Pink and Red Lipstick Suggestions : Ask IMBB

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Mehul Asks:

I want to buy:
1) A matte light pink lipstick which goes on opaque.
2) A red lipstick for NC 40-41ish skin tone.


27 thoughts on “Pink and Red Lipstick Suggestions : Ask IMBB

  1. matte light pink lipstick………consider mac twig………..
    and red…..try mac dubonnet…………,mac vivaglam…..

  2. I’m not sure about a pink lipstick, but for red, if you want a nice bright red.. you can try Lakme No. 43 (Red Hot) in the 9 to 5 series. Mac’s vivaglam I is awesome too.. its a nice blue toned red. There’s a company called Art Deco (not sure if its available in India though) I have No. 08. That’s also a nice bright red (which I tone down a tad with a darker shade of lipliner)

    Personally, I go for more brownish/maroon toned reds and my fav is Maybelline’s Cocoa Plum or Lakme’s No. 519 in the Enrich Metallics Series.

    1. thanks a lot for the recos layla…i’ll try them out!!
      its just that i didnt want to try brownish or maroon toned reds as i m only 19…so..wont i look too old for my age??
      but i guess i should give them a try!

      1. i guess you’re right about the maroon/brownish toned reds 🙂 they’re great for the workplace though 🙂 do try out the Lakme red hot lipstick then. I’m sure it’ll be perfect for you. 🙂

  3. I would suggest pinks and reds from revlon colorburst lipsticks. not sure of the names though but they have very pretty reds and pinks in their collection.

  4. You can try Irish Rose from Colorbar. One of the cheapest options that goes completely opaque and will add an instant glow to your face without looking over the top. And for those starting out with reds, Revlon colorburst’Raspberyy’ is a good option though i find it a bit dark for my liking so i tone it down with a nudish gloss on top.

  5. MAC Chili if ur an NC 40 Hands down and the Revlon Corlor burst red and pink – both are awesome though i like their pink more than the red – I did a review on Chili on imbb if you wanna see

  6. oh yes! thanks for reminding me about naked pink bhumika 🙂 how could i even forget it? mehul, you could also try candy from colorbar. actually both naked pink and candy are somewhat similar and irish rose is diferent from both of them.

    i like apple crush from lakme nine to five range as well.

  7. u can try MAC red, Maybelline color sensational Pleasure Me Red(blot it a little and it looks super)……and Loreal Fired Up..!! 🙂

  8. @natasha: i actually have irish rose and i love it…so i’ll try out naked pink and colorburst since almost everyone recommends it…
    thanks a ton :-*

  9. Try sensuous mauve from lotus floral glam and pink blush from lotus pure colour. both are so pweeeeeety 🙂 then there is also desire from colorbar matte range but it is more of a brownish pink meant for evening wear. but this one’s a beauty too.

    gawd! i can never get enough of pink lipsticks 😀

  10. yay! we are best friends from today 🙂
    I recently tried to step out of my comfort zone by buying lavender love from lotus floral glam range and me loving the change :inlove:
    i am also invading into peaches now. i think anyone who wears peaches stands out in a typical crowd where people r still stuck up with traditioanl pinks, reds and browns don’t u think bhumika?

  11. Hey bhumika, i saw the oriflame powder brush on your blog. I have been thinking of buying it but i found the blush brush from their small travel kit collection to be of poor quality. Some of the strands of its hair always get deposited inside my colorbar blush dibbi and one or two on my cheeks 🙁

    fowz this giordani one?

  12. Natasha..d giordano brush is very good….superrr soft n nice…
    n I think d most reasonable kabuki brush…
    Giordano make up n brushes r much better and expensive dan normal oriflame ones…
    u can surely buy any giordano stuff without thinking…

  13. hi for pinks u can try :

    1 PINK BLUSH from Lotus color rs 225 /=
    2. Desert bloom ( skin pink color ) from Maybelline 220 /=
    3. Sweet lips ( from gala of london ) – rs 110 /=
    4. Suagrbloom ( Lakme enrich) Rs 220 /=
    5. Loreal Chocolate nudes collection – Beige Creme ( rs . 650 /=)

    reds :
    1. Pink Plum ( Streetwear Smooth satin No 16 )
    2. Red Rose ( gala of london )
    3. Red Rose ( lotus )
    4. Ginger red ( lakme ) sade no 461 — will match any indian complextion

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