Maybelline ColorSensational Velvet Matte Mat 8 Review

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Maybelline velvet matte is the range that is a current favourite of all the beauty bloggers and most of the shades are already reviewed on IMBB! I have already reviewed Mat 6 and Mat 11 in the past and now I pick the last one from my lot and that is Mat 8 which belongs to the orange family.

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Price: Rs 475

Product Description:

Get petal smooth lips with Maybelline New York’s New Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipsticks This season is all about Mattes! Give your lips a petal smooth finish with Maybelline New York’s New Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipsticks. We bring to you a Liquid to Matte sensation with New Color Sensational Velvet Matte. This innovative “Liquid to Matte” product is a hydrating cream color that glides on smooth and sets with a matte finish. It comes in 8 trendy colors that are not only designed for long wear but are also lightweight. The velvety, buttery cushion-like texture keeps lips in comfort all day. Here’s your go-to matte lipstick; that will always make you look chic and classy.
Here’s why you’ll love it:
• Its hydrating formula keeps lips non-sticky, non-chalky and hydrated all day long.
• Available in 7 vibrant, richly-pigmented hues.
• It is lightweight, making it perfect for long wear.

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My Experience with Maybelline ColorSensational Velvet Matte Mat 8:

Maybelline mostly had glossy and creamy ranges and I am so happy they came out with some matte ones for matte lovers! The velvet mattes come in a fancy packaging as same as the lip polishes. They have transparent square bottle with the shade easily visible which helps me to pick the one I want to rock for the day. It has a black matte cap which totally compliments the bottle. These look very cute and being so tiny, they can be easily carried in the pocket, clutch, handbag or would just occupy a little space in the vanity.
Coming to the price, can Maybelline ever go wrong with pricing? Not really. The price is very reasonable for everyone to get velvety lips and stun the day. The shades I picked are Mat 6, Mat 8 and Mat 11. Why do they call it this way? Wouldn’t some cute names have been better and less confusing? Anyways, we have to bear with the series named. The wand is nicely shaped but we have to be a little careful during application because it is intensely pigmented and any mistakes will cause a lot of smudging. Also, applying it with a lip brush proves to be more helpful and defines the outline in a better way than the wand.

Maybelline colorsensational velvet matte mat 8 review_prod2

The consistency is thick and creamy. The shade is totally opaque without any shimmers in it which is the best part. It is actually velvety smooth and glides very smoothly on the lips without settling into fine lines. The shade “MAT 8” is a nice deep tangerine orange with warm hues. It has little red hints initially but after it settles, it shows more of warm yellow undertones. It is not an orange that I will be scared of wearing because this totally adds a lot of beauty to the make-up and adds confidence in me. It looks very hot and trendy as well.

Maybelline colorsensational velvet matte mat 8 review_shade

My face looks absolutely beautiful the moment I apply it and it compliments my skin-tone very well as well making it look fairer than usual. It pulls all the attention towards my lips making them the eye candy, in fact all of the shades from this range will grab a lot of eyeballs. It will compliment fair to wheatish skin tones very well but might make the dusky complexion look darker because the shade is on the warmer side, but a try at the counter will give a perfect answer. It will suit you no matter which age group you belong to; be it day-time or night-time, this look equally beautiful. Initially, it looks semi matte with a mild glossy sheen and a lot of creaminess. It settles to a semi matte finish after an hour or so. It does look like velvet on lips because it looks super smooth and not gritty.

Maybelline colorsensational velvet matte mat 8 review_sw

What I really liked about the velvet matte range is that we just have one issue with matte lip colours and that is they turn very dry after a couple of hours and that is where this nailed it. It does not dry out the lips at any point, in fact it keeps the lips moisturised till the time it stays. I was surprised because the staying power of this one is much more than the other 2 shades that I got. It stayed for 7-8 hours on my lips with creaminess and intensity gradually decreasing. I had one full meal and snacks twice, yet the orange pop was quite nicely visible on my lips. After 8 hours, a strong orange stain is left on my lips, which has to be removed with a make-up remover. With this, the colour turned totally matte without any glossiness or creaminess after 5 hours and it looked very adorable. After a meal, it bleeds a little from the corners of the lips. The colour from the middle portion of the lips goes off. Overall, I think these are a good deal and I really like using this but if you want the ultimate matte ones, then these are not for you.

Maybelline colorsensational velvet matte mat 8 review_lips

Pros of Maybelline ColorSensational Velvet Matte Mat 8:

• Tiny size which makes it travel-friendly.
• The packaging is flawless because the see-through packaging makes it very easy to spot the shade for the day and also the wand is perfectly shaped and good in quality.
• Perfectly priced for the quality and the formula.
• The shade is a deep poppy tangerine orange which looks warm and has vibrant yellow hues.
• Very unique shade to try out if you aren’t comfortable carrying very bright orange ones.
• It creates a vibrant pop on the face, which looks very beautiful and makes my skin-tone appear brighter too.
• It is suitable for all the age groups and can be worn during the day and the night time as well.
• The consistency is velvety smooth and the pigmentation is super awesome.
• It does not settle in fine lines nor does it highlight the chapped areas.
• It is a semimatte formula, but it does not dry out the lips at any point; it gives good amount of hydration actually.
• This stayed more as compared to the other 2 shades; it stayed for 7-8 on my lips turning totally matte after 5 hours with a full meal and snacks eaten twice.
• The stain stays on my lips for 8-9 hours, which is incredible.

Cons of Maybelline ColorSensational Velvet Matte Mat 8:

• I wish they had some nice names.
• The formula is not completely matte initially till 5 hours.
• It transfers a lot and bleeds a little from the corner of the lips.
• Will suit only fair to medium skin tone.

IMBB Rating: 4.7/5.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline ColorSensational Velvet Matte Mat 8?

Yes, I do recommend this orange shade as it does not look extremely bright. It looks bright but also very wearable. I loved the lasting power of this one because this lasted for a really long time and it wasn’t really expected since the lasting power of the last two was average.

I loved these cute little velvet mattes from Maybelline! I love how nicely Maybelline innovates and offers us all their amazing products! Way to go Maybelline.

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