Revealing the Best Weight Loss Tips for Would-Be Brides

When brides say they want to “look like a million dollars” on their wedding day, most of them honestly want to look a better version of themselves rather than looking all “caked up” with makeup. If someone is overweight, they would obviously want to shed some pounds to look toned and more confident. A lot of brides go on a completely wrong path of cutting down the flab by relying on pills, potions, and belts which hardly show any results, in fact, their might be some severe side effects! Instead of looking starved and sick on probably one of the most important days of your life – one should look healthy, radiant, in better shape, and above all confident as a bride. In this post, we would be revealing the Best Weight Loss Tips for Would Be Brides.

Revealing the Best Weight Loss Tips for Would Be Brides

1. Pick the Right Type of Dieting: Let’s admit it – without getting nutrition and diet on track, weight loss will not happen! Even if you spend two hours in the gym, but eat pizza and fast food every single day, it can throw all your efforts down the drain and the weighing scale would not move in your favour. Also, restrictive diets and crash dieting are not at all for brides. Especially for brides, it’s more about what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat and Rati Beauty Weight Loss diets on the Rati Beauty app are tailor made and give you the correct information on dieting and losing weight the healthy way without compromising on nutrition. Also, diet food is not “meh” and “bland” anymore on these weekly diet programs.

2. Give up White Bread: White bread is all about refined flour, sugar, preservatives and additives – major contributors to weight gain. Switch to brown bread or these breads which are healthier versions of white bread (What is the Best Bread to Eat for Weight Loss?).

3. Stick to a Sustainable Diet and Exercise Rati Beauty: Take up the workout challenges on Rati Beauty app and check out the weekly diets that have been created keeping in mind the nutrition factor. These diets and workout videos help one to trim down and get into shape so that a person starts looking slimmer, stronger, healthier, and more fit over a period of days.

4. Calm those Jittery Nerves: Every bride goes through pre-wedding stress and with lots of butterflies in her stomach. Stress can only impact one’s skin and hair negatively, it can make you gain weight by triggering “emotional eating.” In some people, stress increases appetite, but for a few, it curbs appetite, either of which is not healthy. So, practice meditation, practice yoga to calm jittery nerves.

5. Check out these Healthy Snacks instead of Junk Food: Amidst all that planning and wedding preps, daily shopping trips, you are bound to get tired and crave for snacks – so, here’s a list of 15 Snacks that you can keep in the Fridge as Cheat Snacks to replenish energy levels.

6. Eat Lean Protein: Protein is extremely important for muscle building and for numerous functions in the body. Protein helps to repair and regenerate cells and body tissues. With regards to weight loss, protein keeps you full for a longer period and boosts the release of satiety hormone “leptin” and necessary for the synthesis of important hormones and essential enzymes, also for the creation of antibodies to strengthen the immune system. Protein also has thermogenic effect and requires more calories to break it down during digestion. Here’s a list of 15 Top Food Sources of Lean Protein to include in your diet.

7. Drink Loads of Water: Never underestimate the power of water because it helps to boost metabolism, cut down on cravings, and prevents dehydration. In fact, most of the times that hunger pangs hit strong, they are most likely signals of dehydration because the body likes to believe it as a sign of hunger, and when you eat instead of drinking water, you are adding more calories to your daily diet. Drink adequate water, in fact, keep a water bottle wherever you go, so that your body does not mix up hunger and thirst signals.

8. Go Low on Salt and Cut out the Sugar: A lot of people completely lower down their salt intake in order to lose weight, but it’s not the right practice because salt is needed in optimum quantity to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance, and to run nerve and muscle functions. On the other hands, sugar has very little contribution in smooth running of body functions, and it would be prudent to completely cut it down from daily diet to lose weight and to get healthy in general. Cutting out sugar for just 15 days would make skin glow, reverse the pre-diabetic condition, and help you shed some kilos at a good pace (What Would Happen if you Stop Eating Sugar For 15 Days).

9. Get Enough Zzz’s: Get enough sleep during the night because spending too much time on the phone at night, Netflix binge, etc., can disturb your sleep pattern leading to slow metabolism, increase in hunger hormone (ghrelin), decrease in fullness hormone (leptin), increased stress level, decreased insulin sensitivity – all of which contribute majorly to weight gain. Follow a strict sleep schedule, avoid using phone late into the night, and finish your last meal before 7 pm to get better sleep.

10. Make Salads, Fruits, Vegetables Daily Staples: Salads, fruits, vegetables – all of them supply vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a lot of other nutrients to the body that not only boost metabolism and torch calories, these food sources also would add glow and radiance to the skin as well, and clear up skin woes as well.

So, all would-be brides, what are you waiting for, start the weight loss process now itself.

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