Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01 Review

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It has been quite long that I have not done any lipstick review. So today, I would be reviewing a lipstick from Maybelline – it’s the PK01 Lip Flush. Read on for more details about the product.

Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01 Review

Product Description:
Create the most captivating gradient lips with our unique three-tone colors that are infused with natural food grade pigments!

– Get gradient lips in 1 swipe!
– Infused with natural food grade pigments.
– Ultra-creamy formula provides 12 hours moisture.

Price and Quantity:
299 PHP or 400 INR approx. for 3.9 gm.
Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01 shade name

Ingredients Lip flush maybelline

My Experience with Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01:

The packaging of the lipstick is beautiful. It comes in a rectangular tube wrapped in a clear plastic packaging, which bears the product description, ingredients list, etc. The tube has a mirror finish and it closes with a long plastic cap having three gradient shades similar to that of the lipstick bullet. The cap of the lipstick tube has the brand’s tagline embossed on it. The base of the tube bears a color-coded sticker showing the darkest shade from all the three gradient shades of the lipstick bullet.

Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01 outer packaging

The shade number is written on this sticker but there is no shade name written on the packaging. The shade “PK01” is also called Strawberry Cheesecake, but this name is nowhere mentioned on the lipstick tube. I got to know this shade name from their website. Overall, the packaging is nice and travel friendly. The cap shuts tightly and does not slip off while carrying around.

Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01

PK01 Strawberry Cheesecake has three different shades in a single lipstick bullet to create a perfect gradient effect. The bullet contains three shades Nude Pink, Fuchsia Pink and Hot Pink. With this lipstick, one can easily get those “Korean style” gradient lips. This shade is pretty wearable and can be worn easily on everyday basis. It looks pretty on the lips.

Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational

The lipstick has an average pigmentation, but it is not great for pigmented lips, as it does not give very high coverage. The coverage is semi-opaque or almost like those tinted lip balms. The lipstick has a funny candy-like fragrance that might be bothering for people with sensitive noses, but I personally the smell of this lipstick. This fragrance fades away within a minute or two.

Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01 full

The texture of the lipstick is super smooth and creamy. I am head-over-heels in love with the texture. It is so smooth that it glides on like a dream. It does not tug or pull on the lips. The lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing, similar to a lip balm. It does not cling to the dry patches of the lips. Even if you have dry lips, this lipstick amazingly keeps the lips moisturized and hydrated. It has a soft sheen that looks really beautiful. It is more like a tinted lip balm than a regular lipstick with high coverage. So, you really cannot expect high color payoff from this lipstick. It needs to be layered on to get good coverage and still it does not feel heavy or waxy on the lips.

Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01 swatch

The application is very smooth because of the creamy consistency of the lipstick. You might have to blend it out more with your fingers to create a smoother gradient. I didn’t blend the lipstick in the lip swatches below and the gradient effect is beautiful. After some 3-4 hours, my lips start to feel dry.

Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01 lip swatch

The lasting power is not excellent but definitely good for a lipstick with such a creamy consistency and sheer finish. It leaves a beautiful stain on the lips that lasts for pretty long, even when the glossy sheen of the lipstick has gone. The color lasts for some 3.5-4 hours nicely. It can be taken off completely using a good makeup remover.

Pros of Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01:

  • Good packaging.
  • Pretty shade.
  • Imparts a nice gradient effect.
  • Smells great.
  • Average pigmentation.
  • Smooth and creamy texture.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Very moisturizing and hydrating.
  • Feels light on the lips.
  • Does not dry out the lips.
  • Stays on for pretty long.
  • Works more like a lip balm.

Cons of Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01:

  • Some may not like the fragrance.
  • Pigmentation could have been better.
  • Not good enough to cover pigmented lips.
  • Not very long lasting.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline Lip Flush by Color Sensational PK01?
Yes to both.

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It is a pretty three colored lipstick that gives beautiful gradient effect. Formula is very creamy, moisturizing & hydrating. The pigmentation is sheer & hence it will not cover pigmented lips well.
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