Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream SPF 43 Review



Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream SPF 43

I haven’t used any Korean cosmetics or many Asian brand cosmetics in a long time, so I’m out of the loop. I tried two of Missha’s BB Creams a couple of years ago and I’m surprised to find out that they now have a handful of new variants. The Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream is one of them.

Product claim:

Complexion Coordinating BB Cream SPF43/PA+++ gives you a clean, even more natural look! No.1 Pure Complexion is a skin brightening white cream that adjusts to a natural tone when applied for clear and glowing skin.


15 USD for 20ml

I have my sister-in-law to thank for this product. She visited Korea this year and brought home some Korean makeup and other goodies. Anyways, the Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream or CC BB Cream is available in two shades: No. 1- a white cream that changes into a more natural color; sheer and skin-brightening, and No. 2-a beige cream thatoffers more coverage. I have No. 1.

Both are available in 20 ml tubes and 50ml tubs.The 20ml tube is slim and small-ish.It’s a good size if you don’t wanna commit. It’s simple and has a nozzle dispenser.

The cream dispenses totally white. I mean, Elmer’s Glue white! I had no idea how this would fare on me, having a medium, warm complexion (NC 35 at MAC).I was afraid that this would look too white on my face. But the cream does indeed change from white to a more natural-looking, neutral beige shade. If you’ll check out the photo of the nozzle, you’ll see a ring of dried product around the nozzle that can give you an idea of the color it changes to. While it’s still quite light for my skin, this product is very sheer, so the difference with my actual skin tone isn’t too harsh.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that that this does not give a whitened appearance to my skin, but instead gives a brightened effect.

This also contains fine silver shimmer. I was iffy about having shimmer all over my face at first, but I saw that it wasn’t so obvious unless someone was like, five or six inches away from my face. I just keep everything else (blush, lipstick) shimmer-free when I wear this. I think the lightness of the color, together with the shimmer, provides the brightening effect, while the sheerness of it keeps it looking natural and not over the top.
The texture of it is a little thick and dry-ish. This is matte and I could easily tell that it was matte from dispensing a small amount from the tube. A more accurate description of its finish would be cream-to-powder, I think. I like how this brightens my skin and makes it look fresh.It’s like a tinted moisturizer that brightens the complexion…only it’s not very tinted and doesn’t really moisturize? Haha. I think I’m making it sound like it’s not a good product, but it’s decent. It’s a nice, quick fix for dull skin. I only need a little bit for my entire face.

I use concealer with this and always moisturize beforehand. It’s lightweight on the skin and lasts up to several hours on me. I applied it pretty thickly in the swatch photo.

Pros of Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream SPF 43

• Gives a brightened, fresher appearance to the skin.
• The shimmer in it is fine and doesn’t make me look like a disco ball.
• It’s subtle and still looks natural on the skin.
• Lightweight feel.
• Doesn’t make my skin drier or oilier.
• Lightly scented.
• Conveniently packaged.
• Wears for several hours.
• Inexpensive.

Cons of Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream SPF 43

• It’s got a dry, matte texture, so dry skin needs to be moisturized before use.
• Sheer and provides little coverage.
• Probably not for those who dislike a shimmery base.
• It’s sheer, but may still be too light on tan or dark skin.

Would I repurchase Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream SPF 43?


IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Overall: Products like these are useful to those who have dull skin that are in need of instant brightening. However, in the case of the Missha Complexion Coordinating BB Cream (which is not like traditional CC or BB Creams), other skin issues such as redness, blemishes, or dryness aren’t addressed and you’ll need separate products for them.Still, it’s a good quick fix for dull/sallow skin, so if that’s your main or only issue, do check this out.


8 thoughts on “Missha Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream SPF 43 Review

    1. Thanks, KK. Missha has so many BB creams now. Their more traditional ones, perfect cover and signature real complete, give good coverage and are super long-lasting on me.

    1. Thank you, Arpita. 🙂 It would be shine overdose though if they made it dewy I think, with it being shimmery already.

  1. I actually would be scared of shimmer *cry* *cry* i don’t know why but shimmery products make my skin look too dull… *headbang* *headbang*

    1. Hehee saloni I was apprehensive about having shimmer all over my face too…but it turned out okay. *happydance*

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