Oriflame White Nettle & Papaya 2- in- 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner

Oriflame White Nettle & Papaya 2- in- 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner Review

After failing to find an Oriflame consultant, I finally decided to become a member & visited the Oriflame Office at Begumpet(Hyd) & enquired about membership. The first thing that the SA asked me was if I had come by referral & I replied no. She immediately called up somebody & told her that I had come for joining & gave her my phone number. When I was about to ask them what was going on, I get a call from a lady introducing herself as a director with Oriflame :-I, she said she would come there and explain about the membership benefits & sign me up with Oriflame. After an hour( WTH do people think ? :-/ everytime I visited Kaya , they made me wait for atleast 30 min with some excuse or the other) she came in & started explaining about the membership benefits & blah blah blah… Later on, after the conversation ended I realised that she was eager to sign me up as a consultant because if I sign up as a consultant (referred by her), she gets some points added to her kitty & these points help her in reaching the next level she is aiming! She was very pushy, kept on persisting that I buy the products then & there >:-<, & she wanted me to get more members signed up under her name ASAP! Her attitude really miffed me, so I took my consultant number & fled from the office because I wasn’t interested in doing some serious entrepreneurship!

The next day I went to the Oriflame office & bought few things & this shampoo is one of them.

Oriflame Shampoo

What does this Oriflame claim about this shampoo: A light & gentle shampoo to effectively cleanse & prevent dandruff leaving the hair healthy & shiny.

List of Ingredients: Aqua sodium Laureth Sulphate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hydroxide, Zinc Pyrithione, Parfum, Benzophenone-4, Xanthum Gum, PolyQuaternium-7, Limonene, Carica Papaya, Hexyl Cinnamal, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1,Linalool,Sodium Naphthalenesulfonate.

Papaya extract can greatly improve the condition of skin and hair, its vitamin A can provide a foundation for an extremely healthy scalp. Its vitamin C has antioxidants that keep skin fresh and hair noticeably softer. White Nettle is an excellent remedy for dandruff, acts as a cleanser or an astringent to soothe itchy, irritated skin and scalp.

Direction for Use: Apply to wet hair & massage into a rich lather and rinse. Suitable for frequent use.

Oriflame Shampoo + conditioner
Oriflame Shampoo + conditioner

Experience with the Oriflame Shampoo+Conditioner:

  • This Shampoo+Conditioner is not a mild shampoo but smells good & the smell lasts long & it really feels good when you brush your hair.
  • This consistency of this product is thick but when I take it into my hand & tilt, it glides smoothly. I
  • t doesn’t work on oiled hair ( I had to wash them again in the evening after I realised that my hair was still oily) but can be used if you just want to wash your hair after a day out. This gets used up a lot; I have used almost ¼ th of the bottle.
  • This makes the hair soft & less frizzy & doesn’t make it dry.
  • This doesn’t make my hair dandruff free as claimed by Oriflame.
  • It doesn’t give hairfall but makes my scalp itchy because it leaves some kind of a residue even after washing 2-3 times with just plain water. :-/ I hate this }:[
  • The packaging is very simple; it’s a plain bottle with a flip cap. Oriflame products are not tested on animals.
  • This is not a SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) free product.
  • Price is pretty decent, the offer price was Rs 89 for 100ML (I got this for Rs71, membership benefit Haan!) :->

Oriflame Shampoo

Final Verdict:
This is not my HG shampoo+Conditioner, I’m still in search of that! I think products like these which are 2 in 1 don’t work at all (I’m super lazy to shampoo & then apply the conditioner though its just a matter of few minutes ;-). And the fact that conditioner shouldn’t be applied to the roots makes me more concerned. The usage hasn’t resulted in hairfall so I’ll just think that this was a trial (without any harsh effects ☺ ) that didn’t work out for me & forget about it after 2 more washes once this 100 ML bottle gets finished, after that I’ll continue with my Sunsilk black shine shampoo.


32 thoughts on “Oriflame White Nettle & Papaya 2- in- 1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. My roomie once tried the coconut and ricemilk shampoo and ended up with terrible hairfall…am afraid of using oriflame shampoos though I like the other stuffs like foot cream etc..

