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This is Bharathi from Chennai. My marriage is fixed on 5th of December 2011. I want to know what routine home remedy/ products I can use so that I will be ready for my BIG day. Mine is Dry to Oily skin. While going to office I get lots of small small bubbles (It’s really very tiny) kind of pimple with very little white liquid in it (Mostly on Forehead and Cheeks). I don’t have dandruff.

Currently using:

Ponds White Beauty and Lacto Calamine (Sunscreen never suits me)

Once I reach office I need to wash my face and again apply moisturizer, since my face will be oily and full of dirt since I travel by Train and Auto. Kindly recommend me. I am really worried… Thanks in advance.


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  1. Hi dear…..this is my first ever comment on IMBB….but wil really wil be glad to give a helpful suggestion….mine is too dry to oily skin. its a high time that u start using a sunscreen now u can use Biotique bio-sandalwood SPF50(bestest sunscreen ) this is unlike other sunscreeens, does not feel greasy and dull(it even makes u look fresh) also it does its job pretty well….also you can try LOTUS herbals Sun Detan face-pack it will reverse the sun damage caused on a daily basis………..i purchased these products on IMBB recommendations only…….hope it helps……..all d best…..

  2. Hi Barathi,

    Congratulations!! Since you have whiteheads on forehead and cheeks, it would be rare that you have combination skin ( as T zone). I used this home remedy during my wedding ( cousins, friends) – Nani made for me – 1tsp Multani matti ( called fuller’s earth) + 1 tsp sandalwood powder + 1 tsp turmeric ( haldi). I have combination skin so nani mixed with cream, but since you have oily skin ( you do have whiteheads), pls mix with rose water to make a paste. Apply on you face and neck everyday. Wait till dry, wash off. Ideally do at night before going to sleep. You should see results in 7 days. If no change, stop it as it means its not working for you.

    Good luck and keep us posted on results

  3. Hi Bharathi

    Congratulations! :waytogo:

    I use this little remedy to look glow-ey and you could try it : at night mix little turmeric with cream from milk and apply it on your face for 20 mins. Wash off with plain water and do not soap it or use face wash. You will notice the difference almost immediately.

    The smell of the cream might irritate you, but the effect is really really good. Also, wash your face before doing this. Apply some moisturiser before hitting the bed.

    All the best 🙂

  4. Hi Bharati,

    I have the same problem as yours,, i can very much relate to what u must be going through.

    Couple of things which I tried–and have worked for me
    1. Himalaya Clarina Cream
    2. Biotique Clove Oil Face Mask( very very effective.)
    3. Use a good toner.. its a must for problem of Whiteheads. I use Oriflame Aloe Vera Toner. Quite Good.
    4. Even I was a die hard lover of Lacto Calamine..but since i have shifted to Gurgaon,,it has stopped working for me. n i have also noticed, significant change after I have stopped using Lacto Calamine…
    5. Also take care food & digestion regime. One of the biggest reason of whiteheads could be acidity. Make sure to have lots of Warm water.



  5. Congratulations!
    U must be excited ,confused ,nervous and conscious all at the same time !!
    You definetly have m
    i see that you dont use a toner ..may be you can follow a strict CTM at night as in the mornings it can be difficult to redo it after travelling to office.One more thing cover your face with duppata or a scarf that way you can avoid sunscreen and keep away fro dust when travelling in train.
    You can also calm down your zits using saldal wood pack. As urs is dry to oily ,i suggest you to apply only at troubled area .pack would be sandal wood paste +a little saffron +a pinch tumeric.
    Another one which does wonders for heads and pores is mulatni mitti(fullers earth )+tomato +honey.You can replace tomato with lemon if ur skin is not sensitive.This one is actually used by my soontobe married sis and she is already has pre-wedding glow .I hope that helped you:-)

  6. Thanks a lot Sonia and Vaishnavi for the wishes and the remedy. Will try and tell you the result soon. Just wanted to know is it better to use moisturizer or night cream before sleeping? I have never used both at night. Which will be better? ?:)

    Is there anything which I need to/ can use at morning before bath?

  7. Thanks Nikita . As you said I m really confused and nervous..
    Convey my hearty wishes to your sis.. Will try the pack suggested by you soon..

    Also I wanted to any good suggestion for tan on hand and legs?
    People say Mustard oil + Turmeric+ Curd+ Besan + Lemon is good for tan.. Wanted an help on tat too.

  8. Hi Bharati,

    I would suggest you to start a healthy diet. Like take more fruits and eat fresh salad atleast twice a day. Drink plenty of water. Follow your CTM religiously. try to find a sunscreen which would suite you. Take help of your dermatologist if you cannot find one. Coz skipping sunscreen in chennai is not acceptable :nababana:

    Hope this was helpful :))

  9. Hi Bharati!~ Congratulations! :puchhi:
    I know how much travelling affects the skin. So,you should try to use a toner (I use the Himalaya one) after cleansing,since a lot of the dirt doesn’t get flushed from the pores.
    And judging by your description,you have whiteheads which can easily be fixed. Regularly use a facepack of 1tsp multani mitti + 1tsp turmeric + 1tsp sandalwood + a little bit of saffron. I used it a few times and the results were pretty good. :haanji:
    For glowing skin,apply a paste of honey+lemon,and wash off after 20-25 mins.Another one is applying a mixture of milk cream+turmeric+lemon at night before going to sleep,leaving it on for 20 mins and then rinsing it off with plain,cool water.
    Since a lot of dust gets clogged in the pores,try to cover your face with a scarf/duppatta when travelling,this will also protect your skin from the sun to a certain extent. always keep a pack of non-alchohol wet wipes in your handbag for wiping once you reach your office as it will save you some effort with the face washes.
    (I use Kara deep-cleansing wipes with jojoba and avocado)
    I hope that helps you a bit. :toothygrin: Good luck! :teddy:

    1. Oh…and I hope you don’t mind me saying this,but running around down south,especially in Chennai,without sunscreen is no good at all. :nababana: :nababana: Try consulting your dermatologist about the issue and find a sunscreen.

