Nail Art Video Tutorial for Short Nails

Heyloo !!
Hope you all are doing fine… recently I brought Aqua Blue(kind of) nail polish, the color is pretty and a little funky.I was desperate to try to out, so I thought of sharing a simple nail art tutorial with all of you. The pictures did injustice with the actual look… 🙁 but still I decided to share this nail art trick and tools I used. Hoping it benefits you !!


  • Avon peel and brittleness solver
  • Transparent sellotape
  • Aqua blue nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • Black nail art pen
  • White nail art pen
  • Some glitter
  • Top coat (forgot the picture, and because of it only I got bubbles…sigh!!! )
  • Note1: Before applying the tape on your nail apply it on the back of your hand to remove excess glue.
  • Note2: Apply the second color only after the first color has dried.

So, I hope you liked the tutorial and I promise you all to come back with better design and pictures. 🙂

have a beautiful day !!!
<3 Love <3


20 thoughts on “Nail Art Video Tutorial for Short Nails

  1. Deeptima you are really talented..Color combinaion is very nice and the idea of using salo tape is new tome..

    Will surely try it out:)

    1. ya its the same one i told u abt… i thought its baby blue but no…. its kind of aqua blue… rite ?? 😉

  2. This is a really good tutorial Deeptima, regardless of your camera acting out 🙂 🙂 . What brand are the nail art pens? And do you have to remove the sellotape just after applying the polish? I mean, can’t it be removed after the paint dries, or will the polish just fully peel off?

  3. the nail art pen have no brand on it…
    nd actually u r supposed to remove the tape once the polish is dry… 😉 m not tht patient… hehehehe

  4. Hey Deeptima nice tutorial will definitely try this..!!

    What company is the blue nail paint from..??

    I use name slips for the same purpose i had a lot of them lying around so i cut them in thin strips and now i have a lot of them for my french manicures and nail arts..!!!

    1. the blue shade is from blue heaven … its MRP is 49… i got it in 45… 🙂
      i never thought this brand would have such lovely colors … will be picking up more soon….

  5. Oh wow…That’s really very creative of you Deeptima 🙂 I am soo tempted to try a nail art at home now 🙂

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