Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner – Allure

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner – Allure

Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Lipliner offers long lasting and precise contour colour. Use this soft textured, fine tipped automatic liner for full volume colour and definition.


INR 290


This is one the many lip liners I got from Parcos and like a true hoarder, I never pick up one thing, I pick all, which fit my budget 😛 this is a brick brown but a muted one, but read forward to know is the best part about this liner.


This is a soft retractable liner, comes in a simple pretty pencil form but what I love is the slant tip it has, I quite like it as none of my other liners have a slant tip like that, and the flat tip too help to fill in lips easily so that is fun.


Then I have to say that I was expecting the liner to be creamy smooth, like super soft, but they are not, they are smooth but functional, it could have been creamier, which is the only drawback apart from may be the price.

Then comes the best part,the liner once applied sets to a smudge proof, and non transferable finish, it is the best lip liner to help your lipstick stop from bleeding, and makes for a wonderful base for other lipsticks to adhere to, I mean the non transferable factor makes it amazing, so I am happy I bought, it really lasts all day.The texture can feel dry so dry lips can skip it, for pigmented lips, give it a try.


I would say if you are okay with the price and want long lasting liners, this is a good choice, but price could have been lesser and the creamy factor is missing, nevertheless it gets a:



IMBB rating:


Reviews on Rimmel exaggerate full color lip liner shades Ravish, Addiction Ultimate and Obsession coming up.

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14 thoughts on “Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liner – Allure

  1. Neha nice review….nowadays I am also using Rimmel exaggerate full color -addiction..goes well with my pigmented lips….surely I will try this one too .

  2. that’s a very nice lip color neha. I barely use lip pencils these days but this looks like you can have one basic shade in your kit. beautiful lip swatch. 🙂

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