Maybelline Lip Liner Coffee Brown Review

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Maybelline Lip Liner Coffee Brown Review

Hi everyone!!!

I have always been a fan of Maybelline lipsticks and when I wanted a lip liner, I wanted to try one from Maybelline. I got it in shade Copper Brown. Read on more to find out about it.

Maybelline color sensational lip liner coffee brown

Why you will love it: (from Maybelline website)

Keep your lip color looking beautiful with coordinated lip liners that won’t smudge, smear or bleed!

Expert tip:
Line your lips starting in center of your upper lip. Work from the center to outer edges of your lips, following the contour of your mouth. Follow the same technique for your bottom lip. To extend the wear of your favorite lipstick or lip gloss, first fill in your lips completely with lip liner.


Rs. 210


chanel lipsticks sale BANNER

5 g

My experience with this lipliner:

It comes in a shiny brown packaging in a pencil form. It needs to be sharpened, which leads to product wastage, but is hygienic. The name of the shade is printed on the side and hence, it is easy to locate.

Maybelline eye pencil

Copper Brown is a pretty chocolate brown color. It is totally matte and has no shimmers, which I like because I don’t like shimmery lip liners. This color would go with brown lipsticks and glosses. It can be used to outline the lips and as a base.

I like this lipliner. It has smooth and creamy texture, but not as creamy as retractable liners. It glides easily on the lips with no pulling or tugging required. It smudges if it is touched or rubbed just after applying. After a minute, it doesn’t smudge and is all set. This lipliner does its job well by preventing feathering or bleeding of lipsticks and increases the staying power of lipsticks.

It stays on my lips for about 3-4 hours and fades away after meals. It has decent pigmentation. There is no need to swipe it twice to get an appropriate color. When used as a base for gloss, it might require some pulling and tugging. It is not moisturing, so a lip balm is required beneath it. As a whole, I think it works better as a liner than a base.


Maybelline lip liner coffee brown
Without flash


Maybelline coffee brown lip liner
With flash


  •  Color is pretty and would go with chocolate lipsticks and glosses. This color doesn’t have shimmer
  •  Stays on my lips for 3-4 hours
  •  Doesn’t smudge once it sets
  •  Prevents feathering and bleeding of lipsticks and increases their staying power.
  •  Glides easily on the lips
  •  Color pay off is good.
  • Easily available


  • No ingredient list
  •  Product wastage while sharpening
  •  Is not as creamy as retractable pencils
  •  Not moisturing
  • Smudges if rubbed immediately after applying

Imbb rating:

Will I repurchase/ do I recommend?
It is an okay type of product. You can buy it if you like any color and want a sharpenable pencil, but there’s nothing extraordinary in it. I might try it in another color if I like it a lot.

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