Pucelle Splash Cologne – A Review

Pucelle Splash cologne – A review

During my vacation trip to Thailand, I had picked up many perfumes, bags and lady toiletries as a giveaway gifts for family and friends. Amongst many things that I had picked up, Pucelle  body splash cologne for ladies was one of them. I had no idea that such a thing also exists. It was only when I saw nice colourful bottles arranged in a shop in MBK mall; I decided to have a look. I am big fan when it comes to perfumes, deodorants, body washes, and body lotions – basically ANYTHING THAT SMELLS AWESOMES OR MAKES ME SMELL AWESOME!! 🙂 🙂  I am highly obsessed with great smelling products, they make me feel fresh, energised and relaxes my mood. After coming back home, it was time to make little small gift bags for everyone and it was a SHEER JOY when I arranged everything I had picked up from MBK mall under the pretext of – CHALO KISI KO GIFT DE DENGE !
It was so hard to deciding what to gift whom – perfumes, bags or accessories and after changing my mind a zillion times, I bid adieu to everything I had picked up so lovingly !! 🙁 🙁 GOD I M SO GREEDY !! anyways , I had a few things saved up for me as well and yeah whatever was extra – WAS MINEEEEEE !!! 🙂 Amongst toiletries, I was left with 5 colognes – which I ll review soon 🙂 Pucelle splash cologne was one of them.
Let me clear, I have seen this product here in India also. They have just appeared a while ago. I have seen them in vile parle market BUT AFTER THAT ARTICLE ON FAKE COSMETICS AND STUFF, CAN’T SAY WHETHER THEY RE AUTHENTIC. I have spotted these in IRLA Alfa market and in beauty shops too . . .


Pucelle Splash cologne
Pucelle Splash cologne

CUTE BOTTLE ,ISNT IT ?? Now there were many variants in this, I was highly confused which to pick up. I picked up the “oriental” fragrance in this one.

There was also something like – SPLASH cologne which came in the bottle which is shown above and the other one was MIST cologne which was spray cologne, useful for practical uses. The fragrances were peppy and fun suitable for us TEENS .nice thing to keep in college bags. ( I SHOULD HAVE PICKED UP THOSE ONES TOO  :() GOD! There is no end to my cravings. . . .

Pucelle Splash cologne


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Okies, so the splash cologne had many variants. The fragrances included – Rose, Musk, Marine, Oriental, Woody, Chypre, Bouquet, Fruity, Sweet and lastly Floral. They pretty wide range to choose from. Anyways, I picked up “oriental” one. Just one because I had never used a splash cologne before, I was wondering what the hell this is ?? Anyways it smells nice so off you go in my shopping basket !!!

Pucelle Splash cologne
Pucelle Splash cologne

WHAT Pucelle Splash Cologne CLAIMS?
Oriental scent as a mixture of Floral and Fruity for a cool and fresh sensation. Pucelle Splash Cologne with refreshing pleasant fragrance. Splash on your entire body or wherever you desire or enjoy its freshness with linger lasting scent.

CAUTION: Do NOT use on injured skin or irritation occurs. Do not use when smoking ( huh??) or near flame ( this sounds sensible BUT SMOKING??) hehehe. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

MY TAKE ON Pucelle Splash Cologne:

  • I don’t use this every day, only when I feel like it I splash the cologne all over my body right after the shower. The moment you take the cologne on your hand it smells heavenly of flowers and a hint of fruity aroma follows later after application. The cologne is non- sticky which I like !!
  • The claim that it feels cool on skin after application is bit exaggerated. It not a prickly heat powder that has menthol or anything to make your skin feel cool. It’s just a moment while applying on the area that you feel as if it’s cool and then it’s gone. It’s just the effect of SD alcohol working for a while.
  • The claim of longer lasting fragrance is “right on spot”. The fragrance is highest when you splash the cologne on your body and when you rub in on your skin you think it disappears. That’s what I thought it happened the first time I used it but since I apply this all over my body, I accidentally realized that the fragrance was still there and was strong when I brought my hands to the nose.
  • Actually this product will be great when you splash it over your body and cuddle someone close. 🙁 🙁 NAUGHTY NAUGHTY ME!!! hahahahahahhaa FOR THE REST OF US, just splash it on your body and smell it yourself . Feel fresh and confident OKAY !!! 🙁
  • Nevertheless, it’s a good product, very apt for us teenagers to keep in college bags and just splash it on whenever you’re in the mood to feel refreshed. This product however lacks the spray so it can be a little clumsy affair if you open the flip- cap and drop the bottle. 🙁 For travelling purposes I recommend buying the MIST SPRAY, very apt and practical and quick to use. Just spray and on and your work is done.
  • I like the fact that they had such wide range of fragrance to suit the customer needs and also they have three options to choose from – 175ml,75ml and 35ml bottles. TAKE YOUR PICK !


12 thoughts on “Pucelle Splash Cologne – A Review

  1. hahahahahaha … ll have to send you my bottle for that … 🙂 🙂 M CRAZY FAN WHEN IT COMES TO FRAGRANCES.. . . i have two more bottles… LL REVIEW EM TOO . . .HAHAHAHHA 😀 😀 😀

  2. rids there is no end to our cravings 🙂
    i have tried their Cologne spray sunshine
    okay for the price…picked up for 90 rs from india

  3. Hey i bought this cologne spray 🙂 yellow colored one, i love it! though it doesnt really stay for long it smells absolutely lovely! 🙂 and is cheap !!!

    As for splash on cologne my favorite is baby cologne by Johnsons in ‘summer swing’ green bottle, absolutely love it!


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