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Saloni Asks:

I want to know skin care routine for Oily skin in summers. Also, please suggest some good moisturizer for summers. I have very Oily T-zone and loads of black heads on my nose. Have tried Tea Tree Toner from Bodyshop and the same from Fab India also but nothing is working 🙁


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  1. Clean and Clear scrub is effective in geeting rid of blackheads, 🙂 even my skin is oily-combi & acne prone, rest of your query even i am waiting for the answers :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

  2. For oily skin try vichy’s normaderm range..i have just started using the same and its fabulous! the range have cleansing gel + day care and night care creams and all are very effective! for blackheads try using a good scrub along with nose strips

  3. I have oily-combination skin and my regular skin-care routine works fine for me in summer too. I use Cetaphil face wash, Biotique Cucumber toner and Clean & Clear moisturizer (I also use Lacto Calamine(original) on top of it). Hope this helps.

    1. That’s such a no nonsense routine. I do that too, except I use green tea ice cubes instead of a toner, takes care of the pores.

  4. Me is combi girl but gets oily T-zone in monsoon n summer…
    Use lotus aloehydra wil moisturiser..
    For wash use less foaming facewash-basics neem wash is great..
    For scrub-go for bit abresive ones if u do NOT have sensitive skin..
    Basics apricot scrub/neutrogena deep clean gentle scrub (if sensitive acne-prone skin)

  5. Sunscreen !!!! and not sunBLOCK .. recently i read a huge article on the Blossom Kochhar FB page about the difference between suncreen and sunblock .. and the molecules of the sunblock are so large and its just BAD for oily skin .. I’m using Lotus Matte Gel SPF 50 and its good :haanji: :haanji:

  6. i follow the same skincare routine irrespective of the season and its seems to be working fine. I am normal/oily which is like a combi skin type..i use Olay cleanser and the 7-n-1 moisturizer and the TBS seaweed toner. at night i apply aloe vera gel. for dark circles i apply an eye cream or almond oil. this routine works best

    for summer more than changing my skincare routine i make sur ei drink lots and los of water during the day – atleast 8 to 10 glasses and i dont have as much coffee or tea..also juices and coconut water so this also adds to keeping my skin fresher i think

  7. Thank you everyone for suggestions!!! I am going to try Lotus aloehydra gel and clean and clear scrub. By the way scrubs causing me pimples 😥
    Thank you so much Dipika for differntiating Sunscreen and sunblock..I never knew this
    Any face pack recommendations????

  8. Saslic face wash
    Suncote sunscreen (gel based for oily skin)
    Fabindia vitamin E hydrating moisturizer (I love it its soooo light on skin)
    Yugard ointment to prevent blackheads (1 clean up session at reputed clinic is must before using it)
    all this and u r sorted

  9. Use himalaya foaming neem face wash, himalaya gentle toner and neutrogena oil free moisturiser..Himalaya moisturising lotion is also good.. Go for clean and clear black head eliminating scrub and nose strips to work on ur black heads.. Use lotus sunscreen.. If ur skin gets breakouts or becomes sensitive, use cetaphil cleanser. I’ve super oily skin and these products work good on me..

  10. for blkhds..use cipla’s saslic face wash as a cleanser. It contains salicylic acid. There are 2 variations: 1% and 2%. I use th elatter one. tRUST ME IT WILL REMOVE THE BLKHDS EFFECTIVELY N DEY DNT CM BK TILL D TIME U KP USING IT. aWESOME IT IS..!! ALSO , IT HELPS WITH ACNE

  11. hey i have the same type of skin as you but i do not get blackheads and my acne seems to be in control…drink lots of water, eat healthy (lots of cucumbers, curd, guavas, and any other fruit) and follow your regular skincare routine…i use the clean n clear cleanser along with the olay 7-in-1 one, i follow it up with biotique cucumber water as toner, and lastly i put olay natural white day cream..i know it’s supposed to be oily but it hydrates my skin (i go to college and the classes are AC so skin tends to feel stretchy n dry) and i am ready to slap on either a sunscreen or an spf wala foundation (currently using mayblne bb cream n its great) followed by compact (maybln clearglow) night i use the olay natural white night cream…my skin seems to be doin fine so far, dunno abt high summer tho :whistle: and do scrub your face twice a week with a basic gentle scrubber..i use oxyglow apricot scrubber, its nothin fancy but does what it’s s’posed to do-scrub my face without being harsh n keep it soft! hope this helps O:)

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