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Neha Rustagi asks:

Hi Rati and IMBB gang,

I want to take your opinion, I have got blemishes on my face due to sun tan and have scars and white heads. I got the tan around 3 years back as I’m a volleyball freak, anyways, had consulted a doc. And tried almost everything but these dark patches are still there 🙁 I have a lot of white heads and acne issues also. Can u pls suggest me a good face wash, face cream which is pocket friendly and easily available in India. Also, I’m doing every possible thing that can help even out my face skin tone, but nothing seems working..

Thanks a ton in advance! 🙂

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  1. Try out Sebamed clear face cleansing foam face wash, its helps a lot with black n white heads n acne, regular usage also helps in brightening the skin and making it even, you can even try vichy’s cleansing gel face wash or avene cleansing gel face wash..both are excellent for oily to acne prone skin
    follow up with a good clarifying lotion 3 for combination to oily skin is good, but you can visit clinique counter n get your skin checked, if not fab india tea tree oil toner is good n even TBS tea tree oil toner is good
    moisturizer is equally important, try clinique ddmg or vichy’s normaderm range moisturizer, i have been using it over a yr now n totally swear by it
    sunscreen is very imp n it will help you from getting tanned further – i love lotus spf40 matte
    for dark spots and pigmentation – consult dermatologist, you can apply turmeric and besan face mask 2 to 3 times in a week, it does help with spots but its slow
    other option is to go for glycolic peels or lactic acid peels, check with your derma, basically in these peels the upper dead skin cells layer on your face is removed revealing clear and clean skin beneath, this usually takes 3 to 4 sessions to see the result, dont worry though it sounds scary..its not, its simple exfoliation technique..which reminds me use a good face scrub to remove the dead skin cells regularly!
    for acne himalaya acne face pack works like a charm, cheap an effective! or else get Benzac AC 5% from medical store and apply it only on pimples an acne, it will go away in couple of days..phew hope this helps 🙂

  2. Is your skin oily? Few years back, I had whiteheads too as my skin was crazy oily but after I started using packs and masks the oiliness subsided and so did the whiteheads.
    As for the blemishes, eat lots of coloured veggies , that helps.

  3. Since you specifically asked for pocket friendly remedies , let me suggest a few very effective and pocket friendly remedies. Use A kojic acid + vitamin C gel ( Kojivit gel ) , two times a day (it also has octinoxate which is sun protection ) then wear a sunscreen on top ( Suncote gel ) , then set it all with a dusting of translucent powder or compact – this will keep your face from sweating and keep it looking fresh while preventing a tan and lightening your existing tan. Use a retinol gel at night (Nexret ) to gently remove your scars (use 0.001% ) the mildest one , it`ll help renewal and make the scars fade and control acne without drying out your skin. Eat healthy. This is very important. give oily fast food a miss. Drink a lot of water ( yes , it does help , it`s not something ppl say to avoid revealing their actual secret behind good skin ) and use an umbrella when under extreme sunlight , or wear clothes that cover the hands and the neck , to protect from sunburn /tan. These are things you can do by yourself and it`ll take a minimum of a couple of months to show results, but they`ll show.If you want a fast change , and if you decide to go for peels , then check with your dermatologist – do not get it done in a salon.

        1. Great Answer Arja 🙂

          Hey Neha, i too had that problem

          i am going to tell you very effective but slow solution but it will work and effects will be long lasting
          Well, i have a very oily and sensitive skin and following is what i have used and i got great results 🙂

          1.Use medicated face wash like salsic but if ur skin in sensitive than sure cetaphil cleanser (no issue which product you use main thing is u should keep your skin clean)
          2.dont use harsh scrubs , go for DIY types. you can use oatmeal as scrubs , its mild exfoliator and its soothing also.
          3.Toner is must , use something with tree tea oil TBS,fabindia . I use khadi one its cheap and effective.
          4.Moisterizer, I am not able to find one suitable for me.i use biotique chlorophyl gel it nice and soothing but its lil green. I used Lotus acnegel but is very harsh for my skin
          5.sunscreen is a must use something with 50++ . Neutrogina is good.
          6.Use a retinol gel at night . vese i use MELAS cream it works like miracle , product claim that its medicated but its impossible 🙂

          But most imp thing drink loads of water (try to drink lukewarm water) , try to improve your metabolism and digestion , u can take some vitamin supplement also , increase vit C , vit B and vit E in your diet and please don’t treat your face with harsh chemicals and scrubs

    1. Dont we all scoff and roll eyes everytime a good skin post begins with drink plenty of water ? 😛 We are like NO. It HAS to be more complicated than that. rofl. XD

  4. Hi Neha, you can try the foll for oily skin:

    1) Face wash when acne : Salicylic Acid Foaming Face Wash – its medicated.. but it works wonders :))
    2) Face wash on regular days : Sebamed
    3) Retino A – 0.025% at night .. apply only on acne/scars

    Rest Parita and others have mentioned.

    Good luck

    tk cr

  5. For acne, you can use fabindia tea tree oil…don’t forget to dilute it with olive / almond oil
    1 part of tea tree oil in 4 parts of other oil

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