10 Reasons why it’s so Difficult to Lose Weight

Often people are made to believe that weight loss is simple and easy, and you just need a “fat melting belt” or a pill and the fat will disappear magically, but let us tell you the truth today! There is nothing easy in life, how can weight loss be? Losing weight is all about using some CORRECT techniques and following a proper strategy. Losing weight is a slow process and it can takes weeks, months, and even a year, but it will work if you are following the correct technique. Today, we will be discussing common mistakes and why it is so difficult to lose weight for some people.

Reasons for not losing weight

1. Attitude: Keep yourself motivated, losing weight can be a long journey, keep your mind motivated through it. Find positive aspects of losing weight, like losing weight can make your wardrobe limitless,  and you would be free to wear almost anything of your choice. You would not be looking for plus sizes anymore! You’ll have better sleep during nights. You’ll regain your lost energy! Losing weight will also enhance your strength level and improve your confidence. It also means your health will be better as you’ll eat more healthier food. There are so many positive reasons to lose weight, just focus and find your reason on why you want to lose weight and work towards it.

2. You follow the same workout routine throughout: Often people follow the same routine for a long time and what happens is that the human body tends to adjust those workouts and after a period of time, it doesn’t burn enough calories for weight loss. The best way to fix this is to push yourself out from your comfort level and try different workouts routines. For example, if you walk for 15 minutes, try jogging for 15 minutes. Try HIIT workouts to burn off stubborn fat. You can try boxing, rope skipping, rope workouts, kettle bell exercise, body weight exercises, strength training etc. you can pick one form of exercise and follow it for 2 weeks and switch to another. This way, you will increase your chances to loose weight and gain stamina, strength during the process.

3. You are not committed to your diet: If you are not eating healthy and clean, the truth is that you will never be able to lose weight. Diet plays the major part of the journey as you only spend 70-80 minutes at the gym. The rest of the day is the real task. Indulge yourself in healthy food, there are plenty of healthy food recipes, try different healthy recipes and stick to your favourite ones. Follow Rati Beauty Diet program to lose weight by following proper diet routine.

4. Read Labels: Often people try their best and purchase so called healthy foods without reading the labels. Reading labels is very important as it may be written ‘healthy’ on the front label, but it may contain a lot of carbohydrates and sugars in the ingredients list. Read your labels, if your unaware about how to read labels, you can read this article (How To Read Food Labels).

5. Spend more time preparing meals at home rather than buying from a restaurant: Carry your meals along with you to avoid unwanted calories and fat from unhealthy food from outside. Follow a simple diet plan which you can easily follow for the rest of your life. Avoid diet plans which are too heavy on your pockets or something you’ll ditch sooner. It is all about developing healthier food habits and following it for the rest of your life!

6. Your environment: There are no excuses! At work/college, there may be thousands of temptations, but most fit people deal with it every single day. You need to resist those temptations and need to be focused on what you want. Of course, you can have a cheat day, but after every a week or 10 days and you can eat your heart out! You cannot change your work place but you can change your home environment by stocking up with healthier food options like. Dalia, cottage cheese, soy milk, green vegetables, lentils, Indian ghee, soya chunks, instead of packed juices use fresh fruits, muesli oats, brown rice, poha, multigrain flour all these are a few healthy groceries to purchase, it all depends on what you personally like. Tip- if your watching tv, grab a fruit bowl instanced of buttery popcorns. This is small example how your can change your lifestyle.

7. You are not kind to yourself: Keep your mind free from stress, there may be a lot of pressure to lose weight, but keeping your mind calm and focused is really important. Don’t stress out! It will only worsen. If you are already stressed out, try yoga to calm your mind and soul. Remember losing weight is not a overnight process, it will take time. Bollywood celebrities like Sarah Ali Khan, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Sonakshi Sinha all lost tremendous amount of weight, if they can do it, so can you!

8. You don’t set realistic goals: You are not setting realistic and long-term goals for yourself. If this is the case, you are guaranteed to fail and may be you can quit the entire idea. Instead make rules and goals which are easier to follow and you can follow it for a life time. Example- Instead of ditching sugar altogether, remove 50% of sugar from your diet. If you use two tablespoons of sugar in your coffee, use one tablespoon. Slowly you can switch to Stevia. This way, there will be less chances of you going back to two tablespoons of sugar.

9. You are not flexible: You have done a lot for your lifestyle but you might not be flexible enough. Our daily life can be very challenging but we need to be prepared and willing. Example – You are too late for gym, (carry your sports shoes along), wear a pair a shoes and jog/run in your nearest park. Try a outdoor workout, or try a HIIT workout at home. Either way, just get it done. Example-If you are late from work/college, make a habit from carrying meals/snacks, eat your meals instead of buying high-calorie food from an eatery. In case you don’t have meal, buy an apple/banana/orange for a quick healthy bite.
Tip- Keep a box of nuts in your bag or some protein bars in your bag for such situations.

10. You are Not Sleeping Well: Every person needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, more so for people who are desperately trying to lose weight. Studies have shown that people who manage to sleep for 7 hours or more tend to shed weight rather quickly than people who do not. This happens because sleep deprivation raises hunger and stress hormones, lowers metabolism, and encourages accumulation of fat around the belly region. You can do everything right but if you are depriving your body of rest and good-quality sleep, fat-burning process will not take place efficienctly.

Hope this article helps you to weed out you reason for not losing fit so that you can lose weight effectively and stay fit!


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