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Harshita Asks:

I need your BIG help in choosing the right foundation for me.I am confused big big time.I have a list of foundations(all oriflame) from which I have to chose n you are gonna help me out…please

  1. urban shield foundation
  2. visions fresh face foundation
  3. visions peach me perfect
  4. oriflame beauty skin perfect foundation
  5. giordani

My skin type–

I have a fair skin tone (normal type) and i dont need heavy coverage foundation, just medium coverage would do as i have very faded acne scars which are likely to disappear in a week or two.


19 thoughts on “Oriflame Foundation Selection : Ask IMBB

  1. I am currently using the dual core foundation by oriflame..will be reviewing it shorty… Its a good pick. :)..I am in love though

    1. i am using it thz days too. i got my make up done a few days back n saw d artist using it.
      it is good for people with oily skin . for dry skin u got to use some moisturiser before using it. the coverage is good + it has a concealer in its center. i just apply bigs dots frm d stick n blend it with a make up sponge. the result is good.

  2. On a differnt note, isn’t it tough to get the shade that matches you seeing the catalogue? I have never been able to pick up these foundations fearing I may get the wrong shade.

  3. harshita…. maybe at first u can get the sample sachets of the particular foundation and its shade from oriflame….. they have sachets for almost all their foundations…. do a li’l bit of experiment 😛 and select d one u like :-))

    1. i think u’re right pooja…trying out sachet would be a better option…
      and thanks to all of you….
      the verdict is giordani!!!

  4. ohkkk,,,,, i have tried all of thz n heres my take on thz foundations

    urban shield foundation= will suit your need well, gud for medium coverage, very light n smooth, blends in a jiffy

    visions fresh face foundation= awful..dont use evn if u get a free sample.

    visions peach me perfect=ths is a q.sort after product. usually out of stock at oriflame. rarely comes on disct/offer. still i found it just ok. contains shimmer which causes d glow. but eventually shimmer is not gud if u got to use something on a daily basis.

    oriflame beauty skin perfect foundation=decent. light. good for medium coverage again. blends quicky. comes in 2 variants, matte control(for oily skin) and anti fatigue(all skin types). i use the anti fatigue one. i just mix it with my daily moisturiser and apply it ll over the face. gives a nice dewy glow.

    giordani gold range is prtty amazing. i use thr rejuvenation foundation. gives nice coverage and can be used for ur party makeups.

  5. i can help you with finding the shade dat will suit ur complexion well.
    the best option is ordering a sample.
    or you can go for thr natural ivory , it is apt for fair complexion. thy also have porcelain but get it only if ur as fair as a firang…

  6. im confused between giordani gold mineral therapy n giordani gold rejuvenation foundation..my skin tone is normal fair, have normal combination skin..my wedding is close.. so I just need giordani for glow.. ?:)

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