Sexy Black Silver Crankling Nails : Manicure of The week

Hello 🙂

Manicure of the week
Manicure of the week

So this one is short and simple, just wanted to share my manicure of the week with you. :-))
There were several hauls for the p2 crankling polishes going around – many people said they are good dupes for the Isadora Graffiti nail polishes but less expensive then Isadora. So I picked up the two p2 crankling topcoats at a drugstore a few days ago.

Manicure of the week
Manicure of the week

P2 is an austrian drugstore cosmetic brand, often sold in drugstores all around Germany.
The quality of the nail polishes is suprising, I consider p2 to be the best drugstore nail polish quality I know.
They have two cranckling polish colors: Silver and black.

Manicure of the week
Manicure of the week

I used the black one and have to say it is quite easy to get the crackling effect.
Just apply the black crankling polish and when it dries down, it crankles nice patterns on your nails :-))
The formula of the black crankling polish finishes matte, using a shiny top coat makes the black crankles appear like black leather somehow, looks interesting :chic:

For the manicure I used:

  • Seche Vite Base Coat
  • OPI DS Sapphire (nice pale blue holo)
  • p2 crankling top coat in Black
  • NUBAR Seal & Shine Top Coat

Very nice polish for parties or clubbing, definitely draws the attention to your nails.

Yessss, I like it :-))

Have you tried cranking nail polishes?


17 thoughts on “Sexy Black Silver Crankling Nails : Manicure of The week

    1. TY Rati :-* The effect is really amazing and the polish very easy to handle.
      The cranklings from p2 are not expensive at all, they are 1,75 € each.
      Remember my email : what about… ? 😉

    1. TY Nids :-)) I love the effect, looks very unique and did not take a lot of work.

      I am sure these kind of stuff will be copied by an indian brand soon.
      The first european brand launching crankling polishes was Isadora, then p2 copied it for drugstores, took less th. a year. I bet other international drugstore brands will follow soon 🙂

  1. As i have always said ,I hate glitter 😀
    Or anything near it!
    So I wouldn’t really wear this nail paint!
    But it looks so unique 🙂
    We don’t get such things here.
    You should make more such nail paints hauls and reviews tatjana!
    :p When i see such reviews,i feel as if i own them :chic: hahaha!

    1. Thanks a lot, Gia :-))

      The OPI DS Series are not really glitters, but holos. You have some kind of sophisticated hologram effect, changing by light. Same with the crankling polish as toppy: When you look at the manicure/hand it´s not that glittery as the photo shows, more like a sublte shimmer under the black pattern.

      I am not that much into glitters, too (except when it comes to polish :-D) don´t want to look like a christmas tree 😛 . But they can be very nice for accentuating; less is more, so to say – and you can create very outstanding looks by using just a little bit of glitter on the right area of the face. :chic:

      I will do more MOTW, thank you :-))

    1. Well – yes. The black top coat crankled to this pattern and shows the OPI laquer beneath.
      It´s sooo easy – and it looks like a nail artist was woring on for hours 🙂 Quite impressive formula, dries down rapidly and crankles. :inlove:

  2. This is amazing….. :shout: :shout:
    Quite hard to believe that its just a coat of nail paint…i sooooo love it..i wish it was available in india :-(( :-(( :-((

  3. Wow….awesome, Tatjana. Just the kind of thing I would like. I’m totally into all things glittery. Hope we can get these crankling nail polishes in India very soon.

  4. crankling nail polishes, looks great :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: ….i have never come across these 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. O_O :drool: i used to get gliter nail stickers during college days and stick them on nails…. :silly: never knw if we get these here……… nice review :yes: and yeah nice nails too :jump:

  6. I was plannin to buy isadora graffiti nailpolishes but they are expensive n I havnt seen these P2 polishes here in sweden yet 🙁 …..

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