8 Mistakes you are Making When you Weigh Yourself

A weighing scale can be your best friend or your worst enemy. When you stand on that weighing scale after surviving on just salads and breaking loads of sweat in the gym, you expect the numbers to move on the lower side, but then the scale seems to be stuck! Nothing can be more frustrating than that and it’s easy to get demotivated and give up the whole idea of losing weight. But wait, before you decide to get down from the weight loss wagon, do cross check whether you are actually making these mistakes while weighing yourself so that you can measure your success accurately.

Mistakes you are Making When you Weigh Yourself

1. Don’t Weigh yourself at Night: Weigh yourself first thing in the morning, and not at night when all the undigested food and extra water add up to the numbers. In the mornings, you would feel a few pounds lighter, check for yourself!
2. Don’t Weigh yourself Every Single Day: Just as you didn’t gain weight overnight, it’s not prudent to stand on the weighing scale everyday expecting to see magical numbers every single time. In fact, experts advice to restrict weighing to just once a week.
3. You are Ignoring Other Signs of Weight Loss: Since weighing scale does not measure weight circumference or other factors like increased energy, it’s important to look towards other non-scale measurements that indicate weight loss progress. Being aware of these victories and celebrating them can boost your confidence and motivate you to keep going, work hard, and get to a healthier version of yourself. In this post, we have listed some non scale victories that prove that you are losing weight.
4. Checking your Weight on Different Scales: All scales are made different and there might be discrepancies from one scale to the other. Stick to just one scale to measure your success.
5. Don’t Weigh yourself on your Periods: Hormonal fluctuations during periods can take your weight up by a few pounds. So, weight until your periods are over to avoid numbers that get added due to water retention, bloating, and other factors.
6. Confusing Water Weight with Real Weight: The weighing scale does show overall weight loss, but then the scale does not cancel out water weight or water retention. So, avoid weighing after having high sodium food or refined carbs or when you have had a rough night because all of these can cause temporary weight gain.
7. You Must Have Gained Muscle: Muscle does weigh more than fat, so if you have gained muscle (which is an amazing thing because it will make you look fit and toned), you’ll end up weighing more.
8. Not Placing the Weighing Scale on a Level Ground: Don’t keep your scale on an uneven ground because it would not provide you correct readings. Place the scale on a hard and levelled ground to get the right numbers.

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