    1. Preetha, I thought of getting the Coconut & Rice shampoo but then this 2 in 1 shampoo tempted me but this turned out to be a disaster! :reallypissed:

  2. Hey Uzma, I agree with you about Oriflame consultants…..if they would let us order online, how nice that would be………Oriflame consultant that we have here locally is soooooooooooooooo annoying…..I would want to order something and she will tell about her target and points and she continues to force me into buying things……………….so annyoying…I am not telling everyone is like that…..but the one we have here locally is just so outrageous….she is even stalking my friends!!!!!!!!! :pain: 😯

    1. Jomol! This oriflame rep is so annoying she keeps calling me up & asks me to attend her sessions she organizes at her place where the only thing they talk about is sale & sale all the time! OMG oriflame reps stalk! :laugh:

    2. Jomol, not all the Oriflame consultants are the same. :shame: I am one among them. And I have never pestered any of my clients for any target fulfilment. :nonono: When u give the right service, then ur name goes by word of mouth. I do get calls from strangers who happen to be friends with my clients. Next time any consultant bother you, pls stand up and let them know that you are not interested….

  3. hi, I have been trying to get into Oriflame too so that I can buy some of its products particularly its milk and honey shower range which smells really nice cos no consultants here either.Please tell me how to …cos i cant go to Hyderabad for that:(

        1. Amritha, Go to http://in.oriflame.com

          Click on ” The opportunity”

          At the bottom right hand side you’ll see ” How to join”

          Then go to point 1 & click on the link “Click here”

          You’ll be guided to a form , fill up the form & see if Oriflame contact you very soon

          If that doesn’t happen soon, do let me know I’ll help you

            1. Amritha! This info is for you buddy! You can contact this person for orders , got this info from oriflame website. 🙂

              P. Indumati
              29-2-34 / A,
              Judge Court SB Colony,
              Andhrapradesh 530020


  4. hi uzmi good review. people with dandruff should nt waste their money buying this. I have tried this shampoo. andyou are very true dear. this can be used a s a mild shampoo. but doesnt work on dandruff .by the way how s sunsilk black shampoo? is it a good one?

    1. Sumi! I’m Uzma, U gave me a name( Uzmi) that rhymes with your name! :giggle:

      Sunsilk Black shine is so far working well! Intially after using for 3-4 times, there was a lot of hairfall but now its much lesser. :yes:

  5. yes uzma… even i tried the rice and coconut shampoo… it made my hair even more frizzy…. so back to the biotique range now 🙂

  6. ha, the consultant who I registered with has yet to meet me and collect the registration fee :D. (I hope she has forgotten :laugh: ) guess Im just lucky. I too have a dandruff problem which is only controlled by H&S, every other shampoo Ive tried is a dud. Nice review tho Uzma, at least I know not to waste my money on this pdt. What did you ike from the Oriflame range otherwise? 🙂

      1. Can someone tell me which shampoo works well on dandruff?? I just ordered the Oriflame range of shampoos from ma consultant but haven’t got it yet from her. I’m experiencing a terrible hairfall :weep: (hopefully I don’t go bald 😛 ) kindly let me knw asap.. cuz i gota get a new one..

        thanks a lot,
        Shilpa 😎

  7. I just ordered for this 2-1 shampoo from my consultant…..wish i had read about this review before 🙁 now I don’t know how to tell her that I don’t want it 😛 I guess I will take the shampoo alone :nerd:

    Thanks for the review though……it has helped me always :evilgrin:

  8. i joined under consultant today itself as i wanted to buy some of its products .thanks a tonne for the review .i ordered this shampoo coconut and rice milk and i am going to cancel it.lucky me the consultant i go to is pretty sweet .

  9. well i tried few oriflame products …this is what i felt
    Products i liked-
    1) essential fairness cream – its good makes skin soft and supple .works well for daily use if u have normal to dry skin.But dont use that fairness lotion one .cream is better.
    2)grape antioxidant facewash-another goof product .best than face wash available on the counter.doesnt make your skin dry or rough.But i use an eyeliner or kajal daily .so in case u use any of that u need to remove it before washing your face.
    overall good for skin .i am going to use it again.

    Products i didn’t like-
    1)lash explosion mascara- i totally wasted my money on that one.
    but may be cos i am not really fond of mascara.
    2)volume boost shampoo- makes ur hair kinda dry .its expensive too.i am not getting that again

  10. i found the hair x antiageing shampoo by oriflame really nice .it makes the soft . white nettle and papaya shampoo is also good .there is no hair fall

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