Milk and Co. Ultra Light Face Moisturiser Review

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As you all know, right now, I am reviewing  products from my Singapore haul. Apart from Victoria’s Secret perfumes, I got hold of a lot of new makeup and skincare stuff. This is my first product from the brand “Milk and Co.” It is their Ultra Light Face Moisturizer with vitamin E and jojoba oil. Read on for more details.

Milk and Co Ultra Light Face Moisturiser Review

SGD 20
Product Description:
Milk by Lindy Klim Ultra Light Face Moisturiser is the perfect ultra light moisturiser that evokes dreams of the most amazing tropical holiday – wherever you are! Enriched with the dual technology of Duraquench™, which dries quickly to leave a refreshing, protective layer against today’s nasties, whilst also providing long lasting hydration and protection against the drying effects of soaps and detergents. Another ingredient we added to specifically protect against dehydration is jojoba oil. This oil actually creates a protective barrier between your skin and drying agents, along with vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, skin protectant and moisturiser.
Aloe vera extract acts as an anti-inflammatory, protecting against breakouts and dry, red itchy patches. Marine extracts of nori and spirulina act as vitamin supplements for your skin. With more than 50 different nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and essential fatty acids, you will feel the goodness!

My Experience with Milk and Co. Ultra Light Face Moisturiser:

It comes in a very sleek and clean-looking plastic tube. It is dull pink in color and to dispense the product, you have to squeeze the tube a little bit. I would say there is nothing fancy about the packaging. It looks sturdy and is travel friendly. I expected it to be a small tube but the quantity is a lot for the price.

Milk and Co Ultra Light Face Moisturiser ingredients

Since winters are already here, I wanted to invest in a nice, non-greasy moisturiser. For summers, I was using a water-based gel moisturizer because my skin is very oily and prone to acne. I read a few reviews online and decided to purchase this moisturizer from Milk and Co.

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Milk and Co Ultra Light Face Moisturiser swatch

The texture is genuinely very light and it glides on pretty smoothly on the skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves no oily residue on my face. It does not make my face shiny at all. The only downside, and for which I was prepared for, is the smell. I read about it online, but still wanted to give it a try. It smells slightly like a regular bar soap which does not annoy me, but yes, such a smell is weird for a moisturiser. Although it fades to a very light scent and goes un-noticed, I don’t really like the fragrance. Otherwise, this product is very nice and I would totally use this in winters. I would recommend purchasing this moisturizer only if you would not bother about perfume in skincare.

Pros of Milk and Co. Ultra Light Face Moisturiser:

  • Good quantity.
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Very light texture.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Milk and Co. Ultra Light Face Moisturiser:

  • Weird soapy smell.

IMBB Rating:

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