Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria Review

Here’s another shade from Sugar Cosmetic’s Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour. In this post, I am reviewing Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria.

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria

Product Description:
Plunge head first into high-pigmented matte fantasy with the SUGAR Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour! With a formula so lightweight that you’ll forget you’re wearing it and a finish so plush that it never feels dry even when it dries – your search for the ‘holy grail’ liquid lipstick is pretty much done.
Work this #MadeInItaly beauty to take matte to the max with a punch of opaque colour in every swipe. Dries quickly to a smooth matte finish without leaving your lips parched – this is your secret weapon to hack a luxurious pout! The Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lipcolour boasts of a 12-hour stay and comes in a spectrum of highly-pigmented shades that complement a slew of complexions – make it your goal to own every one of them!
Skin Tone:
Fair with neutral undertones.

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Tartan Tangerine ingredients

My Experience with Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Tartan Tangerine:

Packaging: The packaging of this product is similar to “Smudge Me Not” liquid lipsticks, the only difference is that Suede Secret lipsticks are sleeker comparatively. This liquid lipstick comes in a quirky cardboard packaging with the signature Sugar Cosmetics graphics and prints. The lip colour comes housed in a square-shaped, frosted, plastic tube. The tube of the lipstick has a regular screw-on black cap that closes properly in place. The shade name has been mentioned on the base of the tube and also on the outer cardboard box.  The applicator of the lipstick comes attached with the black cap. The shape of the applicator is apt for liquid lipstick application. It is doe-foot shaped and helps to cover the lips well without any unevenness. Overall, I find the packaging sturdy and quite attractive.

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria tube

Color: Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria is a beautiful magenta based purple shade which looks really flattering on all skin tones. It is a good amalgamation of pink and purple, looks really unique on lips. It’s another great color to choose from this range.

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria open tube

Pigmentation and Finish: This lipstick is intensely pigmented and only 1-2 swipes are needed to get full and opaque coverage on the lips. There is no significant shimmer or sheen in this lipstick. The color payoff is really nice. On my lips, I apply two coats to even out the edges and get an even look. It hides lip pigmentation smartly. If your lips are heavily pigmented, you might need multiple swipes for fuller coverage. Fragrance wise, it has a very faint, candy-like fragrance, which is not too bothersome. The fragrance lingers for some time after which it gradually fades away.

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria wand applicator

Texture: The texture is smooth, very creamy, and the lipstick spreads evenly on the lips without any tug or pull. It has a medium thick, mousse type of texture and the formulation is superb. The lipstick sets to a complete matte finish, but the matte finish does not feel too drying, it feels velvety matte. If you are tired of those overly drying matte lipsticks for which you have use a lip balm underneath, it’s high time you give this range a try. Matte plus lip nourishment both come hand in hand with this lipstick.

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria color

It takes about 1-2 minutes for lip colour to dry down completely, so this is not a quick-drying lipstick. Avoid touching your lips during this time to prevent transfer. This lipstick is easy to work with and gives a flawless finish upon application. It does not feel patchy or sticky on the lips. Also, the formula is lightweight and feels quite comfortable. I know this lipstick is a bit on the expensive side with respect to the price point, but keeping the quality, color and texture, it delivers and the price is totally worth it. The formulation is buildable and adjusts well to layering. It does not crumble and does not enhance the fine lines of the lips. This lip colour is smudge proof and waterproof. Once it dries down completely, it is completely transfer proof as well.

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria swatch on hand

This lipstick does not dry out your lips. Still, if you are looking for that extra nourishment, you can prep and moisturise your lips, but I do not follow this step. This lipstick is perfect for those who want matte effect but at the same time need some creaminess on the lips.

Staying Power: The staying power of this liquid lipstick is not very long, it stays for about 5 to 6 hours. It can survive normal meals, but with oily meals, the formula breaks down from the centre of the lips. In that case, you would need complete reapplication. Staying power wise, I expected more, and it has disappointment me a little.

Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria on lips

Coming to the removal process, it’s quite easy compared to taking down Smudge Me Not liquid lipsticks.

Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality of this lipstick and I love the color so much.

Pros of Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria:

  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Attractive Sugar cosmetics packaging.
  • A gorgeous magenta-based purple color.
  • Mild candy-like fragrance.
  • Transfer proof, smudge proof and water proof.
  • Heavily pigmented.
  • Covers lip pigmentation.
  • Smooth, buttery, mousse-like texture.
  • Does not dry out the lips.
  • Provides decent hydration.
  • Survives normal meals.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Smooth and even application.
  • Ultra-matte finish.
  • Good for all skin tones.
  • Does not get sticky or patchy.
  • Glides effortlessly.
  • Does not settle into fine lines of the lips.
  • Makeup removal is easy compared to Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick.

Cons of Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Silk Sangria:

  • Takes time to dry out completely.
  • Cannot survive oily meals.
  • Staying power should have been better.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Sugar Suede Secret Matte Lip Colour Tartan Tangerine?
Yes! Yes! Yes.
IMBB Rating:

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