  10. Thanks kaps and Pragnya for the wishes and remedies are so good..

    Actually its not whiteheads, its like very small bubble when I break it, a tiny white liquid in it is there, yeah some time a whitehead inside that bubble. And also these tiny bubbles come more when i wake up in the morning or after having bath I can see a lot.. 😥 😥

  11. Pragnya you are correct.. I have tried sunscreens like lakme, Kaya Sensitive Skin sunscreen, neutrogena.. These sunscreen increases the bubbles on my face a lot and makes my skin very oily.. I want to show. Thats why I stopped using them. But these pimples are very less on weekends when I am at home.. 🙁

  12. Hm….I get those sometimes too. The multani mitti pack I suggested takes care of it to a certain level.
    I say it’s best for you if yo get a thorough check up with your dermatologist. :haanji: Especially because it seems like your skin is easily aggravated by dirt and excess sebum.
    Try out the sebamed foaming cleanser,I heard it is very effective for oily skin related problems.
    And it is must that you discuss your sunscreen problem with your dermo and find some water based and oil-free sunscreens (I have had rotten luck so far).
    Try cleansing your skin more often,like every 4 hrs or so.

  13. Sure will do… I tried sebamed foaming cleanser as suggested by PARITA, it makes my skin dry but it cleans the face properly.

    My skin will be only in two different conditions one is more dry or more oily.. When I m in office after applying moisturizer also my skin will be dry condition because of AC I feel like its very tight. After travelling or in morning my skin will be oily.

    1. Oh…drying eh? Then you’ll have to follow it up with moisturiser,no other go. :nababana:

      ….I feel your pain. At home my skin craves for moisture,everywhere else it wants to get dryer. :silly:
      I suggest you try out some oil blotting sheets like the ones from the body shop or clean and clear. I guess the whole ctm and skincare routine has to be left to your dermo now because I can’t think of anything else. :shame: :shame:
      Sorry. :yikes: Good luck with your search! :puchhi:

  14. Hey BHarti.. many many congratulation for ur wedding.. this is the amazing period u r going through.. I would say best time of life… where u can do whatever u ever wanted to do in ur life..
    shop like hell.. but i can understand the anxiety as well.. I would suggest keep urself happy.. keep smiling.. take a lot of sleep..and drink plenty of water..preferable warm water it really helps..It will remove the Toxins from ur body and will impart glow to ur face trust me it works really well( i am water sucker.. i drink it like anything ).. use a good face wash (recently many facewashes have beed reviewed on IMBB for oily skin try them)use face packs a lot.. and easy pesy face pack..use any dry powder face pack and prepare it with gulabjal .. let it dry and wash off.. and then misturize.. u will see the difference..

  15. Hey bharti i would suggest after reaching office u shud apply lacto calamin first on ur face and thenn any light moisturiser.. it works really well..
    U can try applying lacto calamine on ur cleansed face at night just before going to sleep.. It will keep ur skin oil proof whole night and whitebumps at bay.. 😉

  16. Thanks a lot Poo for the wishes as well as for your suggestions….
    My best wishes for your Karva chauth festival… 🙂

  17. hi..
    congratulations for your wedding 🙂
    as most of your queries are answered already, i would just like to add a name of a sunscreen brand. Try using suncote sunscreen by curatio brand. It is available at medical shops and is especially meant for oily skin and it is in gel form also 🙂
    hope that helps

  18. Try doing a facial a month before… and also one week before marriage.. it will help a lot.. go to a good salon… ask your friends who had experience in that..
    Apart from that follow the suggestions given by fellow IMBBians.. it will help for sure.. especially dont miss Face Pack..
    I too live in chennai, before coming to office i apply Lotus SPF 40 sunscreen, after reaching the office i wash my face with mild face wash and apply Lacto Calamine.. if it is too drying then apply with a oil free moisturizer…
    Dont experiment too much now, strict to CTM routine which suits you.. Congrats and all the very best for your marriage :handshake:

  19. i guess my suggestion would also be cover your face with dupatta while travelling. It will protect your skin. Congrats on your marriage and hope youget your beautiful skin backe before your D Day. *hugs*

  20. Thanks a lot Rati. IMBB is the best place for beauty and products 🙂 From morning till night IMBB will be open in my browser. I have suggested your website to many of my colleagues… They are super excited to see so many unheard products and their great reviews..

  21. Hi Bharathi, i know its a late reply. But i want to share my 2 cents knowledge, as i’m also in the same phase of life. As already said, covering ur face with DUPATTA is a must in chennai. For the moisturiser use “Vit E Skin Hydrating cream” from Fabindia, i have combination skin with super oily T-Zone and it is the best moisturiser i have used till date.
    The things i’m following religiously for my D’day:
    * Starting my day with warm water mixed with honey. (its good for detoxifying ur body)
    * Using TBS Bathgloves twice a week.
    * Taking carrot and Tomato juice daily. (it gives a healthy glow)
    * Exercising daily for 30 min.
    * Following CTM regularly.
    * Using Multanimitti, Rosepowder, Neem powder, Orange peel powder mixed with rosewater every alternate day followed by moisturiser. (it sounds like a lot of work but trust me it really helps with pimples and imparts a glow. Just mix them and store in a container).
    Hope this helps u. Congratulations :). Dont get tensed, u’ll rock.

  22. Hey BD , Thanks a lot 🙂 your reply is never late for me :)) ..
    Will follow all the above said by you.. Once again thanks for the wishes..

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