Steer Clear of Weight Loss Diets That Ask you To Do These

In a desperate attempt to lose weight, many people fall into the trap of gimmicky weight loss programs that are either too difficult to follow, promote unhealthy eating, and most importantly, are not sustainable at all. Also, some of these weight loss programs can do more harm in the long and once the diet ends, you would quickly regain all the lost weight back, and this time, it will be a lot more difficult to shed the weight. We need to understand that weight loss is a process that takes time to show results, and the safest shortcut to get lean and fit is combining the right kind of weight loss diet with a bit of exercise, and not depending on gimmicky weight loss programs. That’s why a lot of people swear by Rati Beauty’s Speed Slim Diet, which is actually the fastest way to lose, with the right kind of meal plans. After you practice this diet for a while, losing weight becomes natural and easy, and it’s the right decision for your body and health. So, now that we have told you about the right kind of weight loss diet (aka Rati Beauty), you need to be aware and steer clear of weight loss diets that ask you to do certain things because they simply do not work and may have side effects on overall health. Read all about them here:

Steer Clear of Weight Loss Diets That Ask you To Do These

1. Asks you to Stay Away from Vegetables and Fruits: Vitamins and minerals are not only essential for smooth running of normal body functions, they also have a lot to do in the fat-burning process, and vegetables and fruits supply ample amount of vitamin, minerals, and nutrients to the body. Diets that ask you to stay away from vegetables and fruits in the name of cutting down calories are doing it all wrong., and you can end up with a lot of nutritional deficiencies. Include veggies, fruits, protein, fiber and other nutrients – but do remember to practice portion control even with healthy food.
2. Negates Exercise: There’s no doubt weight loss would only materialize by maintaining a calorie deficit – taking in fewer calories than one can burn per day. However, a combination of healthy diet along with regular physical activity will bring about sustainable weight loss and also help trim the waistline and tone the body. Exercise increases metabolism, burns extra calories, and maintains muscle mass. If someone says, you can lose weight leading a sedentary lifestyle, steer clear!
3. Asks you to Starve the Whole Day: Food deprivation is not a good idea – it’s not sustainable either. And most likely, you would get off the diet in a few days. Not to mention, it slows down metabolism – making weight loss difficult and weight gain easier the next time around.
4. Promotes Juices instead of Real Food: Replacing juices with whole foods is a bad idea because without any fiber content, these juices spike up insulin rapidly and the slump thereafter will trigger hunger pangs and overeating. Eat real and whole foods, we would even advice not to juice out fruits, them in the whole form to avoid insulin spike.
5. Place you on Appetite Suppressant Powders and Pills: There are hundreds of powders and pills in the market that promise to suppress your appetite to take you off food as much as possible. But most of them have side effects – hair fall, nutritional deficiencies, health issues are just some of them.
6. Blames Salt for What Sugar Did: Sugar heightens the risk of someone developing hypertension and cardiovascular disease more than salt. Table salt with its sodium content is an essential mineral that is required to maintain the electrolyte balance in body, necessary for proper functioning of nerves. Sugar, on the other hand, raises inflammation in the body, heightens the risk of type 2 diabetes and other diseases. When someone asks you to cut out salt completely in order to lose weight without mentioning the need to eliminate sugar, that’s a warning sign. Consume salt in moderation, cut out sugar completely instead. Also read: “What Would Happen if you Stop Eating Sugar For 15 Days?”
7. Promotes Fat Cutter Pills: They do not work, period!
8. Promotes Packaged and Processed Food: Most of these foods have little to no nutritional value and do nothing for the health or body. They also contain preservatives that can harm the body in the long run. Consume foods in their natural state, eat whole and real foods, and include more of local produce in your daily diet.
9. Hands you a long list of “what not to eat” instead of telling you “what to eat”: A good diet will guide you towards healthy food and clean eating, without bogging you down with a long list of foods to avoid.
10. Asks you to Avoid Healthy Fats: There’s a category of fats called “healthy fats” that are necessary for normal functioning of body because they are needed for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D, E and K. Healthy fats keep you full and also help burn stored fat. Fatty fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and other sources of healthy fats should be included even on a weight loss diet.
11. Places you on Liquid Cleanse and Detox Diet: They cause a lot of side effects – most people report headaches, brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, etc. Not to mention they cause loss of muscle and are not at all sustainable.
12. Promotes a “Magical” Ingredient: Cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, and ice cream diet are some examples of programs that promote a single ingredient as the answer to your weight loss woes. As we have mentioned above, not only are these diets unsustainable, they cause health issues and nutritional deficiencies after a short run.

Cutting out junk and processed food, practicing mindful eating, and practicing portion control also helps a great deal – download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

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