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Sakshi C Asks

Hi Everyone,

I am entering my late 20s and want to start using a night cream. I have oily skin, so kindly help me to find one for my skin type. All those that I see online are not suited for oily skin.

Thanks in Advance,



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  1. U have oily skin and night creams are usually thicker in consistency..which it have probability of blocking ua pores more..u didnt mention if u have acne prone skin too..i guess its bettr to avoid thick night cream as ua overactive sebasceous glands already producing enough oil…let ua skin breathe at night…n if u really want.then try using collagen based light cream..u may search brands like vichy derma clinique..they might have product tht u require…m unaware of drugstore brand keeping night cream anti aging one for oily skin….thankss

  2. hi sakshi,i too have combination skin,which gets too oily in summers! I use olay age defying creame at nt,which doesnt feel heavy and also has not caused any breakouts! :yes:

  3. Vichy’s Normaderm range’s Daily Care Night Chrono-Active Anti imperfection care is a fab night cream for oily-combi-acne prone skin…I am using it since a week now and its amazing..i think this one is reviewed here on check it out! I highly recommend it!

  4. check out Vichy normaderm’s anti-imperfection & rejuvenating night cream….its meant for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin….i hv jus started using it…

  5. My Derma suggested not to use any night creams when I’d super oily skin.. If ur skin is acne prone, use creams against acne during night…

  6. Ucan use olay age protect it has salicylic acid n it never caused any breakouts for my acne prone skin and u can also use ponds age miracle deep action nyt cream :))

  7. hi Sakshi, i had been searching for years for a perfect night cream when i stumbled upon….boots No7 night cream, its really light and gets absorbed instantly, plus after a few days application i have seen quite a difference in my skin tone evenness… should give it a try…… 🙂

  8. hi sakshi ..i have combination skin & m not using any thing at night in summers but lakme winter care lotion or aroma magic almond lotion in winters only so please wash your face properly & thats it…do not use anything at night thaks :))

  9. Hi… I use Vichy’s Normaderm… it gives a matte effect but is quite expensive. Garnier’s light night cream has a very light consistency and can be used on oily skin.

  10. How about taking the fuss-free route with aloe vera gel, cucumber gel or the good ol’ Vicco Turmeric? :toothygrin:

  11. I use Vichy’s Normaderm range’s Daily Care Night Chrono-Active Anti imperfection care…it works wonders for my sensitive combination acne-prone skin. Its lightweight yet moisturising. Removes the dark spots and makes pores visible. Never breaks me out. Its a little on expensive though.

  12. i second bhumika on himalaya revitalizing night cream, they also have a nice winter cherry cream. i have oily skin and i use some cucumber gel, aloe vera gel and on days when i feel my skin undernourished i use good old almond oil. i suggest u can also mix in some calamine with a night cream like lotus herbals papaya blem, which i quite like.

  13. Hi everyone,
    M 19 right now. my skin is not exactly oily but i sweat a lot! i have uneven skin tone n recently got some acne which m not usually prone to.
    firstly, should i use a night cream in dis age??
    secondly, please suggest some suitable day n night creams for me.
    i apply nothing currently!!
    thanking all of you in advance.

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