Mikyajy Lipstick Review

Mikyajy Lipstick

Hello, ladies and gentlemen (coming to the “gentlemen” part later) I am here, again..oh! But…. With a Lipstick review. Yayy!! Me being the sort of person who’d spend the first income on a lippie rather than the rations. Now, clarifying the “gents” part, the other day as I sat with my man, and some other guy friends I wanted to purchase a particular beauty product from an online store and my better half just pronounce, ‘Did you check IMBB? For the review? What does it say, dekhna?’ And by the time I was borrowing a tablet, my ‘muh-bola-bhai’ had already brought out the review on this page.

Hence, all the visiting male members, Hi!

lipstick Price: It was part of the Beauty Basics kit which cost me around 23 BD in total.

Packaging: Bland! That’s all I have to say. However, individual lipsticks are cased much better. Cuter. I believe however, it’s the Sabaya Kit. So you might want to check the Sabaya range of lipsticks from the same.

Mikyajy Lipstick (3)

My Experience using Mikyajy Lip Products:

I have to say these are ‘dayuuuummmm’ pigmented! Superb, rich, soft, creamy color. Dream like texture. Great pigmentation. What else do you need? Oh! Wear time? 3-4 hours good for you? You wish to snack as well? Hmm… that diet in check? Maybe 3 hours, It won’t stain, but will fade evenly with regular snacking (girl, keep those munchies in check! * frown * ) I’d describe the shade as a “bubble-gummy-mauve’ those pretty bubbly pinks, then you throw a little mauve in and ta-da: Pink-iness! That’s the shade. It surely does not wash me out. Would suit across skin tones. Brightens up the face a bit. Is a creamy, loud color. So, you might want to use that lip pencil before hand, ladies. The color , therefore, is youthful. And as you can see, how the hot weather has caused much havoc to what was a beautiful lippie bullet. So, Freeze up! Overall, this is my fav’rit * accent *


On me, leaning towards dusky skin tone


on my mom who has fair skin:

pink lips

Pros of Mikyajy Lipstick:

• Superbly pigmented. Creamy lusciousness.
• Decent staying power
• A very youthful but everyday shade (for those who love their colors more than opposition’s raised eyebrows)
• However, they’re decently priced (in the GCC countries)

Mikyajy Lipstick (1)

Cons of Mikyajy Lipstick:

• Availability in India: No! Sorry.
• Bleeds when used heavily.

Mikyajy Lipstick (4)

Would I Recommend/Repurchase? Yes! Go for it. Mikyajy has varied lines to choose from. Try at least one. (Psstt! Dive head first for the 22K range)

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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    1. thanks Charu 🙂 Like I said it’s a very youthful shade. However, leaning a lot towards mauve but nothing to be afraid of by duskier beauties.

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