Shades: Avon Simply Pretty Colour Me Pretty Nail Enamel

Shades: Avon Simply Pretty Colour Me Pretty Nail Enamel

Nine shades

Off late I realized how many of us are catalogue shoppers. Many ladies here shop for Avon keeping there fingers crossed and guessing about the product shade, quality, packaging, size etc. I am one those. Although I have come across some rotten apples form catalogues, most of the time I am able to guess because of prior experience. So this is when I thought I should make the most of my catalogue shopping from Avon, Amway and Oriflame so that our friends here at least gather an idea of the product, specially the exact shade (catalogues themselves specify that the exact shade, may vary from the brochure) so I this article I am reviewing and showing swatches of all my Avon simply pretty nail enamels. These are mini, affordable, have fantastic shades to offer all, and undoubtedly of good quality. you don’t have to worry about the packaging and size but be sure to check out these shades in case you have ordered any. I also have the other bigger bottled nail enamels form Avon apart from these but not many. 🙂

I have bought these simply pretty nail enamels on some kind of offer, most of the time to be frank. In such cases, many of them can also be out of stock. I love some of these shades so much that I don’t mind ordering for a back up as they finish pretty fast. So here we go:

Avon Nail Paints
Price: Rs 55 for 5 ml

What the bottle says:
Provides excellent coverage with intensive colour effect.

Avon Nail Paints

Avon Nail paints

Top four: cool coral, mango mania, sweet pink and cherry red

1.    Cool coral: I have been a fan of corals since the time I came to know that such a colour category exists. Most of my lipsticks are corals and so I had to pick this one up just to colour coordinate sometimes. This is not a matte creamy colour but has a glaze to it, wear two or three coats and it will last u for a week. Very decent colour. Will go for all complexions.
2.    Mango mania: Avon also offers a lipstick in this name so if u want to colour coordinate, u can pick this up. It’s a totally creamy orangey colour. Very close to cool coral but dries out creamy. It’s a safe alternative to reds in case we are scared of reds on our hands.(Avon lipsticks review on IMBB)

3.    Sweet pink: This is the sweetest colour I have seen in this category. Great for every day wear for professionals, creamy matte colour. Although gives a glossy finish for a day but the gloss does not last. This is an unmistakable colour. Please pick this one up if there are any doubts about the others. It’s the prettiest most wearable pink.

Avon Nail Paints

4.    Cherry Red: this is a very perky red and many may frown upon us when we wear this. It’s bright enough to light up the room but at the same time I find it a very wearable red. It’s not creamy and makes my hands glow. Great for feet for the dull rainy weather. Pick this one up if u are looking for a glossy bright red. They also have a lipstick in the same shade.

5. Sizzlin g silver: it’s a very pretty shimmering silver but ahs a cream finish to it. I love this colour like I love any other silver. It’s very close to the lakme metallic silver I reviewed on IMBB, safe colour for any one wears silver. You won’t believe how fast the contents will get over.

Avon Nail Paints

Avon Nail Paints

Bottom row: sizzling silver, lovely brown, graceful nude, ballerina pink, maroon magic

6. Lovely brown: this is one colour that i don’t like.:(
It’s a creamy dark brown not to my liking. Safe for all who wear dark browns.

7. Graceful nude: this a very pretty nude colour with cream undertones and has a pearl finish . Will need at least two coats. It’s not white or silver but rather creamish in colour. Great for office wear. They also have a lipstick in this shade.

Avon Nail Paints

8. Ballerina pink: it’s exactly like graceful nude in texture but has mauves undertones. Very nice for office and has beautiful mauves pearl finish to it. Great addition to nude collection. Will need two coats at least.

9. Maroon magic: this is just like any other maroon. It’s creamy and dark and make s my hands glow. (Make them look  fairer) I love this colour in my dark nail paint category. Wore three coats for a week and only the index finger nail’s tip was chipped. Rest all  nails had the colour intact.
Avon Nail Paints
has been offering these for a very long time. It’s a quality product and very safe to buy. I will give it  :-* :-*:-*:-* + 0.5 for quality, packaging, price and availability in all. These are small so you will finish them before they dry up. Please don’t add acetone to your old nail paints, that never works for me and in fact spoils the texture of the enamel. I will give Avon :-* :-*:-* :-* :-* for offering so many shades with a good quality in a small affordable bottle. Hope I could help our catalogue shoppers.

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42 thoughts on “Shades: Avon Simply Pretty Colour Me Pretty Nail Enamel

      1. mango mania is really a v sweet color n worth buying, check it out rati…. 😀 n who cares who copied whom until n unless we r satisfied . he he:giggle: 😀

  1. cool coral and sweet pink 4 meeee!!!! I have the cherry red and everytime I wore it..before going out..I felt “nahhhh” and removed still lies immaculate in my wardrobe..

  2. I have all these colors and probably a few more :silly: … love the quality & price..
    Ki @ I’ll send you the Mango Mania 🙂

      1. So true Neha.. I have so many nail colors and lip colors that sometimes I forget what all I have and feel surprised when I see them later :rotfl:

    1. they are in size zero now in that pic
      i went mad and chopped them all off
      like u know trimming hair for better growth …like that… :-/

  3. You have lovely nails.. I like sweet pink, sizzling silver, gracefully nude and ballerina pink.. By the way what shade are you wearing in the last pic?? Is it sweet pink??

    1. :blush:
      yeee one vote for cherry red at least
      people frown when i wear it on my hands
      coz it make the hands look super bright and thats all u can notice then :-((

  4. hey neha,pretty nails. :laugh: thx yaar i got a beeter idea abt their appearance in actual.. :beauty: i loved the sweet pink n sizzling silverfrom your collection… wil pick up soon.

    Hey didn’t the paints chipped off aft some time ? ?:-)

  5. I tried Sweet Pink 2 days back and it look awesome, fab both on hands and feet. Its so natural looking that its a perfect finish for office and everyday wear. And not bad at all for party animals too.

    Gals, Go for it. M sure you all will love it :heart:

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