Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil Review

Today’s review is on Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil. Read on for more details on this haircare product.

Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil

Product Description:
Nourishes; Protects and provides shine. Provides intense nutrition. Enhances shine and silkiness. Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil nourishes; protects; and provides shine. The formula provides intense nutrition; and is absorbed into hair for enhanced shine and silkiness.

Price and Quantity:
195 PHP or 275 INR approximately for 30 ml.
Hair Type:
Dry and frizzy.

Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil packaging

My Experience with Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil:

The hair oil comes in a small plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The dispenser makes it easy to dispense out the product. The bottle closes securely with a transparent plastic cap. The cap closes very securely making the product travel friendly. The bottle bears necessary product related information on it. The tiny bottle is easy to carry while travelling. Overall, the packaging is good.

Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil bottle

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It is a hair oil but its consistency is more like a hair serum. The oil is a clear liquid and has a mild artificial fragrance. The smell is not much pleasant but it is bearable since it is mild and does not stay for long. The texture of the hair oil is similar to hair serums. It has a slightly slippery feel to it. The consistency is neither too thick nor too runny like oil. It is somewhere in the middle, so this helps to easily spread the product onto the hair. Also, the semi-thick consistency prevents product spilling and wastage.

Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil full

A small dollop of the oil is good enough to cover my mid-length hair properly. I take one pump of the hair oil and I am sorted. I don’t go overboard with the product, else would end up with greasy hair. If used in moderation, it does not weigh down the hair and keeps it bouncy.

I just apply it on the ends of my damp hair and not on the scalp because this is what the brand recommends. It makes my hair beautiful and lustrous. My hair looks pretty healthy and shiny. It makes my hair smooth and silky. I have frizzy hair and it does not help in taming the frizz as such but I am not complaining because it does not even claim to do that. It smoothens out the hair and prevents tangling. My hair stays tangle free and there is no hair breakage. It provides nourishment to the hair and prevents it from damage. This is a hair oil but it is absolutely non sticky. Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality.

Pros of Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil:

  • Nice consistency.
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy hair oil.
  • Does not weigh down the hair.
  • Keeps hair soft, smooth and bouncy.
  • Detangles the hair.
  • Makes my hair look lustrous.
  • Works great as an everyday hair serum.

Cons of Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil:

  • Strong fragrance.
  • Using too much product might weigh down the hair.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Palmolive Expertique Beautifying Hair Oil?
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