Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette: Glamour Girl Review

Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette: Glamour Girl

revlon high intensity eyeshadow palette
Last month I was floored and smitten by these new eyeshadow palettes by Revlon which I think are not so popular yet. But I can see why these will be immensely popular very soon. These remind me of sleek palettes and they have come out with four variants in glamour girl, blissful girl, party girl and romantic girl. You may read my reviews on blissful and romantic girl

These palettes have a simple yet glamorous appeal. They are named aptly. The romantic girl has all pastel and lavender kind of shades. The glamour girl has turquoise khaki green grey and the blissful girl has more deep but brown and black family shades. My favourite is blissful girl, glamour girl and romantic girl in this order essentially.
eyshadow palette
This palette is out and out glamorous. It’s got my favourite blue, khaki, reddish brown, silvery grey, a highlight shade which is common to all the 4 palettes. The blue and the grey is also common to all and so is either a bronze or a copper. But still these do look different just by two or three prominent change of shades.
I absolutely love the texture, these are all metallic and pearl no mattes. The only matte I saw was in the blissful girl palette. They could have done with more mattes in all the palettes.
The texture is very smooth and thick. The colors are all very pigmented. You might feel them a little gritty because of the shimmer but still the fall out is minimum. I love how pigmented and true to color they go even without a base. These eyeshadows feel very soft so may not be very longlasting for my oily lids but at least 5 hours minimum on a base for me.

I love the unique party blue in this and the khaki and the moss green too. I think it’s a great palette for 825 rupees where you get 8 great colors.i did not get party girl as it had really similar shades when I look at the three I own.

Last word:
Soft, pigmented and 8 great metallic shades for 825. The only drawback is that they could have used more mattes definitely in each palette whereas they have none. Also many colors like the silvery, bronze, pearl overlap in most palettes so you can compare and pick up one ☺

Rating: 4.5 on 5

Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette: Romantic Girl
Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette: Blissful Girl


24 thoughts on “Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette: Glamour Girl Review

  1. nice review neha !! as sleek palette is not available nationally .. this would b a better option, looks quite affordable too :)) so u mean to say we can randomly pick any one of those girls ?

  2. hi neha… actually i wanna tell u I’m looking 4 ur bump-it article for so many days.. as I’m planning to buy one & ur views really matter… 🙂

    1. Hi, sorry for the free advice bt I couldnt help ignoring the fact that u r in market for bump-its. Take my advice, dont buy it. These r absolutely worthless. The teeths come out no matter how well you cover them with ur hair. I have them n I regret wasting 450 rupees everysingle day 🙁
      Rest is ur decision. Just wanted to put that out there

      1. really thanks for ur concern Preeti.. i totally value it 🙂 u know i’ve seen the no teeth bump-it on a shopping site.. n was really confused which one to buy…actually neha said she’s obsessed with them these days so i wanted her to enlighten me more with her honest opinions before purchasing besides those shopping sites k alluring tutorials…

  3. Beautiful shades, but I think I liked the previous palette you reviewed the most out of the 3 palettes. I love the turqouise shade in this one…do an eye look with it, puhleeeez?

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