertones which I can detect. It is not the kind of blue-based red which makes the teeth look brighter but this particular shade is very beautiful and I can see it being very flattering on variety of tones of skin, ranging from light to dark. It will look amazing on shades medium to dark though. It is a very wearable shade.

marc jacobs beauty le creme rei of light (3)


The pigmentation and coverage of this lipstick is very good. It goes on with full color in one swipe and has a semi-matte finish right from the initial application. It does glide on smoothly on my moisturized, exfoliated lips but if you have chapped or very dry lips, it may cause a bit of tug.

I do tend to apply lipstick also on the inner most part of my lips, to make it not seem like an obvious contrast when I smile or open my mouth. I had particular difficulty applying it there and it just wouldn’t stick or show up on to the smoothest parts of my inner lips ( you can see the part where it just won’t glide in the lip swatch too) but on the actual outer lips (where most normal people would wear lip color) I did not face any such issue.

marc jacobs beauty le creme rei of light (6)

Finish and Feel on lips:

The finish is semi-matte. It feels very comfortable to wear. It is not hydrating at all but it is not drying either. It definitely does feel drier and drier as the day wears on but it never gets to a point where I am uncomfortable and running to grab a chap stick.

Staying Power:

This lipstick literally adheres to my lips and does not move, budge, smear or bleed at all. There is transfer but very little. It stays a good 8-9 hours on my lips without needing constant touch-ups.

It does survive through multiple snack and drink breaks but I do need to touch up after a meal which is when it fades a little from the inner corner but the color on the outer end stays intact.

marc jacobs beauty le creme rei of light (1)


It has a nice floral perfume like scent which I like very much. It is very subtle and not overpowering.

Overall, yes, I am enjoying these new Marc Jacobs lipsticks very much. I particularly love the beautiful matte but not flat looking finish they give without being over-drying. They are very long wearing and the color selection is outstanding. This particular color is bold yet very wearable and pretty. I will recommend them.

Pros of Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Crème Rei of Light Lip Creme :

• Beautiful matte finish.
• Very long wearing.
• Full color in 1 swipe, very pigmented.
• Not too drying but not hydrating either.
• Does not accentuate fine lines on my lips.
• Comfortable on lips.
• Wide color range to choose from.

Cons of Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Crème Rei of Light Lip Creme :

• A little bit on the higher side price-wise.
• Must take care to have properly moisturized and exfoliates lips to have this perform well. It is not forgiving on dry chapped lips.

IMBB Rating 4.8/5

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