Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette: Romantic Girl Review

Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette: Romantic Girl Review

Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette Romantic Girl Review


Rs. 825

Last week saw me smitten, in love, head over heels, dreamy eyed, all for eyeshadow palettes.  Yes, I am too passionate about makeup and I found these here in Pune and I was in love.  I had never even known that these eyeshadow palettes from Revlon exists and I got these from a very reputed and old supermarket here in camp, Pune. That day, I couldn’t  sleep and I went back after two days and got them all, well not all, I got three of them out of the four that they have released 😛

Romantic Girl 1

The SA said that these have been here for around two months now and I have four of them; Blissful Girl, Romantic Girl, Glamour Girl, and Party Girl.  Let me warn you here itself that more than three colors are overlapping in each palette since those are basic colors like a highlight, a deep blue, a silvery grey, but still I think, nothing would convince me otherwise.

I think this concept is so new in India since we have enough quads and trios, but rarely do we get a palette that is so pretty. The reason I fell for these is because they remind me highly of Sleek palettes and others that I might have seen on Youtube. Nevertheless, the palettes are an absolute delight, droolworthy.

Romantic Girl 2

The palettes are mainly shimmer and pearl, mainly shimmer and some shades are metallic and pearl. There is just one palette out of the four that has a matte black and remaining ones do not have any mattes, and I think that is a major drawback.

I love metallic and pearl shadows and so I think I love all of them. The shades are so soft, almost crumbly, smooth, super pigmented, and blend nicely and set well once blended. I am floored by the top of the line quality of these.  There is no chalkiness, no fall out.  Only that the powder is soft and crumbly and you might need to be careful and pick up less.

Romantic Girl 4

The shades are to die for. This palette has all soft shades; soft mauve, peach, pearl gold, white highlight, deep blue, and a  silvery grey. It also has a gorgeous bronze and purple as well.  I wore it with four shades, the two highlights for inner corner and brow bone, I wore peach on the lid and grey in the crease and blue in the outer V, actually I don’t use shimmer in the crease, so it was very faint.

I wore it on top of a simple Jordana base at 5 pm, came back by 10 :30 and this was intact, no creasing at all, and I suspect it would have lasted for much longer had I not removed it.  These are too soft and so I recommend using them on a base.

Romantic Girl 5

Last Word:

For Rs. 825, you can get good colors, great pigmentation and softness, but may be, a few more mattes in there would help. You get soft colors in this “Romantic Girl” in metallic pearl and shimmer finishes.  I am totally smitten, floored, and I am in love with these.  I love such compact palettes with a great mirror to use.  I am going to review two more and then you can decide which one to get 😛

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31 thoughts on “Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette: Romantic Girl Review

  1. I too saw this at Westside but the SA was so uninterested in showing this that it was a dealbreaker for me…. does it happen to only me that sometimes the SAs are least bothered about me :(!

  2. Pretty colours neha! Didnt know revlon had these… Review the other two that you bought please. Then i’ll go get me one of these 🙂

  3. Neha yes it made me remind of the sleek palettes.. I sooo want Sleek palettes now 🙁

    I love the colors in this palette.. yes few more mattes and it would have been perfect..

    And dhisshumm dhishhhuummm for no EOTD :/ :/

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