Matte Red & Pink Lipstick Suggestions : Ask IMBB

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Neelofer Asks:

Hello, Could you please suggest me some pink and rosy lipstick shades – matte with no shimmer.


15 thoughts on “Matte Red & Pink Lipstick Suggestions : Ask IMBB

  1. check out colorbar matte lipstick in diva and hot hot hot for red and even in general color matte lipstick has 40 shades so definitely you’ll find your pink as well 🙂

  2. try nyx soft matte lip cream Amsterdam(red) and addis ababa (hot pink)…also colorbar velvet matte range has some affordable matte shades…..

  3. Revlon streetwear pink pie as reviewed by Neha also Thrilling pink frm Colorbar…. fr Red the Colorbar Diva Lipstick – Red She Said

  4. Pink Shades :
    NARS “Carthage” is a bright pink matte shade.
    Illamasqua “Plunge” but is a bit of a cool toned pink.
    Lancome “Pink Preview”
    M.A.C “Please Me” is a rosy pink shade.
    Elizabeth Arden “Wood rose cream” another rosy pink shade.

    Red Shades:
    M.A.C Viva Glam I
    Revlon Rose Dew
    Avon Rich Red
    NARS “Moscow”
    NARS “Vesuvio”

    Hope that helps.

  5. Hey u can try oriflame Vintage rose shade priced @ Rs. 179, although you may also get it on discount and its is soo nice & not pricey and moisturizing too 🙂

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