How to Take Care of Brittle Nails

In the case of women, it is a pretty well-established fact that people notice our nails and that in addition to our makeup and attire, good nail health goes a long way to create a good and long-lasting impression. So, having good nails is one less thing to worry about. Now, it is a matter of some concern to those who are not blessed with good nail health and in turn, are prone to brittle and peeling nails. So today, we shall devote some time to discuss how one can take good care of their nails so as to avoid brittle and peeling. So, without any further ado, let us get started:

how to take care of brittle nails

1. Olive Oil: It has been recommended by many experts that you can try to soak your nails in olive oil to fend off brittle and peeling of nails. It has been observed and corroborated by many that if one develops the habit of soaking one’s fingernails in virgin olive oil for 10-15 minutes per day for at least a month and then take it down to, say, twice a week thereafter, that there has been a significant improvement in the health of their nails. It is a reasonable home solution to the problem.

2. Multivitamin/Vitamin Supplementsː It is medically proven that bad nail health is due to a lack of essential vitamins. So the best, most convenient and obvious way around this is to take multivitamins to recover/ restore good nail health.

3. Hydrate Yourselfː Not too many people take notice of this and perhaps it is not too obvious but staying inadequately hydrated might be responsible for the bristling of nails. And this is something that can quite easily be avoided. Ensure that you are always properly hydrated. Take fluids, drink water to ensure good nail and overall physiological health.

4. Do Not Apply Polish on Your Nailsː It is advisable not to put on nail polish till one has assessed the extent of damage of one’s nails or the underlying causes thereof. It might just be that the chemicals in the polish that do not suit your nails. Cosmetic chemical incompatibility is a very common phenomenon.

5. Trim Your Nailsː It is a good practice to keep your nails trimmed and short so as to avoid further damage to them. Brittle nails can be protected from peeling if one is careful to keep them short to avoid damage to them. It is a sure, safe and hygienic way to maintain good nail health.

6. Put Protective Lotionː This is a simple remedy that works every time. Our nails get brittle over time due to the lack of moisture as well. So, by applying lotion on them we repair them via moisturization.

7. Do Not Use Nails to Open Boxes or Bottlesː This is a very bad practice and is guaranteed to leave you with uneven and peeled nails more than you can think of. Your nails are not knives or box/letter openers, so kindly refrain from using them as such.

8. Avoid Hand Sanitizersː It is not a very well known fact but hand sanitizers have the side effect of removing moisture from our skin/hands. And although that ensures clean and sanitized hands, it is rather detrimental to those who suffer from brittle nails. So, avoid putting hand sanitizers on your nails. Best is to use water and soap to clean your hands as far as it is plausible and practicable.

Well, dear readers, we hope that you found our brief list of advice useful and informative. And we do hope that it shall help you from getting brittle nails in the future.

Kindly share your thoughts and tell us about your ideas or queries in the comments section below.

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