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Tanvi S. Asks:

I have another question for IMBB people. So, the situation is that whenever I wear a new pair of closed footwear, they bite me like always and every pair and every brand does that. Now, my query is how do I get rid of these ugly marks at the back side of my feet. What do you guys do in such situations?


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  1. Shoe bites are major turn off for me. No matter how gorgeous shoe might look i wont wear it if it is not comfortable. But whenever you wear new shoes always keep bandages with you. Shoe bites are because of the friction of the foot And shoe so Put bandages on the feet Whereever it creates friction. Or either put a tape on the back of the shoe. So the shoe does not make direct contact with the foot.

    1. Akshi.. I do that.. But sometimes the band-aid just slips off from its place and the shoe comes in direct contact with the foot..

  2. i too hav lot of such marks..i alwaz wondered how celebs wear diff shoes everyday n stil hv no marks on their feet!!

    1. Actually there is a spl tape kinda thing sply meant for this purpose. Maybe they use that.
      I dont think its available here.

  3. I am not sure if this can be a remedy for shoe bite marks but still.. I used red sandal wood paste on my scars (Because of Chickenpox) on my face and it really helped.
    NOTE: I used the real red sandal wood (not ready-made powder), rubbed it against a stone with water for each time use. Its called RAKTHACHANDANAM in malayalam.

  4. i too have a hell lotta bite happens wid which ever shoe i wear..i apply coconut oil in those helps fade those marks and i know my problem areas so when ever i wear new shoes i apply a generous amount of body butter 2 that area..i scrub those areas with the body shop pink grapefruit body scrub and it generally fades those marks..

  5. i too have a hell lotta bite marks..i apply coconut oil 2 those areas,it helps fade them and i apply body butter to those problem areas when i wear new footwear..i scrub those areas with body shop pink grapefruit body scrub,it has really helped me fade those marks…but i keep getting new can try applying malai too…

  6. All the above tips are really helpful and they do work.
    a tip –
    when you buy your new pair, rub with polish paper on the inside areas of the footwear where you know it might give you a bite. it will smoothen the poky edges in the shoe.
    if possible wear socks for the first few times you wear your new pair. If the shoes are not something which will work with socks, use them to roam around nearby areas in your society…

    the shoe gives bites because initially its too tight for your foot and hence the rubbing gives bite…after you have worn them a few times, they loosen a bit as per your foot.

      1. welcome! just take care not to ruin the shoe when rubbing the polish paper 🙂 else apply oil to those areas in the shoe and keep it overnight… the oil will soften the shoe insides.

  7. A few years ago, my dad got me this awesomely tough looking pair of combat boots. Unfortunately, they gave me terrible scars on my lower calves. I scrubbed that area regularly, applied lemon juice and also massaged it with almond oil and desi ghee every night. My skin was back to normal in about 3 months. Also, in order to avoid scars, I generally rub petroleum jelly on the insides of new shoes. Coconut oil will do for that purpose too, I suppose. Hope it helps. 😀

  8. yup its the greasy stuff that removes the frictin… if u have wax candle at home try and rub it few times on back on shoe edges where u usually get shoe bite… as its wax wont spoil shoe like oil or cream in it… neither it will show up use white color candle . As wax is there it will prevent friction.

  9. Ouch ! this is so close to home for me.i have super sensitive feet. Canvas rexine,pVC cheap rubber sandals and highend branded shoes or sandals give me shoebites ! I have huge feet and finding my size of shoes or sandal is nightmare. So i wear only sneakers with socks and kolhapuri chappals. everything else gives me painful red sores in matter of 2-3 hours wear time. I take good care of my feet infact have to.. because i can only wear open footwear.If i was rich then maybe i could buy only the brand that suits me all the time .Ic an’t wear heels becoz i am already 5ft 9″ tall. My life is a nightmare because of my height ! … For shoe bite nothing works except socks and most recently i find if i apply greasy rich beeswax or vaseline containing cream on th feet , there is less friction with the foot wear and therefore less severe shoebites. I make this at home: beeswax with castor oil and 1 pat of petroleum jelly . just mix and heat on double boiler and store it in fridge . Its greasy balm.

  10. I understand your situation tanvi, the shoebite marks above the heel area has not gone even after years. Believe me i have used no-marks, vicco-turmeric, now mederma… no big difference.
    Now with body scrubs and foot spa, my marks have faded away.

  11. this might sound crazy,but this is what I do every time I buy a new footwear
    mix coconut oil and soap water(or jus oil alone),just half teaspoon and apply on the footwear rims like on all contact points,coconut oil will smoothen the edges and soap water will prevent the footwear from getting soaked too much in oil,I do this the previous night I wear and it has to done consecutively thrice.And Voila with this I never had bite marks anymore!!!
    As far as I know,this dsnt affect the footwear in anyway as I have tried this on my metro,mochi and Kobbler ones (no idea abt gucci or jimmy choo).
    Note : you can wipe the footwear with tissues while you wear

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