How to Shop Makeup Products on eBay

How to purchase from eBay

HI girls !!!! once again I come up with new article and hopefully it will be helpful to all of us . . 🙂 as you all know, recently I got this Super Duper Cute brush set – let me mention PINK brush set 😛 from ebay. At first, I was very skeptical to buy anything from ebay. I thought all these beauty products and accessories as such low prices- GOD KNOWS HOW THEY MUST BE . . I was particularly scared of buying anything from Hong Kong and China . Most of the sellers were from China. I thought these all things must be of low grade quality, they won’t last one day !! I searched for videos on youtube that had reviews of products brought from ebay. I was surprised to see everyone raving about so many products brought from ebay site. Many of these products were from sellers based in Hong Kong and China. The thing that fascinated me was that so many make up artists were swearing the good quality of beauty products – especially eyeshadow pallette ( 120 colored one is a big hit !!) , pigments and blushes brought off at comparatively cheap prices from ebay sellers.


Then there was no looking back – – I made up my mind that I am buying these brushes no matter what !!! 😀 and I was pleasantly surprised to get the product delivered in not less than 30 days ( I got my brushes after 17 days 🙂 ) and also the brushes had no fall out problems and also they were supper soft ; not at all scratchy ones. The quality of the product is quite good. 🙂

I must add – eBay india is very boring site for makeup products. If u are looking for huge options and variety, buy makeup from site. You will find many sellers who ships products worldwide. There are also many deals which offer free shipping charges. . :). All in all, shopping from E Bay is a good experience

E Bay
E Bay


Ebay is such a huge and large website. It sells almost everything from art, antiques , books, cds, dvds, cell phones, real estate, home decor , video games – everythinggggg. . . right down basic things to industrial things. They have products in NEW condition as well as USED condition at very low prices. Since they have so many features for sellers and buyers, it can be bit difficult to figure out where to start. . .


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Firstly search for something great to buy on Ebay. Once you have got your eyes on something great !!! Just follow the steps to get your hands on that product .

  • Firstly I encourage everyone to create an account on ebay. If you create account on ebay India , it will work on ebay USA site, UK site . In short everywhere you can use that id for purchases made on site also . . 🙂
  • Making an account is very important since you have to be a member in order to buy from ebay.
  • Let me also mention – you need not be a member to observe all of the items that are currently accessible for sale, you do need an eBay account to bid on items listed for sale or to buy the items on eBay.
  • Once you’ve joined and have a specific type of purchase in mind, either visit eBay’s front page and type a few related keywords into the search box or browse through the listings by category to shop for the item you have in mind.
  • Once you have found a few of these items in your search or browse results, click on the ones you’re interested in and evaluate the data in the listings.

Speaking of purchasing your items; one good reason why eBay is so well liked is as it is one of the largest online marketplaces. Internet users are not just able to shop on eBay, but they are likewise able to trade on eBay.

  • Once you’ve found a likely candidate, double check the price, seller quality( is it new or used one ?), shipping information( do they ship worldwide?), terms(some sellers accept payment through paypal account only, refund policy etc), and most importantly, description to make sure that the item is the one you want.
  • If you have any queries before buying, you can always contact these sellers through gmail or ebay messages. These sellers are very professional and they will usually reply to your questions within 24 hours.
  • All the sellers are particular about one thing- they urge you not to leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK before you try to contact them. All the sellers state that and I quote — It could happen to any products that they have little problem occasionally. We believe that all complaints or problems can be solved in a better way, like repairing, replacement or refund. We are responsible supplier and we will take care of any problems. 🙂
  • When you are ready – either place the bid or click on “BUY IT NOW OPTION”. Clicking “BUY IT NOW” option will take you to other window where you will be asked for your paypal account details. You can also make your “first purchase” as a guest buyer.
  • If you bid on an auction rather than purchasing with Buy it Now, watch your bid in “My eBay” to ensure that you win.
  • After you’ve won, close the deal by making your payment via PayPal or whatever other means you’ve agreed to by bidding on the item.
  • If necessary, resolve any disputes that you have with the seller. Hopefully, of course, this last step is never needed!



29 thoughts on “How to Shop Makeup Products on eBay

  1. keep tryin …. DIS IS ALWAYS D PROB .. i too had the same thin happenin. . . i tried different cards.. and also kept repeating … HAAHAHA … after tryin so many tyms :evilgrin: :evilgrin: ek bar toh accept kar hi lega

  2. aray its d same thing everywhere WITH ME ….whether its ONLINE SHOPPIN OR ONLINE TICKETING …MY CARD GIVES ME TROUBLE ALWAYSSSSSS…. never gets accepted in one go . . 🙁

    1. oh really? I never had any problems with my card!! Always get my tickets at first attempt!! :dance: ..But yesterday wasn’t my day I guess!! :-(( I couldn’t buy anything from ebay, and when I decided to go out in evening…it rained so baddddddddd!! :-X :rain: :rain: 😥 😥 …

  3. am a geek :dance: , mostly i purchase electronics (read pc related, graphics card, external ram, HD and even my new monitor from ebay) . Also chota mota home electrial needs (voltage convertors, graphics cards , earpieces, gift items and sansa clips ) from ebay .

    As far as dress and cosmetics goes, am lil skeptical abt the quality and feel of them, (am a virgo, you can blame it on ma sign, not moi :struggle: ) Also i lub to look around ten items and chose one to get that shopping satisfication :chic:

    But having ebay account is a bliss, you can get items imported easily from anywhere round the corner of da world :yes:

    1. I think it varies according to different sellers, the place you getting it shipped from plus the size of your package. I am just wondering how do you return the product back in case you don’t like ?:-) again your own money will go for returning it back yeh?

  4. Great article! I bought a few things of ebay but no beauty products just yet, ’cause of the same arguments as you. I think I’d go browse a bit on youtube to watch some reviews ^^

    1. >:D< Jomollll!!!!!!!!!! me missed you badly too!!!:D:D:D and i was the first one to with Aarohan too!!!:D:D:D and please check my blog. :P:P you will lou what you see. :D:D

  5. Hi guys!! I have a question..
    Does the ebay International site accept payments through our credit cards? I mean Indian..
    Do we pay something extra for the dollar conversion or they take care of everything??

  6. i want to buy a few stuff from them…but skeptical about the procedure of online payment 😐 😐 …….. any help for me ladies !!?? :worship: :worship: what is the exact procedure…..urban touch offers cash on delivery ..but very limited collection :(( .what is this paypall?? :hypnotized:

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