Nivea Smooth Sensation Moisturising Soufflѐ Review

Nivea Smooth Sensation Moisturising Soufflѐ


How are you all? The past week has been a bit hectic. With a birthday celebration, little extra work from the office, and mom’s health issues, I didn’t even realize something called Sunday happened! I couldn’t even read the IMBB posts. You know how something becomes part of your routine, and you miss it when you know it is very much there but you can’t be a part of it. But it’s a new week, a new day, so let’s start afresh.

So today’s review is about Nivea Smooth Sensation Moisturising Soufflѐ. Nivea is something that reminds me of my childhood. Those blue tins (I believe that was the only available product of Nivea at that time ) of Nivea crѐme and Charmis pots were always a part of Winters!

About Nivea Smooth Sensation Moisturising Soufflѐ :

A never before experienced, lightly whipped texture which is specially formulated for dryer skin. It’s exceptionally light consistency gently melts into the skin and instantly gives the skin a baby-soft feel. The formula with shea butter acts like a protective barrier on the skin. It now contains double the original quantity of this ingredient. For a long lasting, soft, smooth feel, Body Soufflé makes a great alternative to body lotion.

NIVEA’s exclusive Hydra IQ technology supports skin’s own hydration network to unleash deep, non-stop moisture.


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Rs. 265

Qt: 200 ml


My Experience with Nivea Smooth Sensation Moisturising Soufflѐ

To begin with, I have this extremely dry skin in Winters. Legs are the most neglected part in my case and they actually look like a checkered board if they are not moisturised properly, which is most of the times! Even the most hydrating body lotions don’t work on my legs and I don’t like body oils. So poor legs get a skip, screaming for moisture! Some serious itching and pain follows. Last winters, I tried to break the (lazy) pattern, and so enter the Hero, a body butter. I was using the cocoa butter one from The Body Shop, but I kind of got bored 😛 and wanted to try something new. Nivea lotions are always good for me and when I saw this soufflé, I knew I had to try it.

This soufflé comes in a cute light-purple jar. The wide mouth of the jar is sealed with a foil (which again reminds me of the blue tin ), so there is no spilling in lid. I hate that mess!

Coming to the texture of this body soufflé, it is verrrry soft. It is surely NOT a thick lotion packed in a jar. I was playing around with the jar while clicking pictures but the soufflé just didn’t move! But but but…when I applied it on my drought-stricken legs, it absorbed like magic! I thought I would have to ghiso, ghiso, and ghiso, which is another reason for my negligent behavior, but no! It actually melts on your skin. There is no greasy feeling, no oil, just moisturized supple skin. I have found a perfect pacifier for my legs 😛 I also use it as a hand cream before going to sleep.
The fragrance is not very strong, very similar to that of Nivea crème (blue-tinned, I know there is too much blue-tin going on now ;)), which is a huge plus for me, as almost every fragrance goes to my head. All in all, this is such a great product at such an affordable price! And the 200 ml jar is going to last long 🙂 A win-win situation for you 😛 A think it is a must-try winter product if you are on a budget, and don’t want spend that much on a body butter.



Pros of Nivea Smooth Sensation Moisturising Soufflѐ :

1. Very moisturizing, but light; absorbs easily.
2. Budget friendly, huge quantity at this price.
3. Mild fragrance.


Cons of Nivea Smooth Sensation Moisturising Soufflѐ:

1. Nothing for me though, but it has parabens and added perfume.
2. Availability, for some.

IMBB Rating:


Would I purchase Nivea Smooth Sensation Moisturising Soufflѐ again?

Yes, until I find something better at this price.

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  1. Ooo I had just finished writing the review for this 😛 But urs is just as great 😀 M too loving this…specially the faint smell that lingers and the softness that is just embedded in the skin after application 😀 😀

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