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Rosy R. Asks


I want to ask you a question on behalf of my sister.  She has very dark skin with lots of pigmentation and moles on her face. How can she get fair and beautiful skin and what all remedies are there to remove moles.  Can you suggest any treatments and the cost of each treatment.  Please do share your thoughts because she is going to get married in a few months’ time, plzzzzzzzzz.

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24 thoughts on “Mole Removal Treatments: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Rosy,

    Regarding brightening treatments, many salons offer bridal packages that involve facials, exfoliation, etc for would-be brides and cost anywhere between 10 to 15000. As far as mole removal is concerned, your sister can get rid of moles through simple non-invasive procedures that required hardly 10 minutes time and can be done under local anesthesia. You can also create dimples if you go to a reputed cosmetologist who has a track record of doing such kind of procedures. The cost again would range from 5 to 10000 and there are no scars left behind. O:)

  2. awwwnnn jomol i did not knew this…thanx for sharing jomolji.. :teddy: :teddy: …though i dont require this but still such things exists in india?? :pompom: :pompom:

          1. Hey jomol, there’s a girl in my class who got two dimples for 35k. It’s amazing what cosmetic clinics are doing these days. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. I have got 3 moles removed frm my body, for medical purpose as sugegsted by Doctor. Sumtimes benign moles can turn into carcinogenic (cancerous) over a period of I got ’em removed with very simple procedure & am having no scars AT ALL after their removal.. :haanji:

    1. True…Generally we are scared of all ‘Surgical’ procedures…& dun go for it unless & untill they are absolutely necessary.. :doctor:

  4. For pigmentation and dark skin and scars you can go for some chemical peel..just visit your doctor and he would suggest the kind of chemical peel suitable for your sisters skin..chemical peels always work great 🙂 so it is a good option! you can try knowing more about it through the internet.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Rosy, please do not think only fair skin is beautiful – there are lots of beautiful women in the world with darker complexions and we as Indians tend to have darker skin than other nationalities because it’s part of our genetic makeup. So please tell your sister not to feel bad for having dark skin. All women are beautiful in their own way 🙂
    Regarding her skin condition consult a good dermatologist and like Jomo said, surgical procedures always make us scared but at the end it’ll be worth it and will make her skin smoother.

  6. I suggest ur sis to follow CTM routine religiously.. Do scrub atleast once a week.. Go for facials and bleach as and when required.. There are many brightening treatments available at salons.. Do check out whichever suits u the best.. Healthy skin is beautiful. Consult a good Derma for mole removal.. :))

    1. I was about to suggest the same.. you stole my lines.. 😛
      anyways, I think she should avoid bleach on regular basis as it gives wrinkles.. I myself stay away from bleaching. CTM, facials, scrubbing, face pack.. good advice.
      I would also like to add- take proper sunscreen measures. Use sun-coat, gloves, socks, scarves, sun-glasses everytime you step out in sun. Apply sunscreen 15 mins before you are stepping out in sun.. I hope this will help.. All the best :yes:

  7. hey dear…. first of all please please please don’t think about going fairer and all….beauty is not determined by colour and complexion.

    a glowing dark skin is as beautiful as a glowing fair one….

    and about the mole removal…as you have said…there are multiple moles and that too on face…so before undergoing any procedure take advice of a good reliable dermatologist and then decide about undergoing surgery.
    sometimes doctors advice you against it too….you have to get the characteristics of the moles checked before surgery.
    mole removal is relatively simple so the cost of the procedure and medicines post op is not much…

  8. also…if the pigmentation on the face has come after puberty then do go to a doctor regarding it. sometimes pigmentation can be due to hormonal disturbances too.

    hope it helped.

  9. You can goto any good dermatologist for mole removal and microdermaberasion for brightening. When I got my moles removed almost 4 years ago it costed me only 500RS(I still cant believe it was so cheap). My skin had small wound type for a week and with the usage of ointment suggested by the doctor, it all disappeared. Microdermaberasion is good too, if you go for few sittings.

  10. i have mole on my face i applied garlic on it for 2 days at night and apply vaseline around mole …but redness occur around mole …whether i have to continue it or not???…is it normal?…whether my skin is burnt ?…mark or scar leave on skin after using garlic ?? …please give ur valuable advice .Thanks in advance 🙂

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