Pixi Glittery Eye Quad Gold Lava, Pixi Sheer Gel Flushed Review

Review of Pixi Glittery Eye Quad Gold Lava

Price : INR 1500/-

Pixi Glittery Eye Quad Gold Lava and Sheer Gel Flushed

It is a pressed glitter eyeshadow quad and comes in 3 variants – Gold, Rose Gold, and Blue. If you are looking for pressed glitters, I would absolutely recommend these to you. The glitters are slightly chunky, and a little goes a long way, and the best thing about them, they are not messy! On touching, the glitters feel quite fine and have never felt scratchy on my eyes. I have used these on myself and others, and have never had an issue. It is as easy as picking up some glitter on finger tips and pressing on the lids. I would say use them with some MAC Fix Plus Spray on the brush or use a glitter glue by NYX or Too Faced underneath before you apply them. On their own, they would literally be on your face after 15 minutes.

Gold Lava quad has 4 shades – pure yellow gold, silvery gold with multi-color glitters, copper gold and muted bronze gold. I personally love this quad the most compared to the other two variants mostly because I can use it literally everyday for a little pop here and there, but that said, the other two quads are stunning too.

Rating: 4.5/5

Review of Pixi Sheer Gel Flushed

Price : INR 1780/-
I had been eyeing this for a while now and it gets “sold out” every single time. It comes in 3 shades. I picked up the darkest of the 3 because it is a sheer gel. On most Indian skin tones, two shades won’t even show up. “Flushed” is deep wine berry color and literally looks most natural and beautiful when blended out. I have shown the color on two skin tones. On myself, I have to use quite a bit and honestly, it has been my go-to product of late. I adore it. It gives a beautiful natural flush to the skin. These days, I literally just apply concealer and this for my face makeup. It works better on bare skin or if you have light sheer foundation. On a full-coverage foundation, you don’t want to use it. I feel it lifts the foundation underneath. And this is the kind of product that you would want to use daily as a part of your everyday makeup, it’s best applied with finger tips.  Only drawback – the deeper your skin tone, the more product you have to use.
Rating : 4/5

Swatches of Pixi Glittery eye quad

Pixi Glitter Quad Used on a Model:

Pixi sheer gel in flushed used on a model to show you texture and how sheer and natural it looks:

Pixi sheer gel in flushed used on a model

Used both glitter and blush on myself:
Pixi glittery flushed


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