MAC 219 Brush vs Sigma E30 brush

MAC 219 Brush vs Sigma E30 brush

MAC 219 brush vs SIgma E30 brush

MAC 219 Claims : For precision shading on lid, in eye crease or along lash line. The soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. It is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye. MAC professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

Price : Rs 1400

Sigma E30 Claims : Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Natural bristles.

Price : Rs 410 approx

Top : MAC 219, Bottom Sigma E30

mac 219 vs sigma pencil brush


The similarities and differences between the two brushes are :

  • Both are pencil brushes.
  • Both are made up of natural bristles.
  • Both don’t shed the bristles.
  • Sigma’s brush handle is longer than MAC’s
  • MAC ferrule is longer than Sigma’s.
  • Sigma E30’s bristles are fluffier than MAC 219’s. MAC brush bristles are more closely packed and are stiff. Nonetheless both have quite soft bristles.
  • mac217 vs sigma e30
  • Even though both are similar brushes both of these don’t work the same way. MAC 219 brush is by far a better brush for smudging the eye liner. The bristles are densely packed, it is stiff so when you smudge the eyeliner, the eyeliner does not go all over the place. The bristles of MAC 219 don’t bend so it gives a very precise application when it comes to smudging the liner. While the Sigma E30 being a fluffier brush so when you try to smudge the liner with it a lot of times you end up getting eyeliner all over the place and then it gets difficult to neat (ify) the application. So whether it is about smudging the liner on top lash line or bottom lash line or waterline, 219 wins all the way.

pencil brush comparison

  • Sometimes when you apply eyeshadow on lower lash liner with 219 brush, you end up getting a thick harsh line so at times you have to pick up a fluffier brush to blend it and give a softer look. MAC 219 is quite a dense brush so picks up a lot of color in one go. You sort of have to get used to how it works. The same eyeshadow application on lower lash line goes much softer and easier with Sigma brush. It is fluffy, it picks up lesser color so it starts giving that soft smokey look from the very beginning itself.
  • I personally feel that MAC 219 brush works better for applying eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye than Sigma E 30. Having said that, you can totally use Sigma E 30 brush for inner corner application. You just have to get used to how it works.
  • Sigma brush is great for applying color in the crease, fading the outer “V”. It’s like your mini blending brush.
  • Sigma brush is much cheaper than the MAC one. sigma e30 brush
Overall I feel both the brushes are different. Sigma brush is not necessarily a pencil brush but it just can be used for different things. It totally depends on what purpose you are going to use it for. I have washed both the brushes so many time and both are in good condition. I use both of them a lot. I am a huge fan of smudged eyeliner looks so MAC 219 gets used by me a lot and I do smokey eyes also quite often so Sigma brush also never gets ignored.
If you have to pick just one brush out of the two, I’d say pick up MAC 219. It’s a great investment. The lower lash line application, you can always soften it with a flat brush. 🙂
I hope this helps. 🙂

You Can buy Sigma Brushes from the Sigma Website

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55 thoughts on “MAC 219 Brush vs Sigma E30 brush

  1. Great comparison Rati…can u pls do the same for foundation brushes too? I wanna buy a good foundation brush which can be used for both cream and liquid foundations..what are your suggestions?


  3. Nice post Rati. I’ve been thinking of getting the MAC 219 since forever but I have a TBS line softening brush which I use for smudging, inner corner and that keeps stopping me from picking up the MAC one!

  4. allll d broosshesss are same for me….i apply my eyeshadows wid blending broosh sometimes and do out corner wid crease broooshhh :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: me cant remember which broosh is for what 😛 😛
    but u make a lot of sense… very nice comparison :spank: :spank:

  5. :thanks: for this great side-by-side comparison,Rati! :teddy:
    But :hunterwali: for you kyonki mujhe ab ye dono chahiye. :waaa:
    :smug: :smug: :smug:

  6. I dont own single MAC brush! 😯 I do want to buy most popular ones……

    Anyways I got HD MakeupForever foundation sample couple days ago…..I am speechlessssss…..the foundation makes a perfect match to my skin! (#155) Doesnt oxidize and its just another clean layer of skin! Wow! And I have to use so little for a nice coverage! …..speeeeechless….(even though I managed to gave a little speech here)…. :whistle: That is next on my wishlist! :yahoo:

    1. Nia i got chanel foundation but i would still say that MUFE HD wins. Infact when i got MUFE HD i was like my skin tone in bottle. 😛 😛

      hihihihihihi enjoy!! 😀

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