7 Reasons you are Not Going to Lose Weight with Exercise

Exercise is often the first suggestion given to anyone who is trying to lose weight, and rightly so, because regular exercise not only burns calories, it leads to better health, improves lab profile, and boost mental health as well. If someone has suggested that you hit the gym with a vengeance to get lean, and you haven’t seen any significant drop on the scale even after weeks of slogging it out in the gym, the way you workout might be the reason why there’s no progress. If the above-mentioned situation matches your current scenario, we are here to tell you reasons you are not going to lose weight with exercise and how to do it right for success.

7 Reasons you are Not Going

1. When you Overestimate the Calories Burnt at the Gym: Here’s the biggest mistake one can do – miscalculating the number of calories burnt in the gym. A lot of people rely on the treadmill and other machines to calculate calories and based on that, tend to adjust their calorie intake. Do not rely blindly on the equipment at the gym to count the number of calories burnt. For example, you can only burn around 150 calories by pedalling away for half an hour on a stationary bike, and that’s not too much. Always keep a tabs on your diet and do not adjust the calories based on the readings that your treadmill shows you.

2. Treating yourself to Treats and Food after Exercise/Workout: This is called as “compensation effect.” Protein bars, sports drinks, chips, fried food, chocolates, ice creams with high number of calories are a few examples of stuff that most people consider as appropriate treats after a sweaty exercise session, but then they don’t realize they are adding so many calories back into their body, undoing their efforts in the gym. Most people falter here – after an hour of rigorous workout in the gym, we assume that we have burnt off significant calories and are entitled to high-calorie food. So, stop treating yourself with unhealthy food after a workout session.

3. Leaving the Gym with no Proper Meal Plan for the Rest of the Day: You can literally wash all your efforts and sweat down the drain if you are not following a proper meal plan and intend to eat whatever you can lay your hands on. The first thing that you should do right away is to get on a good weight loss diet, such as the Rati Beauty diet, to lose weight successfully.

4. No Rest Days: One of the main reasons why your workout isn’t showing results – there are no rest days! The body needs rest to recover and build muscles. If there are no rest days, it will lead to burnout and exercise-induced fatigue along with muscle soreness and a heightened risk of injury, and you may not be able to workout for many days after that. So, hit the gym for 4 or 5 days in a week, and rest for at least 2 days.

5. Concentrating only on Reps and Not on the Form: Wrong postures and poses keep you from achieving best results from your workout sessions. So, rather than doing any workout randomly, learn the right technique and form from your trainer. Pay attention to what your trainer says and learn to focus on movements and rest time.

6. Sipping on Energy Drinks After Workout: Most of such energy drinks are high in sugar and tend to add a lot of empty calories back into the body. Also, too much caffeine in these drinks lead to dehydration as well. So avoid energy drinks and drink plain water or coconut water to replenish energy.

7. Not Getting Good Sleep at Night: You can diet and you can exercise every single day, but without good sleep, and that too for no less than 7 hours, the extra pounds are not going anywhere. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep every day. This will help to give body proper rest, keep the metabolism higher, and help you burn more and more calories.

Summing up, we must always remember that weight loss is all about 80% diet and 20% exercise, and any manipulation in the above percentage will not bring about significant results. So, straighten up the diet and supplement it with regular exercise.

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